Spring water and elephants at midnight

  foreigners, especially through after China became annoying, because they not only can see one of the doorways children, and Intuit straightforward, spade, let’s face does not look good.
  This time Wan Tong accompanied MacDonald from the “Ma’s Blow Belly”, MacDonald said with a disappointed expression, just so so, the belly meat served on a plate imitating Yongzheng pea yellow is not as good as a decade ago The bowl I ate at the street stall in Dongdan Night Market was crispy. Wan Zhiyi also felt “ashamed to be shameful”, but as a Beijinger, he must not lose his face and hold on his lips, so he said that the store has existed since the Daoguang period, but it was changed after the public-private partnership in 1952. Now the one in charge hasn’t got the true story of the old horse bursting belly.
  MacDonald was reluctant, “What is it called a non-inherited inheritor? Only a few decades of history, dare to claim to be an’old brand’?”
  Wandu was anxious, “What happened for decades, it is already your United States? One-sixth of the entire history.”
  MacDonald smiled, old classmate, I’m just talking about things. I am in Japan. Those shops that are less than two hundred years old are embarrassed to say that they are time-honored, and there are many shops more than 500 years old. I even found a hot spring bath that has been open for a thousand years. These stores are operated continuously by a family without interruption. By the way, doesn’t your house also have a bathroom, and it existed before the Revolution of 1911. When a public-private partnership was established, it was your house to manage it. It is even more worthy of the name of a time-honored brand.
  Wantong smiled bitterly and said that in Japan it is called “Yuya”, we call it a bathhouse here; people are soaking in hot springs and watching the spring flowers and autumn moons, we can only see the buttocks in the mist; people eat kaiseki cuisine, listen Waka haiku, our bean juice is stinky fermented bean curd, and what we listen to is the gossip of Zhongnanhai and the United Nations. To say that the age is not short, but I have not seen any technical content, nor have I seen any services that others do not have. If this is a time-honored brand, I really don’t know what to be proud of.
  It seems that you don’t have a good impression of your family’s business, but in my opinion, you can survive in the most chaotic China for more than a hundred years. This store must have some unusual secrets. You are just the authorities. Here, I will definitely visit your Wanquan Hall next day.
  What kind of family is not a family, even if the surname is Aixinjueluo, some people give the yellow pants to the pawnshop in the end, not to mention the nest of ant people in our family who have never sealed Houbai before, that is, father has children and children. , A continuation driven by biological instinct. But I, just like my name, I am the only one. I can’t rely on any family or family, and I don’t want to rely on it. I just need to live like myself. When you talk about Japan, I really don’t think they have anything to admire. Just say Jiro Ono, who has made sushi for more than 70 years, and cooked rice for more than 50 years, and what you said is that the family has fried tempura for hundreds of years. Why, you admire this I think the craftsmanship is self-lost. The traditional Japanese are the most lost. Lost in Tokyo is too subtle. It should be said that Lost in Japan. A person cannot be defined by a piece of tuna sushi, a bowl of rice, or a piece of tempura, as Confucius said long ago, a gentleman is not a tool. There are more than 10,000 characters in “The Analects of Confucius”, and these are correct, and not only are they correct more than two thousand years ago, they are even more correct for postmodern people.
  McDonald applauded this sudden great truth. I haven’t seen you talk like this for many years after graduation, but you have come across my strengths. You don’t know what I read with An Lezhe. Doctor? Speaking of Confucian philosophy, I am not afraid of you. The kind of self you said that the postmodern people pursue is two different things. According to Confucius, if a person does not strengthen his connection with the family, and does not inherit and carry forward the family tradition, he cannot become a true gentleman.
  Okay, I will convince you. I can’t talk about philosophy. I can’t break you. But in any case, it is impossible for me to walk around the bathhouse like my grandfather and my dad. I am willing to be an individual in the postmodern sense. Meaning is created by oneself, not inherited, not inherited.
  That’s because you think the bathhouse is not dicent enough. If your father is an Aston Martin, you may not want to be a lonely atom in the post-modern society. You will be like the British royal family every day to talk about your family’s traditions. Side, because that’s a long face, isn’t it?
  After all, MacDonald’s knife hit the point again, making Gu left and right, he, the one who fell in love, was too painful to fight back.
  Wan Dai had indeed asked himself many times in his mind. The reason why he deliberately kept his distance from Wanquantang was whether he was independent or trying to escape, and whether he should have enough respect for his family’s efforts for more than 100 years.
  1. Hok Tong of stab wounds drug
  Nancheng old bulbs have to pay attention to the water head.
  The Chinese pay attention to everything, like the first stick of incense from the Lama Temple, the first bud of tea from Longjing, the first toon, the first stubble of leeks, the first new iPhone…
  As usual, Wanquantang opens at 8:01. , Lao Wang came with sleepy eyes. The owner Wan Fuze put a few lotus leaves from Taoranting’s morning market in the big pond. He knew that Lao Wang was good at this tune. As a retired official of the Writers Association, Lao Wang usually likes to chant the wind and make the moon. Seeing the lotus leaf, Lao Wang closed his eyes and said intoxicated, “Bow your head and make lotus seeds, the lotus seeds are as clear as water. Hey, I should have been born in Jiangnan.” Lao Wang said with a plum-style rhyme.
  Next to Lao Wang, Da Shu, who was in the pool, sat opposite Lao Wang. You were still making lotus seeds. Below you are two water chestnuts.
  Down-flow. Lao Wang didn’t open his eyes.
  Do you know, Lao Wang, someone from Heniantang came to buy medicine for the knife wound in the middle of the night.
  Lao Wang’s slender pair of phoenix eyes opened, and the meaning in his eyes was very obvious.
  Don’t believe me, I—my Xiaoxiao saw it with my own eyes.
  ”You go to Heniantang to buy medicine for knife wounds”, this was a curse from old Beijing. Because the Heniantang pharmacy once opened to the west of Caishikou, when executed in the late Qing Dynasty, officials of the Ministry of Criminal Justice often put a shed in front of the door of Heniantang. It is said that in the evening, someone will knock on the door of the Crane Year Hall and ask what is going on inside, while someone outside says to buy medicine for knife wounds. Asked again, where was the injury, whether it was serious, the outsider replied, there was a big scar on the neck. Immediately, the person at night fainted.
  Lao Wang’s raised eyebrows still didn’t come down, meaning that your son is the kind of kid who uses false voices to fart, who believes it.
  Da She said vowedly that it was true. There is also an extra plot. It is said that Xiao Sha was so scared that he ran upstairs and called the police, saying that someone at the door was holding his head to buy medicine for the knife and wound. The police said that you let him go back and place an order on Dingdang Kuaiyao. , Then hung up the phone. That night it was Xiao Shao. If you don’t believe me, ask him if my son has called the police.
  Then? Lao Wang heard Xing’s head.
  After that, I passed by, took my son home by bike, gave him ginger soup, and his mother went to find a Tan Xian. Over the past few days, he has been shutting himself up and playing games.
  Everyone smiled after hearing this. Lao Mu couldn’t help it anymore and asked me to say, “Search Xiaozhan’s room carefully to see if there is any ecstasy. Listening to these words, I think it is a hallucination of a fan. Of course, Da She knew that his son had been exposed to drugs, and could not deny this possibility categorically. He leaned in frustration on the edge of the pool and said, Lao Wan, have you caught the line of the old Bi family? Can you borrow the knife?

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