Three keys to heal yourself: self-knowledge, self-consistent, and self-discipline

  Self-knowledge The so-called self-knowledge is the ability to understand oneself and know oneself. It’s important for people to know themselves. With this self-knowledge, you will not want to overestimate yourself, nor will you easily demean yourself. You know what your strengths are and what your weaknesses are. You have the courage to pursue goals and the courage to bear the consequences. This is not only an adult’s responsibility to oneself, but also a prerequisite for reconciliation with oneself.
   To be “self-knowledge”, to be more specific, is to understand that everything has cause and effect. Your life is tailored to you, and everything you encounter comes from you. If you understand this, you can naturally be relieved of many things.
   There is a concept in self-consistent psychology called “reconstructed cognition”, that is, on the basis of inherent cognition, learn to open a new perspective of looking at problems and a new mode of interpreting the world. If we understand that there is another interpretation framework beyond the current cognitive model, we will not fall into a certain obsession, but can reconstruct different views on the same thing, break the obsession, and find a new solution The method of the problem.
   The above-mentioned process is self-consistent. I give myself confidence and ways to help myself open up a path of self-acceptance in the contradiction between ideal and reality.
   There is a saying that goes well: life is to persuade yourself, and accompany yourself well. No matter what pain you have experienced, if you want it to become the past, you have to accept it from the bottom of your heart, and then tell yourself to face it bravely. If you make sense of yourself, there will not be so much entanglement and pain.
   Self-discipline must heal the pain, which means that while accepting and reflecting on the problem, we must also know how to change. And all changes must be implemented in specific actions, and self-discipline is the only way out to achieve changes. Self-discipline is essentially self-regulation and control. With this kind of self-saving power, it can drag you forward, stay away from negative energy, and use actions to relieve pain.
   For example, insist on reading for an hour before going to bed every night, insist on exercising every day, or insist on making a good meal for yourself. Don’t underestimate these small changes. Once the action starts, you will start a new lifestyle. Persevere for a period of time, the accumulation brought by self-discipline will eventually make you usher in a gorgeous transformation.
   I hope you always keep these three keys in mind: first know yourself, then self-consistent, and then self-discipline. Only in this way can we live bravery and firmness, truthfulness and fearlessness in a life of wind and rain.