Invisible utility

Things that really play a great role are often intangible, and you don’t even feel its existence at all.

Fish do not know water. For fish, water is related to the life and survival of fish, but fish cannot feel the existence of water, and fish do not even know water at all. Because it has penetrated into your daily life and integrated with your life. Take electricity as an example. In our daily life, we use computers, watch TV, and turn on lights. We are more concerned about whether the computer is broken or not, whether the TV programs are good or not, whether the lights are on, whether the light is warm or not. Cold light, not dazzling. Rarely think of the key role behind these appliances-electricity. A few days ago, the electricity was suddenly shut down, and all the computers, TVs, electric lights, refrigerators, and washing machines at home went on strike. It was suddenly discovered that if it weren’t electricity, these things would be a pile of scrap iron.

Air, do you feel its existence? But without air, we simply cannot survive. Our hands, feet, arms or eyes, although we usually don’t pay too much attention to their existence, no matter if the legs and arms are missing, or the eyes are missing, we will realize how powerful they are. It is not that they are not useful in normal times, but that they are so useful that they have been integrated with life, so that we have forgotten their existence, and only when we lose them do we realize their importance.

Of course, this kind of intangibility does not refer to physical intangibility, but a kind of conscious intangibility. There are useful things, just like the foundation of a house. You may only care about the style of the house design, whether the decoration and lighting are good, few people look at the house to see the foundation of the house, but without the foundation, the house will no longer exist. The things of great use have often penetrated into life and have been playing an irreplaceable basic role. You no longer need to emphasize it. And those who always emphasize useful things in their mouths are often not “big use”. Just like when we go to a shopping mall to buy things, we always find many things useful, or seem to be useful in the future, but after buying them home, they used them once or twice and put them aside. After a long time, thick dust accumulates. When you organize things or move house, it becomes a tasteless one, and neither is it to lose it, nor to keep it.

Therefore, what is really useful does not need to be deliberately emphasized. This principle is also applicable to many places in life. Just like a person who keeps saying that he loves you, all kinds of love words can sweeten you to sadness, but he does not really love you, at least not to the point where he says that you don’t marry. True love does not need to be deliberately emphasized, just like the love of parents, it is integrated into every bit of life, in the food, clothing, housing, and transportation, there is no need to emphasize or promise, because it has been done. Parents will even give their lives for their children when necessary, but some parents have not even said the word love to their children in their entire lives.

In modern society, people’s life rhythm is accelerating and the pressure is relatively high. People are prone to become anxious, which makes them prone to suffering from a kind of squirrel disease. That is, like a squirrel, like hoarding things, especially those things that seem to be useful in the future. Merchants will continue to sell you or emphasize the role of an item, but many items are bought and discarded or even damaged, and have not been used once. The same is true in interpersonal communication. Many people are keen to socialize and hope that through meeting different people, it will be useful one day. Those who can’t drink enough to practice drinking, those who don’t know how to smoke learn to smoke. However, many people have realized that in fact, many social interactions are ineffective social interactions and are of no great use or even use. Everyone understands that only flowers can attract butterflies, and big dung can only attract flies.

Great use is often intangible, and there is no need to deliberately emphasize it. If you think about it carefully, there are not so many really useful things.

In fact, life can be a bit simpler. If you leave out some fancy and useless things, you won’t have so many burdens and troubles.