Tianya’s eyes

  A loving couple invited a friend to go camping and hunting in the mountains. Along the way, the husband hummed a tune and drove the car while the wife and friend sat in the back seat. But suddenly, the tune in the husband’s mouth stopped abruptly, because he caught a glimpse of his wife’s hand and his friend’s hand in the rearview mirror quietly holding each other.
  The husband was angry and inconvenient, and the car was erratic. He couldn’t wait for the death of three people in a car accident. After finally getting to the camping site, the husband rode a horse without saying a word and went hunting alone. He galloped like crazy, full of hatred for his wife and friends. He found a deer and felt that it was his disloyal wife, so he clenched the reins and chased it fiercely, repeatedly aiming the gun. Of course the deer ran desperately.
  I don’t know how far I chased, how long I ran, I only know that the wind is blowing in my ears, and the mountains are retreating until the dusk is dark. Suddenly the deer stopped and stood in one place and turned back to him. This is the end of the mountain, with an unfathomable cliff ahead. The deer’s eyes are clear and beautiful, but helpless and desolate.
  He put down the shotgun stupidly and turned his head slumped, but he couldn’t recognize the way back, so he could only let the horse carry himself back step by step. I don’t know how long I walked, I suddenly heard a woman calling her name in the distance. Stepping forward, under the hazy moonlight, his wife’s face was pale, her eyes were clear and beautiful, helpless and desolate.
  I roughly remember that the most striking thing about the writing of this foreign novel is the beautiful fusion of the characters’ psychological activities and the dynamics of people and deer Benz, but to me, what lingers is that the deer suddenly looks back when facing desperation. Eyes.
  China also has a similar folk tale.
  The story takes place in Hainan Island. A young hunter is also chasing a deer. The deer keeps running south, and finally stops suddenly on the edge of the cliff. The sea in front of it is endless. It turned back to face the hunter with eyes. Shine out the brilliance of longing for life.
  The hunter was restrained by this brilliance, and the two communicated instantly. In the end, the deer became a young girl and married him.
  This ending, of course, falls into the routine of a Chinese story, but the look before it falls into the cliché is still very moving.
  There is a fundamental premise for the establishment of the two stories, that is, it must happen in a place where there is no way to go before. Only in the end of the world, in the valley of death, life is forced to the final stage, everything will become profound.