Can’t you be busy?

People nowadays are very busy, too busy to touch the ground, too busy to have enough hands and feet, and want to grow four hands, eight hands, four legs and eight legs.

I went to the countryside with a few friends to gather some folklore, and I ran into the local leader by chance and exchanged a few words of greeting. Ask them if they are busy.

Busy, very busy, no time to eat or sleep.

I said, so busy, don’t tire your body, and take more rest on weekends.

Rest on the weekend? You can’t take a few days a year.

Why, you still work overtime on weekends?

What kind of overtime work? If you don’t give notice, you will work normally on weekends. The busier the weekend, so there is almost no notice.

Really busy.

A painter friend, it’s been a long time since I saw him. I want to invite him to dinner.

He said no, he was too busy and had no time.

I said that a simple meal takes only an hour, can’t you squeeze out this time?

He said he couldn’t squeeze it out. Painting exhibitions and pen clubs one after another, he walked to the opening ceremony, painted a picture, and left with the money. The meals were made with instant noodles on the high-speed rail and airplanes.

I’m busy!

A famous writer came to Jinan to give a lecture, and I had the honor to listen to it.

His old gentleman talked eloquently for two hours. He looked at his watch, and when it was time, he didn’t drink water or eat food. He urinated in the toilet and went straight to the airport for Guangzhou.

I asked him why he was in such a hurry, and he said that the class over there has been arranged, and if it is slow, it will be late.

Celebrities are so busy too!

My neighbor, Lao Zhang, is sixty-five this year, and is still busy like a pancake pancake sister.

I met on the road, I said you are still busy every day, you can rest.

He said there are sometimes intermittents, and he has to run every day.

I said you have several suites here, and you can just eat the rent.

He said, this can only make a few money. I bought two more sets in the south and another set in the west. I just bought it. With so many things, can I not be busy?

Yes, I have to be busy.

Just after get off work, I ran into Xiao Wang, who ate sesame seed cakes while hurried on the road.

I said, what are you doing in a panic.

He hurriedly waved his hand and said that there was something and something, so he didn’t say anything.

Later, I learned that it was Xiao Wang who had found another part-time job—delivering food.

Delivering food, giving a portion of money to earn a share, what should I do without hurrying?

Busyness has become the norm in this era. Children are busy making up classes, the elderly are busy at night, men are busy starting businesses, women are busy having babies, workers are busy working overtime, professors are busy with topics, the big money is busy hoarding houses and the poor are busy paying off loans…

From the perspective of the street, there are no people who are not busy.

Can we not be busy? Can’t seem to stop.

Being busy is an expression of restlessness, tranquility and tranquility seem to have gone to Java and drifted away.

If the wind can’t stop, there will be accidents, if the rain can’t stop, there will be accidents, the cars can’t stop, there will be accidents, the planes can’t stop, there will be accidents, and people can’t stop? OK.

Busyness seems to get money and happiness, but if you put these two words on one side, it becomes a “death record”-a record of people going to death!

Scary, right? Do you dare to be so busy? Can it make people so busy?

Isn’t it busy? This matter really needs to be considered.