Exploration Notes

Exploration, exploration.

The wheels are rolling. The dunya is far away, yesterday is far away, and destiny is far away.

Exploration starts from work.

Year after year, one exploration and construction season after another, every work is unknown, hopeful, timid, and courageous; every work is a brand-new Qianshan, strange Wanshui, or three to five. Ten miles, or hundreds of miles, or thousands of miles.


Longitude 93°50′ east and latitude 42°92′ north.

Hami City is 89 kilometers west of Wubao Township. On the Gobi Desert, south of the Ming Dynasty Beacon Tower.

At 4:20 in the morning, in the compound where the exploration team was stationed, the wake-up sign on the tweeter was long and loud, and it rang for more than a minute. In such a trumpet, those who sleep no matter how deep they are will be awakened.

It is freezing cold and the temperature is as low as minus 22 degrees Celsius. It is minus 22 degrees Celsius, this number, as long as you think about it, you feel cold. I hesitated again and again. After lying in bed for a while, I got up, put on a thick cotton coat and pushed the door out of the dormitory.

In the yard, the night is dark, and the cold moon shines.


I carried the bucket to the backyard.

In the southwest corner of the backyard, there is a large boiler under the high-intensity searchlight. Around the big boiler, there was a large amount of white steam rising. Workers are using plastic buckets or washbasins to collect hot water.

Plug in the hot water, some go back to the dormitory, and some mix the hot water with cold water, wash your face with your waist in the cold wind, or brush your teeth with a cup.

I brought the hot water back to the dorm. After 10 minutes of washing up, I put tea on the portable vacuum flask and screwed on the lid. I took two chocolates and a thin book. Then I walked quickly to the dining hall and filled the plastic bag with 2 angles of oil cakes and 3 pieces of oil cakes. A bun and 2 eggs.

This is my breakfast and lunch, as well as my energy supply for the day.


The parking lot was rushed, nervous, and noisy.

The sand choked people and filled the air; the wind chill was like a knife.

I can’t see the appearance of the truck or the faces of the workers.

Rows of trucks roared, breathing white gas in the dark night. The trucks, like me, seem to have just woke up. The workers are all wearing fat and big cotton work clothes. From the back, they look like an upright Asian brown bear.

The sky is still dark, and a driver in his 40s, with a cigarette dangling from his mouth, is quickly debugging the vehicle. He first flashed into the cab, then jumped off, then entered the cab, then jumped off. His movements, his figure, are like a whirlwind. At this time, seven or eight workers surrounded them, but seeing the two in the front, they jumped into the truck compartment one after another. Then, other workers put the large and small cables piled on the side to the side in bundles. Delivery in the carriage.

All work is running and connecting, there is no procrastination, no hesitation, no hesitation, only swift and fast, only single-minded, only accurate. For decades, the exploration team has always been at this speed and style.

In normal times, the exploration workers often feel sloppy and carefree. But every day, from the beginning of the exploration team’s work in the early hours of the morning, all the workers will definitely be reborn, as if they have changed themselves, time and time again to maximize efficiency and self-discipline.

Speaking of work alone, even some exploration teams with relatively lax management have no ambiguity in this link, and they can also have an arrow-like travel speed. It is precisely because of the rapid response and rapid action that the exploration team can maintain the most efficient response ability in the harsh and changeable field environment.

This is a bit like the Chen-style Taijiquan: Usually it is loose and light, but when the force is exerted, the speed of advancement is as fast as lightning.


After installing the large and small cables, the truck started. Immediately afterwards, the next car was also starting.

Exploration work officially began. In fact, “going to work” is the usual expression of the exploration team, which means to go to work and go to work. Unlike the “going to work” in cities or factories, we travel far and wide to work every day, and our “office” and our “workshop” are very large. Moreover, our “office” and our “workshop” have sky and clouds, cliffs and cliffs, sun and moon and rivers, as well as cold winter and scorching heat.

Truck after truck drove into the dark early morning.

Six or seven minutes later, the sound of the fading truck was inaudible, and after a while, the long light beam projected by the truck disappeared. Trucks, and the entire truck group, have become a part of the night, a part of the early morning.


A command vehicle of the exploration team drove over.

