Egyptians like to call others “engineers” respectfully

An ancient Arabic proverb says: “The elegance of a person lies in his tongue.” It can be seen that the Arabs attach great importance to and pay attention to language. The Egyptian names for people are a good example.

Regarding the respect of people, Egypt has a lot of different expressions from other Arab countries. For example, a reporter wandering around the streets of Cairo, was called “Your Excellency”, “Pasha” and “Chairman” for a while, then called “Teacher”, and then became an “Engineer” and “Ah” again. Fanti” and so on. The changing roles make me feel complacent and have a vanity addiction.

In fact, the Egyptians called everyone that way. “Your Excellency” is a respectful name, used to call people of high generations, or foreign guests, etc. “Pasha” was the title of senior civil and military attaché when the Turkish Ottoman Empire ruled Egypt. It was placed after the name. Now this title has long been abandoned, but it is still used as a common language of communication, which is intended to value and high. Lifting the other person, respect is self-evident. “Chairman” is purely polite. No matter how I call me “Laise”, I can’t really climb to the position of chairman. Fortunately, the Egyptians don’t take it seriously. The picture is this polite, which makes the listener comfortable.

The Egyptians kept talking about “Afanti” all day long, calling them extraordinarily natural, cordial and easy-going. I have been “Afanti” many times without knowing it. The word “Afanti” is derived from Turkish, and the Egyptians used it to refer to people with wealth and status.

“Teacher” is a modern term. “Teacher” is the teacher in the school, indicating that the addressee treats the addressee as his teacher, also out of courtesy and respect.

What the reporter didn’t understand was why the Egyptians called me an “engineer”. Looking in the mirror, there seems to be no engineer. After inquiring, it turns out that engineers are a very popular profession in Egypt. There is an urban area to the west of Cairo called the “Engineer’s District”. The Egyptians think that an engineer is a symbol of culture, knowledge, and ability. If you use this word to call you, you can imagine your worth in the hearts of others.

However, now, the Egyptians are even more extinct, not only called engineers (Muhandis), but also often called “Bashi Muhandis”. It turns out that “Muhandis” refers to engineers in a certain field, while “Bashi Muhandis” refers to a large engineer who encompasses many professional skills. It is an “engineer among engineers”. Top-level technical talents who don’t know how.

Since what has been said in the previous chapter, three weeks have passed exactly the same as Hungary’s climate, and the time has passed towards the end of September. Not only hay but also shoots were harvested everywhere;-117-the grain is printed and threshed; swallows and storks, the only travelers who do not write travel drawings, have begun to find their coats unsatisfactory; in the woods and gardens it consumed a slow death and here and there a yellow leaf rattled. There are already warmer and longer suits walking on the streets of Pest; and here and there large chunks of firewood could be seen in front of the houses, sawed in the middle of the street by the inhabitants of the poor caliber , who first cut the logs to the footsteps of the palace residents passing by to bounce back into the cellar holes; the harvest time is set.

The social circles, the theaters were populated, the people of the capital, living in the village and scattered in the green, were pushed into a room, the hearts, perhaps separated by heat, approached each other again due to the impending cold, their separated thousands of tiny life problems collapsed and worked together. according to which it teaches that the particles of the bodies move away from one another by heat and are pulled together more by cold. And that eternal harmony in nature ! The cold of the outside world is replaced by the heat of the melted heart – the heated stove.

However, it seems as if I have forgotten what and who I should be talking about, and that I am not writing a nature, but a heart. And I hereby instruct myself one by one.-118-

It was an unfortunate habit of our hector, the love iron, as rhetoric, to fall in love with beautiful girls very quickly, especially when he saw them at some novel distance from himself, and whatever happened to any lady, anywhere and in any way, he immediately tormented his poor head with marriage plans. . His heart was like an unpopular match that immediately burst into flame on the slightest rub, and he didn’t have enough sense at that time to extinguish this flame, which was fluttering on his bosom’s altar, before he learned that no Vesta virgin was moving toward him. who will keep it alive with flammable fidibus and long-burning logs. He let the flame burn properly, until it either fell asleep on its own or was suffocated by the circumstances, which it never took more than a month. However, this month was full of dreams,

And the world had no gloomier, more irritable, happier, and more unhappy man than Hector had ever been in love with. How not? He could not write poems: it was not only we who said this, he also saw it with great difficulty. Yet others had told him, and he imagined for himself what an unspeakable lust would be to his heartfelt if he had poured his “soft sighs, his desires, his grim resignation, his gloomy resignation of cryptic smell” into poems! Soul-119- at that time it was a mere, abandoned castle, and love was an owl hissing in its crumbling ruins, which, especially in the darkness of the evening and night, wailed with lamentation.

