Brazilian energy and mining giants continue to worry

The replacement of Petrobras had another wave. According to the Sao Paulo Page reported on March 2, four Petrobras directors appointed by the government decided to resign. Reports said that Petrobras had previously raised oil prices, causing dissatisfaction with Brazilian President Bolsonaro. After the oil price turmoil triggered large-scale truck driver protests, Bolsonaro decided to adjust the company’s top management. On February 19, Bolsonaro suddenly decided to appoint former Defense Minister Luna to replace Blanco as CEO of Petrobras. After the news came out, Petrobras shares plummeted. As of the end of February, the company’s market value had evaporated by approximately US$12.8 billion.

Reuters reported that the management of Petrobras had considered resigning collectively to protest the replacement of the CEO. The company has changed three coaches in three years. In June 2018, the then CEO Palente resigned because the government compromised with the truck drivers on strike and asked Petrobras to lower oil prices.

Petrobras is controlled by the Brazilian Federal Government, and 7 of the company’s 11 directors are appointed by the government. After Bolsonaro took office in 2019, Blanco was appointed as CEO of Petrobras, whose term was originally scheduled to end on March 20 this year. As an economist, Blanco advocates a free market policy, selling Petrobras’s bad assets and reducing debt, and is favored by investors. According to the “Globe”, Brazil’s Minister of Economy Guedes said that the replacement of Blanco was Bolsonaro’s “political response” to truck drivers, and the truck driver group is a loyal supporter of Bolsonaro. Geddes said that from an economic point of view, “the effect of management substitutions is very poor.”

Brazilian energy and mining giants have been worrying more recently. According to the Brazilian “UOL” website, the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund, the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund, cut its investment in Brazil by approximately US$2.8 billion in 2020, and removed Brazilian mining giants Vale and Brazilian Electricity from the investment list. The reason is that A serious fatal dam breach occurred in Vale in early 2019, and the construction land of the Brazilian Electric Company violated the rights of indigenous people. In February of this year, Vale signed an agreement to compensate the local government and communities about US$6.9 billion for the dam failure. Agence France-Presse reported that the compensation plan has not yet been fully affirmed by all parties in the incident. The dam breach victim group organization stated that it would appeal to the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court due to insufficient compensation paid to the victim.

Before she had felt so light, so free, and now this vertigo and this pressure around her forehead, as if from an iron bond. So that was the increase in their enjoyment.

“Is that a purpose in life, enjoyment, just enjoyment that increases until it stops because the body fails?” She asked softly.

“Certainly, Frau Bremer, enjoyment is just as much a purpose in life as work,” he said, “the only thing that matters is that you understand how to reconcile your moral principles with it. Some people indirectly serve the enjoyment of life exclusively. The artist creates spiritual pleasures for his fellow human beings and himself, while others are content to put themselves at the service of material comfort. But there is still a third thing in man which, besides the gross organs of the body, besides the spirit, is able to enjoy, that is, the nerves. Why shouldn’t I seek my purpose in life to make accessible to others what brings me such a great satisfaction of the nerves? People have already been content with lesser tasks for their existence, and I have not lived in vain if I carry even one push,

“I wish I could believe in your practical success, you are fighting an outrageous injustice.”

“The druggist, the doctor, even nurses can always get morphine. As long as there is poverty and corruption among some of these people, the sweet poison will also remain for sale, indirectly for sale – but only at a very high price. ”

“I also believe that very often the poor are positively made impossible to conquer the obstacles that money overcomes. Isn’t that also a social aspect of our question? “Said Turnau.

“The poor man has the alcohol,” she objected.

“The alcohol? Yes, ‘he became bitter, almost passionate in his tone. “The people’s lust for pleasure is a brutal force that cannot be countered with a simple ban on sales. Finer nerves need more refined pleasures. Alcohol is to morphine like a blood-drenched horror novel to an ingenious psychological study. Life is so dreary and sad; the means that can make it bearable should not be restricted. ”

She looked up at him tiredly. “Bland and sad,” she repeated thoughtfully. “No, I can’t really say that about my life; my husband is very considerate and the children – but you, why do you not find your existence according to your wishes? ”

He did not answer, and she found it uncomfortable that she had almost asked the young man to trust him personally, which he had not shown her in the friendly manner in which he had previously spoken out against her.

“Are you better now, madam?” He asked after a few minutes of silence.

“Oh perfectly well,” she said quickly, standing up.

