Don’t make any fake efforts, the result will not accompany you in acting

On the morning of the first day of the new year this year, I started to make New Year’s plans again: set aside one hour a day to learn English, go to the gym twice a week, learn to edit videos within three months, and so on. I also want to buy several kinds of equipment, buy a high-end computer, and hire a professional foreign teacher…

Suddenly, I recalled the situation before and fell into a kind of reflection.

Last year, I worked overtime and stayed up late to get a lot of good fortune, so I got a fitness card in the community. Professional running shoes, high-end sportswear, and brand-name protein powders are all set up in one day. I have transformed myself in my mind. However, the reality is that on the first day I went to the gym, I was out of breath after 10 minutes of exercise. In order to show everyone that I worked very hard, I spent 10 minutes looking for an angle to take pictures, spent 20 minutes retouching the picture, and got dozens of likes after posting to Moments. The next day, I gave up going to the gym.

My colleague Ahua is better than me. At least he persisted in learning English for a full month. Ahua said that he memorized 20 words every day for the first ten days and shared it with his friends to punch in. Later, he found that using fragmented time to read the words several times a day did not achieve the purpose of learning. As soon as he thought of this, he was afraid to open the app for memorizing words. The only motivation to support his persistence was that the agreement stipulated that he would be able to return 10 yuan in cash after 30 days of checking in.

Some time ago, countless bloggers praised a sentence, “You have to work quietly, and then surprise everyone”, and then recommended notebooks, tablecloths and timers for learning. Those who follow the trend call it “immersive learning”, but how many people only understand “immersion” and forget about “learning”. You need to use kindle to read books and iPad to learn courseware. In order to learn, many people want to be armed with their teeth. But in the end, the kindle became a tool for covering instant noodles, and the iPad became an artifact for chasing drama.

Such examples abound. Another friend told me that she seemed to be in endless anxiety after going home every day, should she recharge it? As a result, in the rising tide of “fragmented reading”, she began to collect highly praised articles and joined the learning community. The pressing group pressure made people crazy. In the end, those highly praised articles are still reduced to favorites.

The habit of entering the workplace is cultivated from school, and the atmosphere of false effort has long been formed. I still remember that before the exam in the university, the students stopped skipping classes and had a “final sprint”. The course content of a semester could not be waited to be finished overnight. The library was overcrowded. Everyone “drank the most expensive coffee and stayed up the latest night” and posted in the circle of friends “Have you seen the campus at 3 am?” But what happened if you worked hard in the previous semester? These are all “hints”, we can pretend to work hard, but the result will easily burst the bubble of fantasy. We met together for the postgraduate entrance examination. After spending a month in the library, we discovered that we were just playing with mobile phones in another place; for those of us who were struggling to take the TOEFL test, the vocabulary book still opened on the abandon page; in the flea market, my roommate’s exam materials were available. Sold again at 95% new.

What exactly is false effort? There is a high praise answer on Zhihu: You put resources on things that you think are relatively easy, instead of deep plowing where you really need to raise costs. A deeper explanation is that you are using the appearance of hard work to whitewash your desire to be lazy. It seems to work hard, but it is lazy. You and the real lazy are nothing more than a desire to make progress.

“Stay up late and get up early to study, I am very positive, and I have to improve myself in the fragmented time. In prime time, we chat and play on mobile phones. The goal plan is as fierce as a tiger, and the actual operation is two hundred and five.” It is me and you who spend a lot of time and money doing nothing. For meaningless things, you are making a fake effort, but the result will not accompany you in acting. Hard work is too superficial, like an untalented actor. But how can life depend on acting, let alone such acting. Don’t make any fake efforts, the result will not accompany you in acting