British woman hatched ducklings after buying duck eggs from department store

British woman hatched ducklings after buying duck eggs from department store
There is a video on the Internet that a woman successfully hatched a duckling from a duck egg bought from a supermarket. A woman named Jamie Berg in Rochdale, England bought a bag of duck eggs from the supermarket. Six days later, she heard a weak heartbeat in one of the duck eggs, and irradiated the duck eggs with an egg-lighting lamp. It turns out that ducklings can be hatched. So Jamie bought an incubator and successfully hatched the ducklings 28 days later. The cute little duck looked out tremblingly from the eggshell, and finally broke free of the eggshell.

British Supermarket sends chicken nuggets into space to celebrate its 50th anniversary
To celebrate its 50th anniversary, a large British supermarket chain “Iceland” sent a piece of fried chicken into space. According to reports, this is the first chicken nugget ever to fly into space, and its height exceeds 33528 meters. The flight took off near the company’s headquarters in North Wales, and a team of experts used a weather balloon filled with hydrogen to transport chicken nuggets, as well as a customized satellite tracking system and cameras. The chicken nugget reached an altitude of more than 30,000 meters above the earth in less than two hours, and then returned to the earth at a speed of 322 kilometers per hour. The parachute was deployed at an altitude of about 19,000 meters to ensure that the chicken nuggets landed safely.

Dogs came from the drainage ditch and 16 firefighters came to rescue
In Adelaide, Australia, firefighters received an alarm saying that a dog barking was heard from the drain, and a dog was suspected to be trapped. So the local area sent 16 firefighters to search and rescue, but to no avail, no sign of the dog was found, but the barking of the dog continued. Firefighters searched the Internet and found that this call was made by a local swamp frog… The firefighters were relieved, and fortunately no dogs were trapped.

A Russian shepherd dog miraculously resurrected after being buried
It is reported that a kind driver found this exhausted dog on the highway and he sent the dog to the rescue agency for care. The rescue agency released photos and found the owner of the dog, and then learned that this 7-year-old German shepherd named Kiryusha was originally euthanized by injection of drugs by the owner, but somehow he resurrected himself and crawled out of the grave. The dog owner apologized for his mistake, and Kiryusha has been adopted by a local family.

Vietnamese 10-year-old boy has twice the muscle mass
According to foreign media reports, Nguyen Nam, a 10-year-old boy in Vietnam, had muscle hypertrophy due to the imbalance of myostatin (a protein that restricts the growth of muscle tissue). At present, his body size is comparable to that of a professional bodybuilder. It is reported that this symptom is called “Superman Syndrome” by the Vietnamese media. It is caused by a gene mutation that inhibits the amount of muscle production, which can lead to loss of body fat and excessive growth of muscle tissue. It is a rare genetic disease. Because the disease can cause muscle stiffness, in order to relax the muscles, Nahm’s parents encouraged him to practice yoga and martial arts. Although the disease did not affect Nahm’s mental development, it is still unclear whether there are other medical effects.

A British teenager walks in the city center with a pet python
In the centre of Brighton, England, two teenagers took a pet python walking on a busy street. The surprised pedestrian contacted the police. The police confronted the two young men on the street, asking them to pick up the snake on the ground and persuading them to take the python home. A young man argued with the police: “How is this different from walking a dog?” and said that his pet is satisfied with its location. In the end, the young man wrapped the python around his neck and walked away.

An ostrich from South Africa joins a cycling race and rushes to chase cyclists

An ostrich from South Africa joined a bicycle race. The video shows that an ostrich is running with the main group of the bicycle race. Photographer Daniel Sass said: “I realized that an ostrich was chasing our strongest rider, so I bypassed the other riders and took out my phone to take pictures of the matchup.” But the ostrich eventually ran out. Physical strength, gave up this game. It is reported that the ostrich is the largest bird in the world and can run at a speed of about 70 kilometers per hour.

Scotsman rides stray cats around the world in two years and travels to 21 countries
Dean Nicholson, a 31-year-old man from Dunbar, Scotland, UK, took a stray cat on a bicycle tour around the world. According to reports, Dean gave up his job as a welder two years ago and decided to travel the world by bicycle. He met a stray cat in Bosnia on the way, and Dean adopted the cat and named it Nora. Sometimes Nora sits in the bicycle basket, sometimes sits on Dean’s shoulders, and has traveled through 21 countries, one person and one cat. At present, their journey around the world has ended, and Dean next plans to take Nora to Greece and work in the animal sanctuary there.