Creative restaurant

If you go to a restaurant for good food, then you underestimate the meaning of a restaurant too much. In order to bring surprises and joy to every customer, restaurant owners have opened their minds. They open their restaurants under waterfalls, under the sea, caves, and even on cliffs, just to give you other uniqueness besides food. Experience. Whether you are a foodie or not, you might as well learn about these big-open restaurants!

Yunhai Restaurant

Many people have heard of Hokkaido Tokachi Unkai Restaurant, which is only open in summer! It is 1088 meters above sea level and is known as the closest restaurant to the kingdom of heaven.

However, the sea of ​​clouds is not a common sight. It only appears under certain conditions. The peak period is only 30%-40%, and it usually appears in the early morning. So unlike other restaurants where there are more people at dinner time, Yunhai Restaurant is always crowded early in the morning.

However, when the sea of ​​clouds arrives as scheduled, you will feel that everything is worth it. The satin-like sea of ​​clouds is just like the shore of the sea, with surging waves and splashing waves, which is very spectacular. Nature, really is the most amazing and shocking.

Sheep Cafe

There is a very strange cafe in South Korea where the owner actually raised two sheep. However, these two sheep are not waiters, but good partners to interact with the guests, so that the guests will not be bored here. The two sheep are very well-behaved and are very willing to interact with people. Of course, if you are afraid that your food will be eaten by them, you can choose to eat on the second floor, but according to the owner, very few customers will do this!

Ninja Theme Restaurant

Ninjas are one of the important traditional figures in Japan, so in Tokyo, Japan, there is a ninja-themed restaurant. This restaurant looks like a fortress. When you open an inconspicuous door on the dark black exterior wall, you will find a small room surrounded by black panel walls. After entering the room, there will be waiters dressed in black traditional Japanese ninja costumes to serve you.

It is understood that this restaurant not only serves very special services, but also has many types of dishes, including Japanese, French and Chinese dishes, cooked by chefs with many years of experience in famous restaurants. This double visual and taste experience will naturally attract many People come here admiringly.

Creative restaurant in the sky

People have become accustomed to ordinary restaurants. Even the most fashionable, expensive and exquisite restaurants can hardly give people a sense of freshness. In order to change this, the Belgian David Geisel created an “in-the-air dinner”, using a crane to hang people on 50-meter-high seats.

There are waiters, tables, and everything necessary for the restaurant. It is understood that “dinner in the sky” is very popular all over the world, and there are already limited supplies in more than 40 countries. Just imagine that while sitting in the sky and tasting food, you can also enjoy the natural beauty. It is really enjoyable. Of course, if you are a heart patient or a fear of heights, then this creative restaurant may not be suitable for you!

A restaurant that tests the heart

There is a restaurant called “Heart Attack Grill” in Las Vegas, USA, which translates to “heart attack grill”. You should know when you hear this name, this theme restaurant is still very dangerous, and it is indeed the case. Some people died of heart disease after eating here.

The entire restaurant is based on the theme of a hospital. The beautiful waitresses are dressed in nurse uniforms, and the customers need to wear patient clothes. The food they provide to customers is selected based on the degree of heart damage, which is to challenge the health of the guests. Often engage in activities. For example, people over 150 kilograms can enter the store for free. If they don’t finish eating, the waiter will whip the customer’s ass. Although this theme restaurant is controversial, there are still many people willing to come here.

Monkey Waiter Tavern

Among all animals, primates should have the highest IQ. Monkeys and orangutans are very smart. In Japan, there is a tavern that uses monkeys as waiters. It is popular with people. The owner of the tavern is Kaoru Otsuka. He has been in the restaurant business for almost 30 years.

By chance, the boss took in a monkey and named it kayabukiya. This monkey was very clever, so he thought of using a monkey as a waiter, which can highlight the creativity of the tavern and save a fortune. What he didn’t expect from labor costs was that since Kayabukiya became a waiter, there were a lot of customers every day.

Don’t look at it as a monkey, but the service attitude is very good, serving the guests diligently and conscientiously, and will do some performances to increase the dining fun, and if it interacts with the guests well, it will also run on the guests to play, very Interesting, if guests like this monkey, they can use edamame as a “tip”!

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