Solve your meal choice dilemma

“What to eat at noon every day” has been a century-old problem, and recently this problem has been solved. and the Hanyi font library to create the “2021 calendar set for lunch today” to save people who don’t know what to eat every day.

The outer packaging of the calendar set continues the classic blue-and-white takeaway packaging style. The bag is solemnly attached to the order, like a takeaway. The important protagonist of the calendar set is “What kind of calendar do you eat today”. The calendar adopts a unique folding and turning page design. When you are faced with a difficult meal choice, you only need to open the date of the day and you can see the food presented in the fonts of the Hanyi font library. Suggestions, such as yellow braised chicken rice, shredded pork with Beijing sauce, etc. The unique style design allows users to experience a different kind of “blind box extraction” fun, and every meal becomes a surprise meal. In addition to the calendar, the calendar set also contains object brooches, hair blessing stickers, fish-catching warm water bags, and corduroy red envelopes. These surroundings are fused with text stalks. For example, the target brooch is “a pair of elephant-shaped brooches”, and the fish-catching warm water bag is “feeling the fish-shaped warm water bag”. This product not only solves the user’s difficulty in eating choices, but also shows the brand’s temperature. At the same time, it will focus on the pain points of young people, such as “finding objects”, “favoring”, and “red envelopes”, which arouses users’ resonance and narrows the distance with users.’s crossover is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Salamanca , the most noble city, and the most beautiful and enjoyable one known in Castile, where the nobility competes with beauty, letters with weapons, and each one in itself thinks to gain the upper hand and leave behind all those in Spain, was mother and progenitor of Don Rodrigo and Doña Leonor, both rich and noble.

Don Rodrigo was second in his house, the fault of the misfortune that on this side wanted to take away the merits that he deserved due to his gallantry and discretion, and that at least it was a defect that he stopped undertaking famous companies, since it was for him Doña Leonor , unique and alone in her parents’ house, and heir to a very rich estate.

They lived side by side with each other, and so friendly with each other that friendship was almost made by blood, the parents’ being the cause of the children from their most tender years loving each other, until reaching those of discretion, tired love of the mockery, he requested to take a real square (and found in this favor of his palate, as much as he wanted and could wish) because the two lovers had been born in the star of Pyramus and Thisbe, for whose example, put in the eyes of the parents of Dona Leonor, they began to fear, not the end, but the beginning; and because it seemed to them that if this one was cut off, the other would not take place, they tried to interfere as soon as they were able to communicate with Dona Leonor and Don Rodrigo, since at least they kept it from being as simple as in childhood.

And as love, when it deals with weighty things, it is modest and suspicious of itself, these two lovers began to be suspicious even of their own thoughts, seeking to talk to each other the most hidden places, taking love from childishness, entire possession of souls , and even more seeing the hindrance that their parents made them, increasing their will in such a way that they no longer dealt with but the effect of their love and fulfillment of their desires, determining the two together and each one of themselves to die first than to give way back at your will.

The gifts facilitated the fidelity of the servants, and love the way of seeing each other, perhaps the loving roles supplying the opportunities to talk, expressing themselves in them with such simplicity that, without modesty, but with shame, which always spoils many desires, they declared their most intimate thoughts.

For as the beauty of Dona Leonor grew more and more every day, at every step, Don Rodrigo was offered a thousand competitors who, eager to get married, declared themselvesp. 142They loved their suitors.

Fearful that some time the garment he most esteemed would not be taken from him by virtue of merit, he determined to trust his family, who although less at home, were many, if he asked his parents for it, putting his own as solicitous third parties. , who satisfied with their nobility and wealth, with which in addition to the mayorazgo they could give some to their son, they promised themselves good success; But this confidence turned so upside down that, reaching the end of the business, they were completely disappointed in it; because those of Doña Leonor replied that their daughter was the only heir to their house, and that although Don Rodrigo deserved much, it was not a pledge for a minor, and that this only hindered their wishes, which, if the eldest were not married , they will be achieved with great pleasure from all;

Don Rodrigo’s parents felt this, and it seemed an offense to prefer no one more than their son: and from this a great enmity arose between the relatives on both sides, so much so that they did not treat each other as first.

The one who felt it the most was Don Rodrigo, so much so that he lost his mind, doing as many extremes as those of his love forced him, and more when he knew that to finish this business at all, and that love died due to absence, they tried his parents to send him to Flanders, making him exchange the habits of a student for the finery of a soldier.

Doña Leonor was innocent and careless about this event, because Don Rodrigo had not wanted to give her part of his determination because it did not hinder her, fearing the same thing that her father would have to answer, for having his sights more on the farm than on his taste Until the same day that Don Rodrigo had the unfortunate answer to his unhappy claim and his departure was determined, he wrote to Dona Leonor a paper in which he gave an account of the resolution of his parents and the brevity of his trip.

