Trump’s eldest son was thoroughly investigated by “microscope”

“Microscope” thorough investigation! Although the “second impeachment” incident of former U.S. President Trump has come to an end, the U.S. prosecutors have spared no effort to pursue the various problems involved in his company, especially his children, and the recent investigations have been so detailed. The “open room fee” is not let go. The media joked that this is putting Trump’s children under the “microscope.”

There is a problem with “Issuing House Invoice”, Donald Jr. accepted for questioning

According to a CNN report on the 25th, because Trump’s inauguration was suspected of “caring for” the family business and there was a major conflict of interest, Washington prosecutors began to attack the Trump Organization and Trump as early as last year. Pu International Hotel and Trump Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC) launched an investigation, and the recent investigation directly involved Donald Jr., Trump’s eldest son. According to Washington, DC Attorney General Karl Racine, the former president’s “eldest son” had been questioned on the 11th of this month and provided a corresponding statement to the prosecutor.

The US “Capitol Hill” stated that the prosecution’s recent investigation involved a sum of US$49,358.92 in a “room opening fee” paid to the Loews Madison Hotel in Washington. At that time, the hotel had a cooperative relationship with the Trump Organization, and the paying party was the PIC at that time. However, as to the specific purpose of this expenditure, the opinions of multiple respondents are not consistent. According to Gates, the vice chairman of PIC at the time, these rooms were opened by Donald Jr.’s close friend and assistant to the “funders”-these tenants contributed generously to the inauguration, and it was reasonable for PIC to solve the accommodation problem for them. Embarrassingly, on the 11th, Donald Jr. gave a completely different statement, saying that these rooms were prepared for “college classmates, business drivers, and family friends”, and the two confessions simply did not match. Court documents stated that Donald Jr.’s testimony “raised further questions.”

The US Consumer News and Business Channel stated that Washington prosecutors had previously accused PIC and the Trump family business of “blatantly and illegally using non-profit funds”, and this “opening fee” was only the tip of the iceberg of unreasonable expenses-Tron During General’s inauguration, the “illegal” accommodation expenses paid to Trump Hotel alone could exceed $1 million. The prosecutors also accused the recent investigation of the Trump family of “many obstacles” and that the respondent had provided “misleading testimony”.

Trump’s children exposed “under the microscope”

In addition to Washington prosecutors’ accountability for PIC, prosecutors in the New York area, the “base camp” of the Trump Organization, are also constantly digging into the financial and operating problems of Trump’s companies. As the actual controllers of these companies, Trump’s adult children inevitably become the focus of the case. According to an insider, the posture presented by the district attorney is clearly to deal with everything that Donald Jr., Eric, Ivanka, and Wesselberg (Chief Financial Officer of the Trump Group) have done. Get to the bottom.

CNN said that the New York prosecutors focused their investigations on Trump’s children differently. For example, Donald Jr. controls many Manhattan assets, including Trump Tower 40 on Wall Street. He is suspected of exaggerating the value of assets and misleading lenders; the “Seven Springs Manor” held by Trump’s second son Eric Suspected of tax fraud, he had been questioned by the prosecutor as early as last fall. In addition, the prosecutors also tried to verify whether the Trump Organization paid Ivanka’s “consultation fees” for tax evasion.

After instigating the “Capitol Riot” incident, the Trump family business has not only encountered industry boycotts and cutoffs, but the relationship with the municipal government seems to have become increasingly tense recently. According to CBS, the two Trump Organization-operated ice rinks in Central Park in New York were almost directly closed by the New York City Department this winter. The New York Mayor’s Office stated in a statement that the municipal department allowed the skating rink to continue to operate “for the sake of the children in New York City,” and it also emphasized that “we will not cooperate with the Trump Organization in the future” because of “incitement”. Riots are unforgivable”. Eric also tried to “closely” with Mayor Bai Sihao before, and wanted to express his gratitude in person, but the latter directly refused.

The eldest daughter “leaves” and the daughter-in-law “takes the stage”?

Although Trump does not rule out the possibility of future elections, there are various signs that the Trump family does not seem to be prepared to follow the “dynastic model” of the well-known American political families. Recently, none of his eldest sons and eldest daughters have shown participation in politics. interest of.

After Trump resigned, his eldest daughter, Ivanka, moved to Florida with her family. At that time, many American media speculated that she was planning to use Florida’s huge camp of Republican supporters to compete for the seat of senator and even governor and extend the family’s political life. Unexpectedly, Ivanka made it clear last week that he was not prepared to challenge Florida Senator Rubio in the 2022 midterm elections. According to the US AXIOS News Network, Rubio’s support rate in 2020 has fallen below 50%. Some analysts believe that if Ivanka runs for the election, Rubio “will definitely die.” At the same time, according to Bloomberg, Donald Jr. currently has no intention of running for office in the next election season.

While their children are avoiding political careers, Eric’s wife, Lara, has recently received media attention and has even been regarded as the “biggest winner” within the Trump family. It turned out that in the process of Trump’s re-election, the second daughter-in-law demonstrated outstanding activity. Even Trump’s former campaign manager Conway praised her for being good at raising funds, gaining attention and delivering information. What’s more rare is that she is also better at “going among the masses” and making good bonds among the grassroots.

Especially by coincidence, Senator Richard Burr of Lara’s hometown of North Carolina is about to retire. Senior senator Graham of the Republican Party believes that as long as Lara runs for the election, he is basically “stable in being nominated.” However, some opponents of Trump believe that Lara’s qualifications are very lacking, and some people ridiculed her that the greatest achievement in her life was “marrying Trump’s most ineffective son.” Democratic campaign expert Ansaloni said that even if Lara replaces his family, it will be difficult to get the same treatment as Trump, because “the cult cultists really strongly support only the leader of the cult.”