How much impact does the TOEFL add “new test”

The United States Educational Testing Service (ETS) recently announced that a new option will be added to the TOEFL test for foreign students whose native language is not English-“TOEFLEssentials Test” (TOEFLEssentialsTest). Like the traditional TOEFL Online Test (TOEFLiBT), the test will also test candidates’ English proficiency in four aspects: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. However, the test time is greatly shortened and the content pays more attention to the basics (such as vocabulary, basic knowledge, Words and sentences), other notable differences include that this is a remote test that can be taken at home. ETS said that the exam is expected to accept registration in May this year.

According to the information released on the ETS official website, this new TOEFL test mainly has the following characteristics: First, the test not only considers the test taker’s academic-related English level, but also focuses on the test taker’s overall English level in other environments; the test adopts a graded approach. , The content of the student’s exam is determined according to their level, unlike the previous application for high school and Ph.D. students answering the same test questions, in this way you can get more accurate and reference value test results; compared to the previous need at least three and a half hours The “marathon-style” TOEFL test, the new “TOEFL Essence Test” is only about 1 and a half hours. It is worth noting that this test also simulates an international communication experience. The listening materials heard are not ruled out with a slight accent, and the simulated scenes in the test questions are no longer limited to occur in the United States.

Because the test is not yet open for use, no American colleges and universities have made it clear whether it is possible to replace the widely used TOEFL iBT with the scores of the “TOEFL Essence Test”. But now it seems that this test is regarded as a category alongside other forms of the TOEFL test, and it is suitable for some time-critical and task-heavy candidates to use it instead of the TOEFL iBT. Therefore, it should not be necessary to apply for a U.S. university. Participate in the “Essence Exam” and then participate in the “Internet Exam”. Even if American universities accept the results of this new test in the future, it is difficult to make a conclusion whether it can reduce the difficulty of application. Although the “Essence Exam” seems to be “burdened”, that is, the test time is shortened, and for the students in the lower grades, the difficulty of the test questions for them will be reduced accordingly, but because this is a brand new test and the scope of the test is expanded Outside the scope of classroom, campus, and academic English, it is difficult to determine whether this test is more difficult or less difficult for Chinese students. But one thing is certain is that the TOEFL iBT experience summaries accumulated by the candidates in the past may no longer apply to this new test.

In recent years, the importance of standardized test scores (such as TOEFL, GRE, IELTS, etc.) has continued to decrease, and under the influence of the epidemic, more and more American colleges and universities no longer require the SAT (a test of academic ability for American high school students to apply for colleges) You can apply for grades (there are many well-known universities in the United States). However, so far, no formal school has given up the requirement of TOEFL scores for students. For international students, TOEFL scores can prove their ability to study and work in the United States, not only in terms of school admissions, many government agencies and scholarship programs also require students to provide TOEFL scores as an important reference. Therefore, whether you are applying for an undergraduate or graduate student in the United States, TOEFL scores are still crucial.