Dona Leonor’s sentiment with these news is left to the consideration of those who know what a shame it is to divide those who love each other well, and she showed it for a long time by falling into bed with a sudden illness that put everyone in care; but cheering up one morning that his mother gave him (having gone out) a place to write, he responded to his lover in this way:

«The pain of this event will tell you my illness; I cannot find the remedy: because apart from not being in my daring to give my father this displeasure, the brevity of your departure does not give rise to anything. Do not lose heart, because I do not lose him. Please your parents, that I promise you not to marry in three years, even if life ventures into it: this I determine, so that you achieve with your courageous deeds, not the merits to deserve me, that of those I am paid and happy, yes the goods of fortune, which is only what my father’s greed repairs. Heaven give you life so that I can see you again as firm and loyal as ever. ”

p. 143Don Rodrigo read this paper with so many sighs and tears as Dona Leonor said goodbye when writing to him, that they were fed up, that crying men when ills have no remedy is not weakness but courage; And so he begged her again in response that, relieving himself somewhat, he would order him to see her, so that at least he would not bear this pain in such a long exile.

Doña Leonor tried to please her lover, and thus deceiving evil, or that it was love who did this miracle, despite the doctors and her parents she got up the same day that Don Rodrigo had to leave, and for more could enjoy him, he asked his mother to go to hear mass at an image that on this occasion was marked in Salamanca with many miracles. This wish is fulfilled by unhappiness, which perhaps lets some good things happen, so that later the evils and sorrows that continually come after the joys will be felt more.

Don Rodrigo was waiting for the car in which his lady and his mother were near the church, as handsome as he was sad, and as graceful as he was unhappy. The car arrived at the place of death (how can this be called), since it had to be the one where the souls had to be separated from the bodies, the farewell being only a sight; And as Dona Leonor was taking care that is to be believed, then love directed hers to where its owner was, cooked (as they say) to leave with boots and spurs, that it received so much alteration, considering that at the same moment that it She saw she had to lose him, that in response to the courtesy that Don Rodrigo made her with an attentive and loving reverence, he gave her a very great regret, because the lover received her, seeing her fall into the arms of her mother without any meaning.

The noble lady, innocent of these events, because her husband had not given her part of Don Rodrigo’s claims, blaming himself for getting up, made him turn the car around to go home; so that when Dona Leonor returned from her fainting spell, she was already in bed, surrounded by doctors and maids, who with remedies tried to give her the life they thought they had lost.

Although Don Rodrigo had prevented his departure, he did not allow love to do so, leaving his sun eclipsed, and thus he suspended it until through the slave, third of his love, he learned how doña Leonor, more relieved of his illness, although not of his grief, he was resting.

With whose news she left the same day, leaving the lady to combat the persecutions of her father, who as a discreet was not unaware of what evil could proceed and disgust with which he always saw her, having the absence of Don Rodrigo by the author of Everything, but not for that reason did he stop preventing what was necessary so that when Don Alonso came he would not find any difficulty in his marriage.

Don Rodrigo arrived in Flanders and was received by the Duke of Alba, who at that time ruled those states, with the pleasure that a nobleman such as Don Rodrigo could have, whom he of course began to occupy in positions and offices suitable to his person. and quality, happening at every step times in which Don Rodrigo showed his courage and feats, of which the duke satisfied and happy, every day he did a thousand honors and favors, being his gala and person, discretion and nobility, the eyes of the city.

It happened at this time that I was one day with the Duke ofp. 144Alba not only Don Rodrigo, but all the noblest and leading knights and brave soldiers of the army, a leading Flemish lady entered, and kneeling at the duke’s feet asked him to hear a portentous and remarkable case that she had come to tell her. The duke, who knew the nobility and quality of Dona Blanca, got up and received her with that customary courtesy with which he was so precious and gifted; and making her sit down, he told her to manifest the event that was so dear to her.

Then, in the presence of those bystanders, Dona Blanca told how her husband had died a year ago, and since then a great noise had been heard in her house, but that for four months a ghost had been seen in her, so tall and fearful that no She and her servants had no other remedy than, at eleven o’clock at night (which is the time when she allowed herself to be seen), to lock herself in a toilet and wait there until after twelve she disappeared, because she never ever entered that room. part where they retired. He ended his talk by asking him to have some diligence done in this case.

The Duke who, as a wise man, considered that if he were a ghost, as Dona Blanca said, he would not have a separate place, nor keys or locks that would prevent him from entering where Dona Blanca was collected, thinking about these imaginations a little, sent all those who they were there to keep in that case secret; and as she had experienced Don Rodrigo’s courage, courage, and prudence on several occasions, she ordered him to attend Dona Blanca’s house and see what ghost it was that disturbed her.

Don Rodrigo kissed the duke’s hand for the mercy he did him in choosing him for that case, having in the room people more worthy and of more value than him, humility that more made his courageous condition shine.

