A crop circle resembling the shape of the new crown virus

From May to September each year, it is a time when the phenomenon of the British wheat field is frequently encountered. On the morning of May 29, 2020, a terrible crop circle appeared unexpectedly. The site of the incident was located in the vast expanse of wheat fields in Wiltshire in southwest England, which has the title of “the Mecca of the crop circles”.

However, at that time, the United Kingdom was in a closed quarantine state (closed city) with the goal of preventing the spread of new coronavirus infection, and the blockade was not completely lifted. People were trying to avoid large-scale gatherings, so the specific location of the incident Still not clear.

But what is certain is that the newly emerging crop circles are shaped like the abominable new coronavirus. Unfortunately, due to strict control and non-essential and non-emergency situations, the investigators cannot enter the wheat field for detailed investigation and research. However, the researchers captured the details of the crop circles through drones, and conducted analysis and research based on the captured images.

The one-meter-high wheat fell neatly and beautifully from the root. The entire strange circle was about 40 meters deep and about 60 meters long. On a circular pattern with a diameter of about 20 meters, 9 synapses extended radially around. The top of the synapse is like a drop of water. In addition, there are 8 synapses that are shorter in length, and the remaining one is several times longer than the others, close to 18 meters in length, extending far away.

In fact, the only long and extended synapse seems to be deformed based on the shape of the new coronavirus, making this crop circle even more mysterious. Like other coronaviruses, the new coronavirus has a spherical shape, which wraps and protects the RNA containing the genetic information of the virus in a protein. The sphere is wrapped in a lipid mucosa, and many protein rod-like protrusions (nails) protrude from the surface. These protrusions look like a crown (corona in Greek), hence the name Coronavirus.

Once it enters the human body through the mouth, nose, and eyes, the new coronavirus will begin to look for cells with “receptors.” Then they will find suitable receptors from the human lungs and intestines, the synapses attach to the cells and invade into the cells, and then they begin to self-replicate (infection).

After we understand how the new coronavirus reproduces, let’s take a look at the new vicious circle. This long stretch of synapse seems to be tightly attached to human cells and is ready to invade human cells. There are also 8 dots arranged in the circle at the top of the synapse (the 8 dots in the wheat field are actually barley pillars, which look like dots from the air). These 8 points can’t help but think of a starting device that launches an invasion of cells.

Not only that, but the big circle in the middle of the strange circle also has 6 small circles, large and small, which is impressive. In addition, between the eight short synapses, there are three expansion points, which seem to be about to extend and become new protrusions. There is also a small dot in the middle of the three expansion points.

If this incredible crop circle really came from the hands of aliens, then this shape may convey some information about the new coronavirus.

The Denisova caves in the Altai region of Russia are considered to be the long-lived places of the mysterious ancient human Denisova. A 42mm-long cave lion statue made of mammoth tusks was found in this cave. Although no detailed dating work has been carried out yet, it is speculated that these unearthed statues should be products of the Paleolithic period around 40,000 to 45,000, and they are most likely the oldest animal statues in the world.

The head of the statue is mutilated, leaving only part of the torso and hind feet. There are 18 shallow grooves on the statue depicting the appearance of the body, and the whole body is ready to pounce on the prey. When it was first made, it should have been painted with red paint.

Bird statues dating back about 13,300 years were unearthed in Henan Province, China. The statues were made using extremely high technology. This small bird statue with a total length of about 19 millimeters should have been carved from burnt animal bone fragments by hunter-gatherers living in this area at that time.

However, if it is fired in an ordinary method, the bones are easily shattered and deformed. The ancient makers should have fully understood the proper firing method (temperature and time) required to make the statue.

In addition, the ancients also used rough whetstones to grind the fired bones, and used sharp stone tools to smooth the surface, and carved eye-like marks on the bird’s head. The purpose of making these statues is still unclear, but this reveals that the origin of human sculpting technology was earlier than expected.

A research team at the University of Vienna in Austria has developed an epoch-making new technology that enables the bodies of small animals to become transparent in less than a day.

Up to now, biological transparency technology has been discussed and developed. However, these techniques are only applicable to certain organisms with non-pigmented organs and less pigmentation.

However, the new clearing technology “DEEP CLEAR” released this time is complemented by different chemical treatment combinations, bringing synergistic effects, enabling rapid removal of pigments and tissue transparency. Biology contains various naturally occurring pigments such as carotenoids and melanin, and these pigments can be effectively eliminated by this new technology.

Not only that, due to the shortening of chemical treatment time, the integrity of tissues and organisms is preserved, so the possibility of ensuring that the target molecule and internal structure remain unchanged is also improved. In fact, researchers have made transparent samples on various animals, and it is said that specific cells can be colored and observed.

Imagine that some of the special abilities possessed by animals are applied to humans. By using the new research of DEEP CLEAR, we may be able to expect more benefits in the future.