The joys and sorrows of human beings

  I have seen such a story in a certain book. At the foot of a certain mountain, there are two grandparents raising small turtle doves, and on the other side of that mountain, there is another pair of grandparents raising young eagles. Later the little turtle dove and the young eagle both grew up and both learned to fly. One day, they were all released into the air. After that, the eagle ate the turtledove. On this side of the mountain, the grandparents and grandsons cried bitterly because the turtledoves they had worked so hard to raise were eaten; while on the other side of the mountain, the grandparents and grandsons were happy because the eagle learned to hunt for the first time.
  It’s unbelievable, but this is how life’s joys and sorrows are.
  Adding colors of joy or sorrow is just human behavior.
Private exercise

  There is a sumo wrestler whose surname is Wajima. He is very strong but has a bad relationship with the media. The media said he was not serious and hated to practice. When I went to see him in the sumo room, he was usually playing.
  ”Wajima brother, you do not practice it?” Listen to me say, Wajima laughed and said: “.. Caused so much reporters, practice in front of them feel stupid ah I hate this kind of public relations of the”
  look He doesn’t practice very often, he is just idle, but he is terribly strong when he plays. This is the style of Wajima. In fact, he works hard in private, so he can maintain this style. I secretly asked him if it was true or not, and he told me not to tell outsiders.
  ”Practicing sumo skills is not enough. You can only win by running and exercising. It’s just that I don’t want to let people know that I’m running. It’s too embarrassing.”

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