The command car smashed up the floating soil. When the floating soil slowly fell, the car door opened, and the driver Xiaoyan poked her head out and waved at me. I walked a few steps quickly and came under the car door, stepped on the pedal with my left foot, grabbed the armrest with my right hand, and jumped into the cab.

There was a warm air in the car. The signal light of the car’s FM radio was flashing on.

Xiaoyan gradually increased the speed of the car. It didn’t take long to catch up with the group of trucks running ahead. After a while, the command vehicle ran to the forefront first and became the “leading horse” of the truck group.


After running for two hours and twenty minutes on the Gobi Desert, we entered a canyon. Then drove out of the gorge and crossed a piece of Gobi.

By the time we arrived at the exploration site, it was already 9 o’clock in the morning. Looking east, at the end of the flat desert, the red sun is rising happily.

At this point, the exploration work is over, all the workers have come to the construction site, and the entire desert Gobi and the deserted grassland canyon icebergs behind us seem to be all ready and in a state of standby.

Construction begins!

Taklimakan Road

Taklimakan, the wind rises and the sand falls.

On the rolling sand hills, the work of the two exploration team members, Dayan and Lao Chen, is to find and explore the way for the bulldozers who push the road.

Taklimakan is a no-man’s land, with only a few desert roads that cross the desert, and beyond the desert roads, thousands of miles of yellow sand no longer have roads. However, when a road is needed for exploration and construction, the prospector must push the road and build a road on the yellow sand without roads, and must change the way to create one road after another.

Dayan and Lao Chen drove their respective pickup trucks, as ghosts guided the bulldozers rushing from left to right, pushing out 300 kilometers of desert road in 44 days. At dusk on the 45th day, when the last 1 kilometer of road was opened, the two of them were so happy and exclaimed for a whole month and a half. They were invincible and unimpeded in the desert.

However, on the way back triumphantly, the two of them drove the car into the floating land of the desert due to the deviation of the direction. The cars were stuck in front of each other, and the two of them disagreed.

Dayan said: “I have been looking for a way in the desert for a month and a half, and I have never gotten into a car. Although I am not the desert king, I have never heard of a desert that can block my way.” Lao Chen was not convinced, thinking that he was capable of exploring. And the driving level is higher than that of Dayan, he laughed, and whispered: “Just brag!”

Dayan decided to give it a try. First, he turned the car back, then bite the bullet and moved forward, unexpectedly rushing out. Old Chen put on a low gear and hurriedly hit the steering wheel, but the tires were spinning idly and sinking deeper and deeper. After a while, half of the body also sank, and the door could not be opened. Dayan ran over and looked at it and said, “Don’t arch it anymore, it’s useless.” Dayan returned to her car, fetched a shovel, dug in front of the car door for a long time, and barely opened Lao Chen’s door.

Although the car door was opened, the floating soil piled up again. Old Chen crawled out of the cab under the drag of Dayan, staring with anger. What Old Chen didn’t expect was that Taklimakan would actually embarrass him.

I have to admit that the moody desert does not recognize people. One can’t really be proud of it, let alone a little slack. Let alone mistakes, even a slight deviation will bring unexpected troubles and dangers. Dayan took out her cell phone and wanted to make a call to the team, but there was no signal. He turned on the radio to shout, but the place where the car was trapped was too far away from the survey line, and the radio signal could not be connected at all. He kept shouting from channel 1 to channel 10, and his voice became hoarse.

Seeing that it is getting dark, since there is no connection with the survey line, it will desperately and then rush outwards. Old Chen gave up his car and got into Dayan’s car. Dayan rushed less than a hundred meters and almost sank in again. In the floating soil area, hard punch is very dangerous. Dayan was frightened, slowed down and stopped the car, asked Lao Chen to open the Ovi internal map made by the exploration team, carefully searched and analyzed, and speculated where the floating soil layer might be thinner.

They all have rich experience in desert survival. They are not afraid of the tall sand dunes in the hinterland of the desert, the semi-desertified areas on the edge of the desert, or even the dust storms that cover the sky. What they are afraid of is this seemingly nothing, but in fact it is extremely vain and dangerous. After guessing the direction, Dayan avoided the thick floating soil and groped for the outside.