He offered her his arm and she took it easily. At that moment he noticed that she was elegantly dressed. Her grace and grace touched him sympathetically, but he was far from falling in love with someone else’s beautiful wife. It was not his moral consciousness that protected him from this; there had been times when he would have recognized and used the advantage of his position, but those times were over. The tremendous influence of morphine and ether lay like paralysis on his nerves and senses.

Even Lydia, the wife of an older, pedantic, dry man, did not think that there might be anything forbidden in her confidential dealings with the young doctor. But she too did not act in full awareness of virtuous respectability, but also under the influence of a pathological dulling of her natural feelings and instincts.

“The memory of the righteous remains a blessing,” she said softly, with a farewell glance at her father’s grave.

“If I leave my fortune to the city, I’ll end up with such a beautiful grave inscription,” joked Turnau. It was again what Lydia called flirting with Weltschmerz and premonitions of death. Others judged even more harshly of this peculiar trait of the young, wealthy man. In general he was also not considered to be as sick as he was, and only saw in the weariness of life that spoke from his being the consequences of an excessive blasphemy which was no longer sufficient for the pleasures of daily life.

“Shall I see that you too are raised to the righteous after your death?” Lydia asked, smiling at his tone.

“It would be immodest, madam; For a poor morphinist there will be a more humble verse. “” Good for mankind, if everyone had deserved his grave inscription, “she answered, sweeping over all the crosses and stones, which in stone letters so much about love and They knew how to tell virtues, as one will seldom find together in life.

Then she went to the holy water font, crossed herself with the water, left the churchyard on Turnau’s arm and drove home with him in the car that had been waiting for her.

A lawn interrupted by rose beds stretched out in front of the Bremer Villa, the center of which was formed by a graceful fountain. An avenue from Chestnut trees led to the building somewhat back from the street and past it to the garden beyond.

On the gravel path under the shady trees, two pretty children were playing under the supervision of a bonne. When they saw their mother get out of the car, the young girl wanted to lead them to the newcomer to greet them. The children, however, clung to their nurse and put their heads in the folds of the simple black wool dress that the young lady was wearing.

The bonne tried to get rid of them and with these lively movements showed a perfect grace in the tightly fitting, simple costume. She had grown flawlessly, every movement was beautiful, so that Turnau, who otherwise had little sense of feminine charm, was completely affected by it.

“Who is the young lady?” He asked softly.

“Fraulein Wagner, a Froebel kindergarten teacher, has only been with me for a short time,” said the Privy Councilor; then she greeted the children, who finally came over reluctantly, with shy looks at their mother’s companion.

The young lady, too, greeted her mistress now. The young girl’s face was broad and ordinary. The features were coarse, even the friendly-looking gray eyes too small and too deep to give the face any charm. Despite the beautiful figure, the girl was not pretty, only the lips were blooming and red, the teeth shiny white, and an expression of youthfulness, happiness and goodness transfigured the whole appearance.

“My God, Fraulein, how silly the children still act when there are guests, get them used to it,” said the young woman.

The nurse was silent, she knew only too well that the children refused every time they were supposed to leave their games in order to be taken to their mother for a moment.

Lydia stroked the pink faces and damp blond hair of the little ones with nervous haste. “How hot they are, is it so hot here?” She asked Fraulein Wagner again.

“We played badminton, madam, we were so happy about it and bent down so often, it makes us so red.”

The young girl’s eyes shone and the mouth seemed to be unable to suppress a mischievous smile.

“It’s all right, Fraulein, but keep the children busy now,” decided the deathly pale woman. Then she and her companion turned away from the cheerful group of children nestled against the girl.

“Don’t you want to say hello to my husband?” She then asked the doctor, walking towards the front door.

“It is impossible for me, madam, I am not well enough for it.”

“So I thank you all the more cordially for your company.”

“Oh, please, that’s not a detour for me, besides, I will confess to you in confidence, madam, that my short stay in your garden was a pleasure for me.”

“A pleasure? Ah – I would be eager. ”

“Yes, at the risk of you laughing at me. It was a pleasure for me to see your new nurse. ”

The young girl looked for a very astonished look from the Privy Councilor. “Fraulein Wagner has grown excellently, but otherwise almost to be called ugly,” she said then.

Doctor Turnau followed the blooming girl with an unspeakably tired, melancholy look. “Just look at that smooth, shiny, natural hair, madam.”

