Cage got married for the fifth time and chose Asian for the third time

Married again, Asian again! According to a report from “Vanity Fair” on the 6th, Hollywood star Nicholas Cage is married again, and the bride is Asian again. This is Cage’s fifth marriage. The bride Shibata Riko (transliteration) is a 26-year-old Japanese woman, 31 years younger than Cage, who is 57, and 4 years younger than Cage’s eldest son Weston. .

The media released photos of the two’s wedding in Las Vegas. Cage, with short haircut and shaved beard, looked much younger than when he appeared in public before, and was more suitable for his wife beside him. The day of the wedding was the birthday of Cage’s late father, writer August Coppola, and Cage’s prominent Hollywood family was once again mentioned by the media (Cage’s original surname was Coppola and was the director Francis Coppola. Paula’s nephew, female director Sofia Coppola’s cousin, many members of the family are engaged in the film and television entertainment industry). Cage and Shibata have known each other for only a year. The two were photographed holding hands on the street last year. Cage also admitted to proposing to Shibata in a show with his brother Mark Coppola.

However, the outside world is not optimistic about the prospects of Cage’s marriage, after all, his first 4 marriages were not long. Among them, Cage’s marriage to his first wife, Patricia Arquette, lasted for 6 years in 1995. Later, his marriage to “Elvis” daughter Lisa Marie Presley lasted for 2 years. The three-term wife Alice Kim (Korean) had the longest marriage-12 years, and the relationship was good after the two broke up. But the most bloody thing is the fourth marriage-Cage and Erica Koike (Japanese descent) registered their marriage on March 23, 2019. Only four days later, Cage filed for divorce in the court because of the newlyweds. The intention is to “deceive marriage”, the purpose is to divide Cage’s family property. Although Cage used to be an Oscar actor and a Hollywood first-line actor, he has now become the “king of bad movies” because of repeated box office failures, and his personal financial situation is not good. The last three Asian wives also met in restaurants or casinos. “Neverman” does not promote his career and public image.