German Publishing House apologizes for “misleading” reading

The Bavarian Radio and Television Station of Germany reported on the 10th that Hamburg-based Carlson Publishing has apologized for publishing a German children’s book claiming that “the new crown virus comes from China” and has stopped selling related books.

The above-mentioned book is titled “A Rainbow of New Crowns for Anna and Moritz” and was published in June 2020. The author is Konstanz Standam, who has published many best-selling children’s books. In this book, when introducing the new crown virus, it said that “the new crown virus came from China and spread from there to the whole world…” aroused dissatisfaction among many Chinese in Germany. Many Chinese believe that the book spreads wrong information and causes racial discrimination. The Chinese Consulate General in Hamburg issued a document on the 4th, stating that it had “made solemn representations to relevant publishing houses” as soon as possible.

Carlson Press stated in an apology statement: “The statement about the origin of the virus in the book (only) reflects the state of the report at the time,” “(but) we will not say that today. If these words hurt the reader’s feelings, we We apologize for this. This is not our intention, and we apologize to those affected.” The publishing house said in an interview with Bavarian Radio and Television on the 9th that the publishing house has stopped selling the books in question. All remaining books in stock will be destroyed, and it is decided to delete relevant sentences in new editions to be published in the future.

A “Global Times” reporter saw on Amazon and other websites on the 10th that although the book is still on display, it has stated that it is “no longer for sale.”

However, the attitude of Carlson Publishing House was interpreted by German media such as Le Monde, Süddeutsche Zeitung as “under pressure from the Chinese government”. Moreover, these media “not mention a word” of the harm suffered by the Chinese. In this regard, many Chinese in Germany are very angry and believe that the German media must “politicize” all China-related incidents. However, the publishing house told Le Monde that it was unaware of the statement sent by the Chinese Consulate General in Hamburg, and emphasized (decided to deal with it) because it had received a large number of complaints.