Deliberately build a sloping tower

During the Renzong period of the Northern Song Dynasty, the imperial court planned to build a tower on the eastern outskirts of the capital (Kaifeng), named Kaibao Temple Pagoda. Yuhao was the most famous craftsman at that time, so the imperial court asked him to design and build the Kaibao Temple Pagoda.

After Yu Hao took the order, he first went to the site to observe, then designed a construction drawing and organized the craftsmen to carry out the construction. When carrying out the foundation construction, some careful craftsmen found that there was a problem with the foundation design, that is, the foundation in the northwest was obviously lower than the foundation in the northeast. The craftsmen thought that this was a mistake made by Yu Hao accidentally in the design, and reminded Yu Hao. , Said that the foundation is uneven, one side is low. Yu Hao didn’t give an explanation, just told the craftsmen to continue construction according to the original design. Halfway through the construction of the tower, people discovered that the tower was tilted to the northwest and reminded Yu Hao again. Yu Hao still told them to continue the construction according to the original design. Later, the entire tower was completed, beautifully carved and carved, as if it were cast, and its momentum was amazing. But it is obviously tilted to the northwest, so many people argue that although the tower looks beautiful, it will not take long to be dumped.

This incident later reached Song Renzong’s ears, and Emperor Renzong sent a minister to check it out. The minister returned and reported that, as the people said, the cover of the Kaibao Temple tower was crooked, and I’m afraid it won’t take too long. Pour it out, and suggest that Renzong arrest Yu Hao for guilt. Among the emperors of the Song Dynasty, Renzong has always been known for his benevolence and generosity. He did not rashly listen to the opinions of the ministers, but invited Yu Hao to ask him personally. Yu Hao explained: “The capital is flat, without high mountains, and often winds from the northwest. If this tower is designed according to the old method, it will be tilted by the wind within a few years, and it is in danger of falling down. At present. The design can prevent accidents from happening. The wind will blow it for nearly a hundred years, and it will be right.” After Renzong heard this, he was very happy, and praised Yu Hao, saying, “Qing’s move is really responsible for the future!” and He was rewarded with some gold and silver silk and satin.

More than a hundred years later, people discovered that the originally inclined Kaibao Pagoda was indeed upright. At that time, Yu Hao had already passed away for many years. People were impressed by his vision and awe in his spirit of being responsible for the future.