150 Australian Santa surfers break world record

150 Australian Santa surfers break world record
According to foreign media reports, 150 Santa Clauses drove jet skis to surf the sea in Australia, setting a new Guinness World Record and raising approximately RMB 66,000 in donations for the children in the care center. The Santas drove the jet skis to surf under the Thunder Bridge, then bypassed the Chevrolet Island, and finally returned in the rapids. It is reported that the charity organized this event to break the Guinness World Record for 129 Santas driving a jet ski to raise money for the children in the care center.

Hundreds of women in India let priests step on their backs to pray for pregnancy
More than 200 women from 52 villages in Chhattisgarh, India gathered at a local goddess temple. They lay on the ground and offered sacrifices such as lemons and coconuts to the goddess. Then a dozen priests and witch doctors carried the banners from They stepped on their backs. The women believed that this would bless them to conceive a child, and thousands of tourists watched the ceremony. Kiran Mai Nayak, chairperson of the Chhattisgarh Women’s Committee, said she does not support such behavior. “It is very dangerous and will harm their vital organs.” She added: “I will visit this place with my team and launch a publicity campaign with the help of locals to stop this custom and let women Know the easiest way to conceive and the best way to seek the blessing of the goddess.”

Colombian thief stole the manhole cover in broad daylight and fell into the well
A thief in Medellin, Colombia, was photographed stealing a manhole cover on the road during the day. He lifted the heavy manhole cover above his head, and finally fell into the well. He could hear the cheers and applause of the witnesses, and finally the thief dropped the manhole cover and limped away. It is reported that stealing manhole covers is not uncommon in Colombia. In 2019, 3,500 manhole covers were stolen in the capital Bogotá. A report shows that these cement and iron manhole covers can be sold for about 9 to 90 yuan in the black market.

The old man completed a 10,000-foot skydiving to celebrate his 102nd birthday

In Maryland, United States, World War II veteran Millie Bailey jumped from a height of more than 3,000 meters to complete the last goal on her bucket list and celebrate her 102nd birthday in this way. Afterwards, Millie said in an interview: “It’s great, it’s really exciting!” Baltimore Skydiving Club president Lance Linton said in an interview with the media: “We are very happy to help her fulfill her wish. Hope this story can inspire more. People share the sky together.” Millie Bailey was born in 1918. As a female lieutenant during World War II, she was sent to serve in Fort Des Moines, Iowa.

A Kenyan man “resurrected” while embalming his corpse after his death

In Kericho County, Kenya, a 32-year-old man “resurrected” three hours after being declared dead. According to reports, 32-year-old Peter Kegan suffered from stomach problems. He fainted at home that day and was taken to the hospital by his family. The hospital subsequently declared Kegan’s rescue invalid and died. Three hours after being transferred to the morgue, the staff made an incision in his right leg and prepared to embalm his corpse. Kegan suddenly regained consciousness and cried in pain. Take it back to the emergency department of the hospital for first aid. In an interview in the ward, Kegan said he was happy to be alive. Kegan’s family accused the hospital of negligence and demanded justice. They said that the doctor declared Kegan dead after “random examination” on him. At present, the hospital and the local health department have not yet commented on the matter.

The night sky in a small town in Sweden is purple
According to foreign media reports, a tomato farm near the small town of Trelleborg in southern Sweden was installed with an LED tomato lighting system, causing the town’s night sky to appear purple, causing local residents to panic. It is reported that the newly introduced LED lighting system in the tomato farm near the small town emits purple light. In addition to energy saving, this kind of lamp can also extend the growth period of plants.

Canada’s 9-year-old brother uses football and baseball to pull teeth for his younger brother
In Ontario, Canada, 9-year-old Nolan used football and baseball to extract baby teeth for his 7-year-old brother Nick Glennier. Brother Nolan tied one end of the rope to the football and the other end to Nick’s teeth. “Prepare, attack, in place, kick-off!” My brother threw the football out and successfully pulled out Nick’s loose teeth. He shouted excitedly: “It’s successful!” The second video was shot by their mother. The brother tied Nick’s tooth and the baseball to a rope, and they were going to pull out another baby tooth like last time. “The second tooth extraction begins, this time it’s a baseball game!” My brother hit the baseball accurately. Nick jumped up happily, he yelled, “Unplug it”, and ran to the camera to show his bleeding mouth.

