Top 10 business technology trends that receive the most attention in 2021

  The technological development in 2021 will be a continuation of 2020 to some extent, and many of our new behaviors will become part of the new normal in 2021. The following are the top ten business technology trends in 2021 released by Inc. Magazine.
  1. Advanced testing methods, revolutionary vaccine development speed/The new crown epidemic has caused a major reorganization of the pharmaceutical industry, making it faster and easier to try drugs. Remote clinical trials may permanently change drug development technology.
  2. Remote work and video conferencing will continue. During the epidemic, the telecommuting industry will develop rapidly and may continue to grow by 2021. Zoom has become a household name, and many platforms that provide remote office services have emerged.
  3. Non-contact delivery and transportation are the new normal / distribution, express delivery, takeaway and other businesses start to use autonomous vehicles. The priority of non-contact operations in the United States has increased by 20%, and China’s food delivery and express delivery systems have realized the field application of this technology earlier.
  4. Telemedicine is booming/Compared with before the pandemic, the number of telemedicine visits has surged by 50%. Medical services such as doctors’ video consultations, AI technology diagnosis, and non-contact delivery of drugs have begun to be widely used.
  5. Online education and online learning become part of the education system/The epidemic has promoted the rapid development of online learning and online education industry. Even after everything is back to normal, it has become a trend to complete some courses online.
  The development of 6.5G infrastructure, new applications and public utilities is increasing. Currently, more than 35 countries and regions have launched commercial 5G services. The development of 5G and 6G technologies will promote the development of global smart cities and autonomous driving.
  7. The rapid growth of AI, robotics, Internet of Things and industrial automation / In 2021, as the manufacturing industry and supply chain fully resume operation, manpower shortage will become a serious problem, and AI and industrial automation technology will become key alternative solutions.
  8. The usage rate of VR and AR technology is rising/Immersive technology has a significant growth in the usage rate in 2020, from entertainment to business, it has now become a part of daily life. In 2021, AR indoor navigation and the integration of AI with AR and VR, which will be applied to virtual sports events and facial expression recognition will become the main trends.
  9. The “micro-travel” market continues to grow / the use of electric bicycles, electric scooters, shared bicycles and other tools soars. Compared to before the new crown epidemic, the private micro-travel tool market is expected to grow by 9% and the shared travel market by 12%.
  10. Autonomous driving innovation/Honda recently announced that it will mass produce autonomous vehicles. Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, Ford and other auto companies are also advancing in this field. We will see major advances in autonomous driving technology in 2021.