In the middle of the night, I opened the Ovi internal map again and found that it was only 120 kilometers away from the site of the exploration team. Both of them were relieved. At this point, Lao Chen felt hungry, and remembered that he had not eaten for more than ten hours, so he was looking for food in the cab. Dayan said, “Don’t look for it. There is nothing in my car. I drank half of the pot of water just now.” What’s worse is that the night is getting darker and the temperature drops rapidly. To make matters worse, the fuel tank called the police again and it ran out of fuel.

At this time, the Taklimakan was not shining, only the boundless cold and pitch black. The more Dayan thought about it, the more afraid she became: Two people can’t be left here. For a month and a half, in order to find and explore the way, no humans have been seen, and several dried animal bones have been seen.

Wait, it won’t work. Dayan turned on the radio again, changing channels and shouting again and again. Although he was shouting loudly, he had no hope in his heart whether it made sense. Fortunately, a miracle happened more than ten minutes later, and he actually called the radio on the instrument cart. Suddenly, Dayan and Lao Chen were like drowning people and suddenly grabbed a life-saving straw. However, due to the distance, the sound of the radio station is very unclear. Dayan repeated the password seven or eight times, and the radio station on the other side of the instrument car barely understood what he meant.

After the distress signal was forwarded to the station of the exploration team headquarters by the instrument vehicle radio, Wu Qingen, the deputy captain on duty, turned on the GPS positioning system and assigned the mobile man Wang Aiwu to take the wire rope and drive the sand leopard truck to come to rescue.

By the time Wang Aiwu found Dayan and Lao Chen, it was already 5 am.

One day two months later, near the end of the exploration construction, I met Dayan and Lao Chen. The two of them no longer looked for and explored the way, but led the bulldozer to level and fill the road. This is because the exploration road is different from the road built by conventional road construction companies. The roads of the road construction company are various, but the exploration roads are particularly simple. Before the completion of the exploration and construction, the exploration team must screen and choose one by one according to the relevant environmental protection requirements: all the roads needed by the local government or the surrounding people are left, and all roads that are not needed temporarily are buried as soon as possible. smooth.

On that day, the sky was fine, the white clouds tilted, and Taklimakan was as magnificent as a large oil painting. And the two of them, together with the bulldozers, are like pieces of super rubber, slowly moving, wiping off the exploration road in Taklimakan little by little.

The danger and memory of Taklimakan will also be erased.

The Devil’s City Before Dawn


In winter in southern Hami, the time is much slower than the mainland due to the time zone difference. 5:35 am, which is roughly equivalent to 3:35 am in the Mainland. At this time, I was still asleep, and Hami Nan was still asleep, and Liu Hui, the leader of the squad, had driven the truck to the door of my dormitory.

At that time, due to the shortage of housing for the exploration team, I lived in a village about 6 kilometers away from the exploration team. In order to go to the construction site, I made an appointment with Liu Hui one day in advance and set off on time from the door of my dormitory at 6 o’clock. But Liu Hui actually advanced a full 25 minutes.

I got up in a hurry and boarded the truck with sleepy eyes.

The night is dark and everything is silent. The truck left the village and drove towards the exploration area of ​​the Devil City.


Devil City is a Yadan landform area in the south of Hami.

Because of the large distribution area of ​​the Yadan landform, and the strange and wonderful work, the local tourism department built a section of the road from it, and developed a small part of the area to the north into a tourist area. The main site of the movie “No Man’s Land” is this section of the road in the tourist area. In summer and autumn, I don’t know how many tourists there are in the tourist area, but in this cold winter season, I haven’t seen any tourists for more than a month.

After passing the gate of the unattended Devil City, driving along that section of the road for more than half an hour,

At around 7 o’clock, the truck entered the hinterland of Devil City where there are no more roads and no ordinary vehicles can pass.

Geographically, the hinterland of the Devil City is hundreds of square kilometers, which is really potbellied. Outside the hinterland, although it is no longer the Yadan landform, it is a forbidden area for life in the Gobi and the vast sea that is thousands of miles deep.

Outside the car window, the sky and the earth were pitch black, and the stars and the moon did not know where they were going.

The only light is the truck lights.


Most of the Yadan landforms in Devil City are more than ten stories high. During the day, you might say that this one looks like a camel, that one looks like a pagoda or something. But in this blue and faint early morning, the terrifying nature and true face of Yadan’s landforms were fully revealed, each of them became ghosts, teeth and claws, more devil than devil.