The days went by, but the nights were terrible around Hector. He lived his bread-making occupations during the day, and his only fault here was that he often shot great chancellor bucks. Thus, writing a passport for a passenger, he confused the description fields in such a way that the holder of that passport was forced to read items such as: nose : Reformed, religion : ordinary, lifestyle : unmarried, stature : chestnut, hair : blue, etc. And because of such blunders, he was rebuked appropriately. It happened during the day.

But as soon as he finished his daily profession, when the gray evening snuck into his room, every move of his soul hummed Ida . And his humming were not heli dreamless goals and directions. He did not know who and what His Idea was, and he was content to walk under his window once a day, without being able to see it; however, he nevertheless loved His Idea deeply, and Ur Hektor, who sometimes wanted to marry desperately on the day, loved not only to love, but because he knew that His Idea (already like her Idah) was beautiful; hoping to be rich too; he believed that he worked. And all this-120- he imagined, leaning on his humble couch in the evenings, and be free to reveal his imagination, without any theory, that God could not far create the happy hour that would unite him with His Idea forever.

And his soul became a winged animal to the idea that instead of a cramped room with worn-out furniture for a long time, he would rent a comfortable room with comfortable furniture, and instead of syllabling the menus of expensive restaurants in Pest, henceforth the food-seeking trail. he will be saved from confusion, and he will be served and served daily by fellow love, without ever being forced to choose — for his great spiritual reassurance. And the happiest man in the world is a fallen poetcompared to him, if he thought that he would soon gain a gracious removal from his enmity, “at his own request,” and that, as long as he could become a senator, he would be able to reconcile his interests with his city, or do nothing, or he had so far ignored him. he falls for literature (Hungarian or German – it doesn’t matter), for which he can’t find a completely useless idea and a sober corrector of his forthcoming works (sometimes his frescoes) in his beloved Idea. His intentions were pure and noble, though somewhat prosaic, but as he said, he did not write poems.-121-

And after all this, does anyone else meet who wouldn’t believe me when I say that Hector hasn’t slept as much as an eared owl in three weeks? During this time, he barely left his room, even for a few minutes, outside of normal office hours. He was barely 2-3 times in the German theater, and not once in the national theater, where he rarely went for it, for some, not national , but even more important urban reasons, anyway, only rarely – especially if he got a free ticket. And he did not go here, as if he did not know what the translator of the Fót song lake says, that you are ” Kazsdi cslovek nyeh je cslovek, magyar “, but because: Accessorium sequitur suum principale – this is how Krajczer Hektor used to think – and my principals athey go to cities, so, etc., and it must be admitted that Hektor had this ingenuity, even if he was not Boz-like , but in any case it was Boczi witz. He didn’t even go to a coffee shop during this time, and a club politically politically at one of the tables in the crown café, meditating on the latest tailoring and the latest fashion of hairstyles, stared at Hektor’s absence with great spiritual grief, which they wanted more often expressed, however, the latter was normally filled with the chick of the Turkish pipes of the café garçon.

The good friend mentioned in the first chapter, the concise -122-Gábor, a respectable man who could not figure out what could have found Hektika, soon decided to see for himself the reasons for Hektor’s extraordinary invisibility. Gábor found himself with a bosom stuffed with such praiseworthy intent at a quiet dusk – after the end of his daily work – and breathing into the spirited Hector’s floating accommodation on the 3rd floor, he placed his right hand on the brown door handle of Hektor’s room. affected, when Schiller, favored by the sentimental Hector over the mode through the keyhole and the slits of the door, was distracted by this, they could be said (if the aesthetics were not violated ). he heard his words spill out: “Hector Liebe stirbt im Lethe nicht!” It seemed as if Hector had consoled and encouraged his Idea, not in body but in spirit.

And Gábor did not know what to believe soon, when he opened the door. The room was as dark as the calamari juice from which these letters are fished by the “little-worthy” writer of the present lines, and he had not seen anything like a pond-shaped waist, a pair of legs, running across the pre-flood sofa described above. , the part of which, from their feet all the way to the kneecap, hung from the support at the bottom of the sofa like a scythe made of two handles, and on the support of the upper end of the sofa, which ended in a square tree, the nape of its neck rested, -123-and the happy head hung from the neck associated with the nape of the neck, like the uri pumpkin from its tendril. Besides, the basis of the whole figure was the back camel, on which lay the beautiful thirsty bosom. However, as I said, Gábor could not see all this because of the darkness, except for the two white whitening sleeves, one of which stretched toward the palm-covered area of ​​Hector’s vest and the other ran down the planks of the room on the unfenced side of the sofa.