Dona Blanca returned to her house, with the order not to say in her that Don Rodrigo was going to see that hideous figure that could be seen in her, because in this it seemed to the Duke that it consisted of knowing what it was.

Night came, and with more space than the spirited Don Rodrigo wanted, such was the desire with which he was to see the end of this business; who went to doña Blanca’s house well armed and forewarned, and after having been in conversation until ten o’clock, without at this time having discussed the cause to which he was going, as he saw that it could already be prevented, he spoke to her separately, learning the way that the ghost was coming, and then he ordered her to call a servant of those who served her to accompany him, without his understanding what he was called for.

Dona Blanca condescended in everything, so fond of Don Rodrigo’s gallantry that he made him master of himself and of everything he owned very well, telling him such reasons that he almost gave him to understand.

When the servant came, ignorant of everything, Dona Blanca ordered him to prevent an ax, and believing that it was to illuminate that gentleman, he did so, and as it was lit, Don Rodrigo came down with him and closed the door to the street, keeping him same keys. Returning upstairs, without leaving a point for the servant or allowing him to leave him, he told dona Blanca to go and collect himself with his women; which, obeying, shut herself up with them in the customary toilet that was next to the room where Don Rop. 145Drigo, with his company, wanted to await the ghost.

All these things had admired Dona Blanca’s servant; and he was even more amazed when Don Rodrigo, pulling the door of the room together, ordered him to sit down because he had to keep him company, that he wanted to excuse himself, but he had no remedy, before with this he further confirmed Don Rodrigo’s suspicion, although the waiter excused his embarrassment with his fear; but already determined in what he had to do, he awaited his good or bad luck.

By order of Don Rodrigo, he had the lighted ax in his hand, and as it struck eleven o’clock they began to hear great and frightening blows, and to give some fearful groans, which were heading where they were, from whose fear the waiter began to tremble . Don Rodrigo, who was not a fool, with more certain suspicions than ever, said, grasping a buckler, and drawing his sword:

“Gentleman, count on the light, that the ghost with me will see it.”

At this time, seeing that figure enter, the waiter, feigning a faint, dropped to the ground with the intention of killing the light in this way, as later became known; but it did not happen so well, because although the ax fell on the ground, it did not kill itself; which, seen by Don Rodrigo, came to her with great alacrity, and taking it in the hand in which he had the buckler, charged with the ghost, who was already in the middle of the room at this time: and of the stature of a man He entered through the door, he had become so tall and distorted that he reached the ceiling, and with a cane that he carried in his hands, from which many chains hung, he gave blows with which he intimidated the innocent and skinny women.

Don Rodrigo, who with the light and his sword had come close and could see that his hands were wearing gloves, struck his legs, which was no longer necessary to pay him, because as he was founded on some very high sticks and This foundation was false, the building gave a terrible fall on the ground, at the blow of which Dona Blanca and her women, who had already come to the door because of the noise, came out with a lit candle, because the ax that Don Rodrigo had had he had died with the air of the blow; Who, going to the fallen one, found him so stunned and fainted that it led to the discovery of who he was, because, by removing some of the canvases in which he was wrapped, he became known to Don Rodrigo; because her neighbor was a Flemish gentleman, who, in love with her since her husband died, requested and persecuted her,

They came with water, applying it to his face so that he would come back from fainting: and coming back from him, very ashamed of the event, seeing his malice discovered, Don Rodrigo told him:

“What disguise is that, Mr. Arnesto, so alien to your opinion and treatment?”

“Oh, Mr. Don Rodrigo!” Replied Arnesto, “if you know what love is, marvel not at what I do but at what I fail to do; and then it is force that you know, of this charm and disguise, as you have called it, is the cause my lady doña Blanca, to which I inclined to love my misfortune; And since being married and being she who is hinders and stops my luck, tired of requesting it and pretending it, and hearing harsh words from her mouth, I advised myself with this servant who is lying on the ground, and between the two of us we gave this trace, taking me into his room fromp. 146 first night so that with the fear of my howls and blows these maids would hide, and I could have at my will to the cause of my follies; And although I have been making this fruitless invention for many days, I still persevered in it to see if fortune ever gave me more room than I have hitherto had.

Tonight I came like the others, careless to find whoever discovered me, that although this waiter told me about everything, and he did that you were here when the ax warned, as I saw everything in silence, I thought you had left and that everything I was sure, because although he did not return to the room, I thought that he was going to his occupations, as he has done other times, and thus I dared to lose myself as I have done, since discovering this entanglement is a force that I do not have a good success.

More pious than admired, Don Rodrigo listened to the passionate flamenco, excusing his mistake with his love, and to both the beauty of Dona Blanca; The lover no longer being married, did everything he could to conform his wills and achieve his love.