Common sense tells me that they are certainly not the devil. But facing them, I still felt a wave of fear.

“To be honest, I would be a little scared if it weren’t for you in the car.” Liu Hui said.

Liu Hui said this to my surprise, I thought he was not afraid. “You are all veteran prospectors, so are you afraid?”

“It’s not too scared, it just feels too cripple, and it feels creepy from time to time.”

“Actually, I am also afraid. This ghostly but not ghostly Yadan landform makes me panic.”

Looking at Liu Hui again, there were beads of sweat on his forehead. It was a cold sweat in an extremely cold weather of minus 20 degrees Celsius.

It seems that he is really scared, he speeds up the truck again. This increased the speed, so that the bumps of the truck reached the extreme.

The truck ran rampant, swaying from left to right, as if possessed by the devil.


“It’s been more than two hours, why are we back again.”

“Back again?”

“It’s troublesome now. It’s supposed to be in the work area now, but I turned a big circle and came back.” Liu Hui’s right hand kept tapping his head.

“It’s still dark, it looks like there are roads everywhere, but in fact it’s not roads.” He patted his head thoughtfully, then stopped, opened the door, and jumped down.

He leaned down and carefully identified the rut with the aid of the truck lights. It was like a wizard who was constantly capturing, speculating, and trying to find the lost soul of the truck.

I pushed the door and jumped off the truck.

Liu Hui pointed to a rut and said, “This is the rut of Dongfeng’s lined up trucks. The driver is Zhou Yongjun.” Pointing to another rut and said, “That is the off-road rut of Captain Wang Lei.” Then he pointed to the middle rut and frowned and said: “I only pressed these two items yesterday, but one is entering the Devil City and the other is out of the Devil City. Which one should we choose?” He shook his head unconsciously.

He looked at the dark sky for a while, and then at the ruts around him. Suddenly, he raised his head and smiled at me, and stepped forward, standing on a shallower rut: “I found it, I found it. It should be this rut. I didn’t have a load yesterday morning. It was an empty car. It must be this shallow rut.”

He held the door handle in his hand and leaped into the truck. I also got on the truck quickly.

The truck started again, and he regained his confidence: “Go along the shallow rut and you will find the direction.”


The seemingly ordinary ruts are actually unusual in the vast Gobi sea. They are not only ruts, but also memories of exploration, memories of yesterday, memories of Yadan landforms, and sometimes avenues of life full of hope.

In recent years, although we prospectors are particularly afraid of getting lost, we have become accustomed to getting lost, or even lost, during the years of exploration year after year. It is also because of being lost or lost that we have found one exit after another in places where there is no way.

Half an hour later, when the truck turned a big turn, the rut suddenly disappeared.

“Why don’t you see the rut?”

“If you don’t see it, you won’t see it. The rut just now has helped us a lot, and now my sense of direction seems to be back.”

Fortunately, the sky is no longer pitch black, but there is a faint morning light.

After another two or three kilometers, a sand hill appeared in front of it. Looking at the left and right, it is also the sand mountain.

“We are trapped in the sandy mountains, do we need to look at the map?” I said.

“No!” Liu Hui pointed to a sandy mountain in the southeast corner, “Did you see that the sandy mountain is not too high, our car should be able to go up.”

When the truck was approaching the sand hill, Liu Hui stopped and deflated the four tires one by one. “Over the sandy mountains, the tires should not be too inflated. After you let them out, you can increase the horsepower and arch forward.”

After venting, the truck rushed up the sandy mountain, and then rushed out of the sandy mountain to continue forward.

After traveling for more than ten kilometers, suddenly the car radio rang—”Liu Hui, Liu Hui, where are you? Please answer.”

Liu Hui grabbed the receiver and said, “This is Liu Hui. We got lost just now. We should be very close to the work area now.”

“Don’t move, you stop the car and wait, we’ll be there right away.”

Liu Hui put down the receiver, stopped moving forward, turned the steering wheel to the left, and drove the truck to the side of a high slope.

The truck finally ceased to be confused and crazy, and became calm, confident and proud.


On the high slope, Liu Hui was relieved, his sweaty and muddy face also glowed.