Hector still quoted Schiller’s poems, not noticing Gábor who entered; but it soon paved the way for his admiration into the darkness with such words

“What are you doing, Hector? “Surely you don’t even notice.”

“I – whats up, I’m just reading” – and with this the long elongated and startled Hector rushed into a sitting position.

“In this darkness of Egypt?” Gábor cried.

“I mean, that – I didn’t mean to actually say – but that – well – you’re going to laugh, hehehe – my habit is sometimes, but don’t laugh, Gábor.” And they both started to flash lightly smiles. “Oh, this is the unfortunate Gabriel again!”

“Come on, don’t be silly, Hectica,” he said -124-Gábor, finally tired of the failed, silent grin – I heard well when I just walked in your door that you were declamating . I’d rather hear why I came to you. ”

“So what do you need? talk! ”Hektor took the word, glad that he had escaped interrogation with such an easy seri. Then he reached for a match, and after rubbing a few into his brim on the sulfur-stained wall of the room, he finally rubbed one against the sole of his boots, which threw a lob, and with which the candle soon lit up, uncomfortably squeaking, giving a public sign that last night — and perhaps each time he fell asleep — he was quenched with fingers-soaked, tap-replacing fingers. After this arson ended, he settled on the orphan sofa of Hector and began to listen. But he looked at his friend now by the candlelight, as the tiger of the multitude could watch the hunter, who wakes him up from his quiet resting place; but maybe not quite yet. But what about friendship, where is love? What are Gabriel there,

However, Gabriel did not think so.

“What is all this for, Hectica? Gábor asked. “I don’t want the candle world or the beautiful couch again now.” (Hector noticed the recklessly cold and intersecting irony, but hadn’t said anything yet.) We hadn’t seen him in our company in weeks. At the town hall several times-125-you promised to come among us and you did not come. Today, now you must come with me; first, we all had the Hungarian theater, where Viennese dancers perform today; from there we will go to dinner together. But why are you wasting that candle because of me, Hekti? ”And with a light sigh, he blown away the still-blinking frost. However, a heavy sigh from the sofa immediately followed the sigh.

“Gabriel!” He shouted in a passionate voice, rising from his couch in deep despair, Hector – Gábor! since I deserved you to deliberately frustrate all my best intentions for a while?

“What are you talking about, Hektikám?” Interrupted the innocent Gábor. But “Toldi can’t hear anymore, the thought of fighting because it’s in his head.”

“No, Gábor, I didn’t deserve that from you,” he continued with the irritability of the happy unhappy iron’s bosom. God can’t make it happen either, and if you consider me such a person: but – let’s become forever! ” “Oh look what you have done! – Gabriel – -! God be with you forever! ”–126- And no one should be surprised at Hector’s irritated state of mind.

In this random voice, Gábor was extremely amazed, and all the mood was carried away by the freshman at once.

“Thus I have never seen it in my life,” he exclaimed to himself; then he noticed that this thing was starting to offend him a little, and for the same reason he turned to his friend with a determined bosom and said to him, “Are you serious about that anyway, Hector?”

Hector lowered his head in the dark; he dropped his hands for as long as he could, and not only did he hesitate with his answer, but he wore himself as silently as a fish in foams .

“Do you think I have to leave your lord?” Gábor continued in a muffled voice.

Hector the ” lordship looked instituted” because of a left foot toward art Gabor, one hand is lifted knees, his eyes occasionally megmozdulának well, but what we can not be noticed in the dark, and the lips so and not little word chasing each other.

“God be with you, sir! I get as many people for the free ticket. ”And Gábor got to the door.

However, the clause of his words made an impact. Hector got up and saw his suddenness. He was one step away from the friend who wanted to leave, grabbing his collar, pulling it to his chest, and atoning-127-a cheerful kiss fell on Gábor’s cheek, so great that the inhabitants of the next room must have believed that the wall in the manor’s room was being plastered; in a word: Hektor and Gábor are again good friends and as smooth as no one has ever been together. Only broken words like “Gábor – -!” Are released from the long embrace. – Hector…! – Are you going to forgive me? “What are you talking about, Hectica?”

Look, my half! there are such bad consequences of going to the German theater: this is how he makes sickness and pseudo-sentimentalism his own there. Morality: do not go to a German theater, my patriots!

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