When sitting for a long time, which sitting position hurts the least

  ”Sedentary” is something that almost every modern person cannot avoid. Sitting for 6 to 7 hours a day or even longer, bones, weight, metabolism, etc. may all be affected. At the same time, the double burden of “bad posture + sedentary” will exponentially accelerate the injury of the cervical and lumbar spine. So, how can the injury of sedentary be minimized?
  Relax your head, neck and shoulders, look forward with your eyes, and keep your eyes parallel to the top of the computer or the upper 1/3 of the display.
   When using a keyboard and mouse with your arms, your hands, wrists, and forearms should be in a straight line, with your elbows naturally bent and placed on your sides.
   The back is straight and the buttocks should be able to touch the back of the chair. A small pillow can be placed under the back to keep the lower back in a natural “C shape” state.
   The legs and the waist are at right angles. Shake your legs less. The body’s center of gravity is evenly placed on the sitting bones. The thighs are roughly parallel to the ground, and the knees can be slightly lower than the hips.
   Put your feet and feet flat on the ground. If your feet cannot reach the ground, you can put a shoe box or a few books under your feet so that the ankle joints are naturally at right angles.
   In addition to correct sitting posture, there is also a key point to prevent sedentary injuries. It is best to keep sitting for no more than 30 minutes, even if you stand up to get a glass of water or go to the toilet. If conditions do not permit, at least do not sit for more than 1 hour continuously.