Look at the time again, it’s 9 o’clock soon. The sun is like a heavenly soldier coming to exorcise the devil, slowly leaping from the horizon.

Looking around, all the “devils” in the Devil City escaped, and the Yadan landscapes looked like young girls, all covered in soft and graceful golden silk morning veil.

This situation and situation made me feel better. As soon as my heart relaxed, I remembered that I should have breakfast. I unscrewed the insulated cup to drink, and Liu Hui took out the oil cakes and eggs from the convenient bag.

The radio rang again, and Liu Hui held pancakes in one hand and the receiver in the other to talk. At this time, Liu Hui is no longer a lost person, but a “King of the Gobi Sea” who woke up.

The sun’s rays of dreams and hopes and heavy metals like rays of light become stronger and brighter after penetrating the clouds. It seems that both I and Devil City can hear the rapid expansion of light.

The light passed through the glass of the truck and stopped in the cab of the truck.

A new day begins with us!

Two female workers

I met two female workers in the morning. At that time, the ninth-level gale in the west of Tacheng just stopped, and I, camera reporter Huzi, and the secretary of the exploration team branch Lao Yang, were looking for a place to pitch a tent. The two of them were on a high slope next to us. The long hair curled up and the figure working with bowed waist were fresh and conspicuous in the deserted mountain and no man’s land. For a while, the deserted mountain also had gender.

We approached their tent. I went inside to take a look. It’s okay if I didn’t look at it. I couldn’t help but worry about both of them. The pots, boxes, Chinese cabbage, and panels were all covered with thick floating soil. The floor coverings and quilts were also covered with floating soil.

“Is it too late for breakfast?” I asked them both.

“No, the wind was too strong last night, and the tent fell apart. This was just set up. We will clean and tidy up the things in a while, and then make breakfast.” The female worker kept wearing her face when she straightened up and spoke. With a smile. I asked her what her name was, and she told me Shi Xiaofen was from Luoyang, Henan. After all, she pointed to another female worker beside her and said, she is from Liaoning, my partner. The female worker from Liaoning was very refreshed and stepped forward and introduced herself: Tai Xianrong, from the Mongolian nationality.

We wanted to help them clean up, but they refused, saying that there was nothing to do, and it would be fine in a while.

Their tents were pitched on a high slope leeward, and the front door was relatively open. We all think this location is very good. Next, we were next to their tent and started to tie up our own tent. After half an hour, we became neighbors with two female workers.

Once the tent is set up, Hu Zi and Lao Yang will go to the next work site 30 kilometers away. When I came back in the evening, I went to their tent and looked again. The floating soil was gone. The floor was neatly laid. The stainless steel pots and basins were shiny. The corner of the tent was neatly placed with cabbage, tomatoes, green onions, salt, and spices. The bottles and jars were also wiped clean. Looking at them again, they looked very relaxed and comfortable.

The two said that the workers had gone after dinner, saying that the water had just boiled and it was time to make tea. Huzi took his water cup out of his backpack, added some tea leaves and poured water, and said with satisfaction, I went to take pictures of the sunset, and then left with the camera. Lao Yang made good tea, holding a water cup in one hand and a plastic bucket in the other, and walked towards the instrument cart on the top of the mountain opposite. I was the only one who didn’t want to do anything, didn’t want to go anywhere, holding a tea cup, sitting at the door of the tent, watching the changing glow of the sky, chatting with them one by one.

After chatting and chatting, I realized that both of them were in this exploration team, but because of the different types of work and the extremely large area of ​​the exploration area, they often didn’t have the chance to meet each other for ten and a half months. .

Their tent is actually a “mobile canteen”. The two of them work as a cook post, responsible for cooking for more than 20 workers in the instrument work group and the seismic source work group. The instrument vehicle and the seismic source vehicle are relocated every three to four days on average. When the instrument car and the seismic source car change places, they will have to move. Fortunately, their tent is made of thick canvas, with a detachable iron frame, and there is a spine in the middle of the iron frame, making it easy to disassemble and assemble.

When I asked about the stove, they told me that the cooking stove was built with local materials, and most of them were made of stone. If you can’t find a suitable stone for a while, use a shovel to dig a hole, and then The soil is high, and then you put the iron pot up, and a stove is ready.