An adventurer in California, USA, parachuted from a hot air balloon swing
In Perris, Southern California, 21-year-old skydiver Josh Neumann parachuted from a swing at an altitude of 1,220 meters. It is reported that his friend Spencer Shipman captured the moment he was in free fall from a hot air balloon. The video showed that Neumann walked confidently to the outer platform of the hot air balloon and joked to the camera: “Goodbye!” Then he swung into the air, grabbing the swing with his bare hands and hanging his feet in the air. When the swing reached the farthest point, he let go of his hands and fell freely. The friend laughed nervously and shot him rushing to the ground from the hot air balloon. Although the video did not end, Shipman stated that Neumann had landed safely and was not injured.

A seagull in Australia has a wound on its neck and eats French fries and leaks out
According to foreign media reports, a group of high school students photographed a poor seagull on the beach in Hastings, Australia. It had a very obvious laceration on its neck, and the French fries that had been eaten leaked out of it. Come to other seagulls to grab food. In the end, a piece of fries was eaten twice before swallowing.

Florida man rescued pet dog from alligator
A man in Florida, USA rescued a pet dog from the mouth of an alligator. In the video, this brave man is standing in the pond, struggling to open the crocodile’s mouth, and the barking of the dog can be heard. After some fighting, the pet dog finally got rid of the danger and escaped from the crocodile’s mouth, seemingly unharmed. The man continued to fight with the crocodile in the water, and eventually subdued the crocodile and threw it over the fence.

Hundreds of men throwing cow dung at each other to celebrate a traditional festival in a village in India

Male villagers throw cow dung at each other to celebrate Diwali in the ancient Matapura village in southern India. Local residents started throwing cow dung on the third day after Diwali. This ceremony has a history of more than 300 years. The locals believe that gods were born in cow dung. Cow dung collected from the village and nearby areas was transported to the temple. The male villagers first held a puja in the temple, and then went to the place where the cow dung piled up to perform the ceremony. One hour later, the participants all went to the pool to bathe. And prayed in the temple, after which the event ended.

A monkey in Indonesia helps women wash clothes, scrub and wring out
When a woman in South Kalimantan Province, Indonesia was about to go outside to wash the soaked clothes, she found a wild long-tailed monkey helping her wash. I saw this monkey take the clothes from the soapy water to the concrete floor and scrub them, repeating it several times. The woman threw a piece of bread and a banana to the monkey before he left. It is reported that there are often wild monkeys in the area looking for food.

The man who suddenly dropped a meteorite in his home instantly became a millionaire
When Josua Hatagaron, a 33-year-old coffin maker, was working outside his house, suddenly a meteorite weighing 2.1 kilograms pierced the balcony on the edge of his living room and fell into the soil 15 cm away from the house. Hatagaron said that the sound of the meteorite falling was so loud that he felt that the whole house was shaking. He searched inside and outside the house and found that the roof was smashed. Part of the meteorite was broken when it was discovered. Experts estimate that this meteorite has a history of 4.5 billion years and is classified as a CM1/2 carbonaceous chondrite. This is an extremely rare meteorite that can be sold for about RMB 5,628 per gram, and the total price is about 12 million. Renminbi.

The traffic police ran for nearly 2 kilometers in the evening rush traffic to clear the way for the ambulance

A video of a traffic policeman in Hyderabad, India helping an ambulance clear the way in the evening rush traffic went viral on the Internet. The incident happened during the evening rush hour. At that time, the ambulance was moving hard in the traffic. The traffic police ran for nearly 2 kilometers in front of the car after seeing it, and begged the driver to give the ambulance a road. After the video was posted on the Internet, it attracted the attention of Indian netizens, who praised the traffic police for his kind deeds.

A 70-year-old man drove a vehicle and crashed 6 times in one minute

A blue car crashed six times in one minute at an intersection in Hansworth, Birmingham, England. The vehicle first hit a trash can, hit a wall, and then hit a black car on the way back, and the driver of the black car came down to check the situation. In the following time, the blue car crashed three more times. It is reported that the blue car was driving by an old man in his 70s, and he seemed unwell. The old man crashed four cars at the intersection and knocked down three walls. Then the ambulance arrived at the scene of the incident and took the old man to the hospital.

The pigeon and office workers commute by train to the station and get off by themselves
A netizen uploaded an interesting video of pigeons commuting on a Sydney train. In the video, two pigeons are standing in the train waiting for the train to arrive at the station. After the door is opened, they pace and pass people, and get off the train confidently, not even bother to flap their wings. The people around seemed to be accustomed to this scene.

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