Lydia laughed out loud. “But my dear Doctor, this simple, straight-twisted brown hair is something extraordinarily common, what do you find so beautiful about it?”

“The physical health that causes this hair growth,” he replied emphatically. “I’m not suggesting that this young person is beautiful; I also know what is beautiful, but she is healthy, healthy through and through. A touch of youthful freshness and strength surrounds them and makes them charming. ”

“Would that be your taste?” She still doubted the seriousness of his words.

“I’ve been a clinician for several years,” he replied. “Everything that surrounds me is sick and decrepit. Our nurses, too, are for the most part overworked and nervous, most of the colleagues have not yet entered the more or less comfortable retirement of private practice, they work with enthusiasm, no one spares themselves. The terrible air of the laboratory poisons us all. Many of us also need excessive mental exertion of artificial stimulants at this time. Often days go by when I do not actually see a single normal, healthy person – is it not understandable that such a picture of blossoming, virgin freshness and strength has something very attractive to me? Please, just look at the young woman’s red, elaborate hands, she doesn’t suffer from anemia – ah, she’s beautiful! ”

“I grant you the sight of this peony from the bottom of my heart, dear friend. Would you like to feel compelled to stop neglecting the Villa Bremer as it has been before. ”

“I shall soon make use of your kind permission, madam.”

For a moment he touched the wax-pale hand of the morphinist with his lips, bowed from afar to Fraulein Wagner, and then left the garden.

“Please, dear Fraulein, get me some raspberry water,” Lydia said to the bonne, then sat down she sat on a comfortable garden chair and took her two-year-old daughter on her lap.

“The stupid uncle,” said the little boy, now approaching his mother too, with an angry look at the door behind which Doctor Turnau had just disappeared.

“Good children don’t say that,” reproved the young woman.

Now the bonne appeared again in the garden with the desired refreshment. Behind her walked Privy Councilor Bremer, a slender, elegant man with dark hair that was already slightly graying.

“How did this blasé Turnau come to accompany you?” He asked, taking a seat next to his wife. “Otherwise he thinks it is far below his dignity to please a woman with interesting conversation.”

“I happened to meet him in the churchyard, and we talked so pleasantly that his company seemed natural to me.”

“How can this unnatural, graceful person comfortably entertain a sensible woman,” said Bremer, almost angrily. “His entertainment is not valued by men, I can tell you. Young and carefree as he is, he tries to display a pessimism that would be worthy of an old man for whom everything in life has failed. He denies every enjoyment, every belief, he denies love, he contradicts nature – – – «

“In a word, you don’t like him,” Lydia interrupted her husband.

“Certainly he is to me and many other people. For example, do you like this hint of a mysterious disease, this playing with the thought of death and grave – – –

“Perhaps he feels the approach of a mental ailment.”

“Oh what, mental ailments. Was that what he entertained you? He has nothing to do, there is the root of the evil. If, like other young doctors, he had to sit in his office hours in the morning and wait for patients in order to earn a living, he would probably remain free from his interesting premonitions. You can see from him that under certain circumstances it can even be a misfortune when parents leave their son a fortune. ”

Little Lotte became restless when she saw that Fraulein Wagner wanted to go away with her older brother, who was about four years old, without taking her with him.

“Please, Miss, take Lottchen with you,” said Lydia.

The strong, warm hands of the young girl lifted the little one high, the child cheered and laid his face on her soft full cheek, then the children went away with their bonne.

“A very sweet, fresh person,” remarked the man Privy Councilor, “I think we have made a good deal.”

“Turnau found her lovely too,” said Lydia, laughing. “What a taste – that full moon face!”

“So! – Turnau too? I wouldn’t have thought this libertine man had such an unspoiled taste, “said Bremer thoughtfully. “Well, he won’t have a chance to put anything on her mind; otherwise the girl would end up being stupid enough to lose her heart on this dead egoist. ”

“What an idea!”

Lydia found her husband’s train of thought inconceivably trivial. Why shouldn’t it be possible for a young girl to please a man without the heart being an immediate consideration?

She was silent and emptied her whole glass of lemonade, because the aftereffect of the morphine is thirst.

A servant brought newspapers and letters to the councilor. Soon the master of the house was absorbed in his reading, while the young woman rose quietly to go to her room. There she exchanged her street toilet for a comfortable house dress and lay down, yielding to a leaden tiredness that lay in her limbs.