Before I knew it, the sun went down. Without the sun, the temperature in the mountains dropped extremely fast. The temperature was still 40 degrees Celsius at noon, and it was only a dozen degrees Celsius after only six or seven hours. At this time, Shi Xiaofen straightened up and carried Ma Zazi and said, I have to prepare dinner too. Looking at the stove, Tai Xianrong had already lit the firewood.

The barren hills in the west of Tacheng are integrated with the barren hills in Karamay. I know the coldness of the night, but to my surprise, the weather at noon is like a steamer, and at night I can’t sleep because of the cold. I got up to find a quilt and added another bed. It was cold, so I added another bed. I finally got up until dawn, feeling cold all over my body, especially my back, shady and cold, and my nose kept clear, so I got up in a hurry.

I walked out of the tent and found that they had already cooked breakfast. It turned out that the two of them got up before dawn and started cooking. Look again, the big stainless steel bucket is placed at the entrance of the tent, and the millet porridge inside is steaming. The steamed steamed buns are in the basket. The other iron pot is mixed with cold vegetables, shredded cabbage, carrots, and green onions.

At this time, the workers of the instrument car and the seismic source car came one after another with their lunch boxes. Being cold and hungry, I feel that the steamed bun is delicious, and the millet porridge is also delicious. I ate 3 buns and drank two bowls of porridge. After breakfast, my body finally felt some warmth and the sun rose.

Tai Xianrong came over: “Can you get used to eating?”

“Excellent, this is the best breakfast I have ever had.” Indeed, I felt that breakfast was delicious.

After everyone had eaten breakfast, the two of them began to pack their things. Seeing that the posture seemed to be relocated, I asked, is it about demolishing the tent? Seeing my question, Tai Xianrong stopped what he was doing and said that he would have to dismantle him in a while. He has been here for 4 days and he has to rush to the next work site 10 kilometers away before noon.

At this time, Shi Xiaofen stood at the door of the tent and said that she wanted to show me one of her “babies”. After she finished speaking, she bowed into the tent, and within half a minute she stood at the entrance of the tent with half a mineral water bottle in her hand. In that way, it’s like holding a hope, a dream.

I went up to see that it was a wild succulent plant.

She smiled brightly and said that she dug in the valley last month.

That wild succulent plant is thinner than the artificially planted succulent, and its color is a bit darker. It has been the only bit of green that I have seen in the uninhabited area of ​​the barren mountain in the west of Tacheng for many days.

Three prospectors

On a sandy bulge in the South Lake Gobi Desert, a grass-green jeep parked. From a distance, three people in red overalls came from the horizon.

After about 20 minutes, they arrived in front of the jeep. The oldest is the driver Lao Huang, a big brother who has a close relationship with me. Handsome and slightly shy is Bu Shuai, the deputy captain, in charge of the arrangement work. The leader is Wang Lei, the captain of the exploration team, a post-80s generation. Even though Wang Lei is young, he can be regarded as a veteran. He has moved to nearly ten work areas, and he is from the positions of construction worker, construction team leader, and deputy technical team leader. He is hammering him step by step, just like ironing.

Wang Lei has a distinctive feature, and he speaks a little bit stuttering. However, I feel that he stutters just right. His command password on the construction site sounded like a heavy number, simple and accurate.

Why are these 3 again. It’s also a coincidence. From the Dachaidan 3D work area in Qinghai to the 2D work area in Hami, Xinjiang, I can always see them from time to time as long as I go to the construction site.

They are three people and one person. The same is true for the prospecting team. The thousands of team members seem to be very different, but in essence they are actually just one person, a lone prospector.

“Have you eaten it?” Wang Lei said, holding the bucket-shaped plastic water bottle to his mouth with both hands and taking a few sips.

This “have you eaten” in daily life, like “hello” and “good morning”, is already a habitual greeting, but on this large Gobi desert, “have you eaten” has restored its original meaning. .

“You eat, I have brought food.” My food was in a truck, but the truck entered the canyon temporarily to deliver equipment.

Old Huang propped up the trunk lid of the Jeep and took out a large convenient bag from it. I took a look and found that there were 3 small naan cakes in the convenience bag. As soon as I saw it, I knew that this was a fixed meal, and it happened to be one per person. Old Huang insisted on asking me to eat together. I said I was not hungry and the truck was coming back soon. Lao Huang tore off the corner and handed it to me, saying that it was delicious dipped in bean paste.

“What’s wrong with you?” I saw a large singe bubble on the corner of Old Huang’s mouth.

“It’s getting better these days, I’m a little bit angry.” Old Huang smiled.

At this time, an idea flashed: take a picture. I said to Lao Huang, “You eat, I will take a picture!”

I took the camera out of my bag, chose a side light angle, and clicked and clicked to capture the scenes and images of the three of them eating, such as the large quiet rocks in the uninhabited area of ​​the Gobi, the lonely time, and the blue sky with no margins. , High-quality air with a pollution index of less than 50, and bright sunshine like a fairy tale, such as Xinjiang naan cakes, Shandong bean paste in glass bottles, and Tianshan spring water in a vacuum flask are all included in the camera lens.

Is this a simple site meal? My feeling is that it is not only not simple, but also a bit extravagant. It can be called the healthiest and sunniest nutritional food in the world.

At this time the big truck came back. I greeted them three and boarded the big truck. The truck rushed to the next job site rumblingly, and my nutritious meal started. Sitting in the passenger seat, I was eating the pancakes and mustard pickles brought from the cafeteria without rushing to the intense rhythm of the big truck.

Next, the truck overturned two sandy hills and a piece of Yadan landform. I thought it was early, and inadvertently, I found that the sun had begun to set.

The time on the Gobi Desert is like this, sometimes it goes very slow, sometimes very fast. Just like a spring, it can be stretched very long or pressed very short.

While I was drowsy, the truck came to the top of the mountain where the instrument truck was. I opened my eyes in a daze, and checked the time on the phone. It was 2 o’clock in the morning the next day.

What a coincidence, I actually saw the three of them again on the top of the mountain.

Old Huang tilted his head on the steering wheel and dozed off. Bu Shuai fell asleep in the back with his legs bent. Wang Lei was sitting in the passenger seat, holding the line map in one hand and the radio microphone in the other. The content seemed to be how the source car could not find the way, and how to make a detour.

In fact, their three jeep is not only a construction vehicle, but also a mobile exploration command center. This center can command more than a thousand team members, control the progress of exploration, and even control the loneliness and desolation of the Gobi Desert.

Long in the wilderness, his heart will be wild. The characteristics and nature of the exploration industry destined us explorers to stay away from the eight-hour, sign-in card, access card and other regulations or decorations. Even though we seem to be free and loose, we are in fact working all the time.

After shouting, Wang Lei put down the radio microphone and opened the car door.

“Has the matter of the source car been arranged?” I asked.

“It’s not a big problem, but I have to rush over there now.” Wang Lei was not sleepy, and had good spirits.

After speaking, Wang Lei woke Lao Huang and started his jeep.

The three of them set off again.

The three of them, or three prospectors, do not matter whether they have any turbulence in their hearts or what their personal thoughts are. The important thing is that they are like three lonely Gobi stones, forming a stable and long lasting one that can resist hardship and risk. The Gobi combination.

The South Lake Gobi Desert is originally a no-man’s land independent of the mundane. In the daytime, there are no people visible for thousands of miles, and in the early morning, it is extremely empty. All you can see except for the dark night is the sky full of stars.

Looking at it, their Jeep headlights are getting farther and farther. In a short while, on the high and low Gobi Desert, on the starry Gobi Desert, it is no longer clear which is the star in the sky and which is their car light.

Tong Da Mo

“Nothing can stop us!”

“Do not worry!”

This was said on a truck driving in the Taklimakan Desert, and it seemed to be addressed to the entire Taklimakan Desert.

This is very brief but extremely domineering.

The name of the exploration team who said this was Yan Chuanjian, a very young post-80s who served as the second leader of the exploration team. He was wearing a black cotton-padded jacket and red overalls, wearing high leather boots, and his hair was unkempt as hay.

“You are so confident?” I asked him back.

“Don’t worry, this desert is nothing at all. The off-road capability of our truck is the best on earth!”

He held the steering wheel and spoke so firmly and confidently. He was exploring the way for the exploration team, and I just took his truck back to the site of the exploration team.

Every few kilometers he drove, he jumped out of the car to check the terrain and the softness and hardness of the dunes, and then returned to the cab to write down the observations in the record book one by one.

He said that he is now driving next to the survey line, which is 76 kilometers long from north to south. This work he is doing is to find out the topography and landforms near the survey line as soon as possible and make a way out. In this way, when the artillery is fired the next day, the vehicles on the construction site can be directed through the radio to tell each vehicle which direction to go and which track to turn along.

He was exploring the way while chatting with me. He said that his hometown is north of the ancient capital city of Qi, Guangrao, Shandong. However, his hometown concept is particularly weak: “Modern people often say to remember homesickness, but I rarely have any homesickness. For me, wherever I go, my hometown is my hometown.”

Yes, when he recognizes the world as his hometown, he no longer has a hometown in the narrow sense. The sky is the bed, and the ground is the bed. At this time, the Taklimakan Desert is also my hometown.

When it comes to the US presidential campaign, when it comes to housing prices in the city, he doesn’t care at all. However, when he turned the topic to the western desert, to the exploration area, to the construction progress, he was extremely focused… He was very familiar with the data of each survey line and the parameters of each equipment. He seemed to be A dedicated exploration computer.

This contrast shocked me. Just as one goes on and off, years of exploration and construction have simplified his life and simplified his world, and at the same time may have strengthened his survivability and exploration skills in the field.

Inadvertently, I saw a book of “Selected Poems of the Tang Dynasty” in the cab that was as thick as half a brick. As soon as I stretched out my hand, I picked up the “Selected Poems of the Tang Dynasty”. Turning to the title page, I found a line of pen writing slantingly on it, “Ten years can pass through the desert, and thousands of miles will come from Changping – Yan Chuanjian bought it from Hami Xinhua Bookstore in 2018.”

“Do you like poetry?”

“Sometimes when I’m free at work, I just turn two pages.”

“Will you write poems?”

“I didn’t write well. I have a dozen or so, but they are not poetry.”

They all talk about poetry and the distance, but it is unexpected that poetry and the distance are the normal state of his work and life in Taklimakan.

Except for the thick “Selected Poems of Tang Dynasty”, I took a closer look inside the car. The other items were a cotton coat, a thermos, a radio station, a walkie-talkie microphone, a work record book, a naan in a convenient bag, and another A ballpoint pen chained to the work record book.

Before we knew it, the truck sank into a basin, and the sky was dark. Looking around, the tall sand hills in the blurred vision seemed to be blocking us. The truck sandy hills at dusk makes me a little nervous. Yan Chuanjian disagreed, he increased his horsepower and rushed up along the steep slope of nearly 60 degrees. Rushing up to the top of the mountain and looking down, there is a cliff tens of meters deep in front of the front of the car.

My head is in a daze, how is this good? If you are not careful, the truck will fall off the cliff. But he was very calm, as if there was no cliff in front of him.

When reversing, I felt all the weight of my body piled up on my back, and the person was upright. I gripped the handrail tightly, my palms were sweaty. Reversing to the foot of the mountain, he stopped and changed direction, increased his horsepower and rushed to the top of another mountain…It was a cliff, and then backed down…Until the fourth time he rushed to the top of the mountain, he found a way to go forward.

Moving forward, the sky is completely dark. In the huge desert, there is only Yan Chuanjian and I, and there is only a lonely truck.

I look east and west, where is this? This uninhabited desert between heaven and earth is a vacuum zone between human history and life?

He turned left and right, turned right and left, without even looking at the map, he was driving completely based on personal feelings.

“Aren’t you afraid of getting lost?”

“Don’t be afraid, where we come, where is our way!” He is still domineering and confident.

Haha, the young people in the Taklimakan Desert are so rampant and confident. It is said that heaven, earth and human beings are one body. In fact, this madness and self-confidence is also the potential temperament and personality of the Taklimakan Desert.

At this time, with the help of the high beam of the truck, I saw a huge sand hill in front of me. Yan Chuanjian also saw this huge sandy mountain. He whispered: “Grab firmly, fasten your seat belt.”

Having said that, he took a few sips of water from the thermos cup, and then, the truck seemed to be no longer a truck, and suddenly became a wild horse running off the rein.

The truck screamed and rushed towards the sand hill…