But this, and the crime being so serious, because the owner was so noble, he stopped all his designs, and so he told him that he felt very sorry for suffering without remedy, as being who that lady was said: more than no longer it was time for these considerations but rather to go before the duke to give him an account of the case, since he had come to discover him on his errand.

This felt more Arnesto than death itself, and thus with good words he warned Don Rodrigo of his danger, but he excused himself by saying that he could do no less, but gave him his word to do everything he could to free him.

With this, Don Rodrigo opening a window and taking out a lit ax through it, he signaled to four friends he had forewarned, men of courage and courage, that after seeing the sign they all went to the door, which was opened by Don Rodrigo, taking in half to Arnesto and taking hold of Dona Blanca’s servant, they went to the palace of the duke who was not yet in bed; who, knowing the arrival of Don Rodrigo, went out to receive him, and as he saw him so accompanied at once, he knew the cause, and more so by seeing flamenco, whom he knew and knew was a neighbor of Doña Blanca, and as he knew completely the case, Don Rodrigo telling him how it had happened, assuming that the crime was not deserving of forgiveness, for wanting a married man with such an invention to force a lady as noble and noble as Doña Blanca, without admitting the requests of Don Rodrigo and his friends, He ordered Arnesto to be put in a tower and his partner in public jail, where they were until, after the process was substantiated and the crime verified with his confession and statement from Dona Blanca’s maids, and she was firm in asking for justice, before For eight days they did both, slaughtering one and hanging the other: a just reward for those who dare to dishonor women of such value and name as the beautiful Dona Blanca; She was so in love with Don Rodrigo that, due to the precautions she made to remove him from her memory, it was impossible, finding herself more in love every day. within eight days they did it by both of them, cutting the throat of one and hanging the other: a just reward for those who dare to dishonor women of such value and name as the beautiful Dona Blanca; She was so in love with Don Rodrigo that, due to the precautions she made to remove him from her memory, it was impossible, finding herself more in love every day. within eight days they did it by both of them, cutting the throat of one and hanging the other: a just reward for those who dare to dishonor women of such value and name as the beautiful Dona Blanca; She was so in love with Don Rodrigo that, due to the precautions she made to remove him from her memory, it was impossible, finding herself more in love every day.

She was Dona Blanca, besides being so beautiful, very young, very important and with such rich clothes that, unless Rodrigo was so committed to Salamanca, she couldp. 147 very well estimate her to marry; But the memories of Dona Leonor had him so out of his mind that, instead of living in her absence, it was still a miracle to have him, although because he did not seem impolite or so little that he was shy, tepid, and disdainful, seeing himself wanting, will of Dona Blanca grateful more than lover; with which the beautiful lady, sometimes favored and sometimes despised, lived a sad and already happy life, because the finesse of a man more courteous than a lover are pains of hell to those who suffer them without remedy, who feel and do not they finished.

Don Rodrigo visited her, sometimes obliged with requests and gifts, who although he bargained to receive them, many times took them because he did not seem ungrateful, taking out of debt to his daring to send others of more value, and other times because he did not give cause to complaints and despair, that in a despised woman are usually very emotional.

Woe to you, Dona Blanca, what marble you conquer and with what enemies you fight! Lover in love with another beauty do you want for yourself?

Well, one day when Don Rodrigo went to pay the fines that Doña Blanca had with him, he found her singing this romance that, from what is seen in it, had become the particular of her love and of Don Rodrigo, of whom without doubt he suspected that he loved elsewhere:

Hey, jungles, my misfortunes

If you know about love

Listen to the unreason

Of this tyrant god.

A tyrant owner I adore,

While in my heart

I had a secret this fire,

Out of revenge and out of fear.

It was the guy that I loved

So subject to another hobby

That I was afraid to put mine

In contrary condition.

Just by loving him I paid

To the soul what he lost

Of taste, rest and sleep,

Loving without reward.

I wish to heaven that the soul

Mute was until today,

What to experience disdain

Serves more pain.

Declare me, my forests,

The will was flooded,

Well, I have gained lukewarmness

Conquered disfavor.

I satisfied gratefully,

But woe is me! that he pretended;

What if he really loved me

Not as I am.

If you adore, tyrant owner,

To the divine Eleanor,

Asking for a favor is asking

Darkness to the same sun.

Let’s cry, friendly jungles,

This ill-managed love

This hopeless jealousy

Singing in a sad voice.

Unhappy is love,

When your passion begins with jealousy.

She was the beautiful Doña Blanca daughter of Spanish and Flemish, and thus she had the beauty of her mother and the understanding and gallantry of her father, speaking the Spanish language as if she were born in Castile, and thus she sang with so much grace and skill. that almost left Don Rodrigo surrendered to such well-spoken complaints; but love, which was then on the side of the beautiful Eleanor rather than the favored Dona Blanca, perhaps obliged to make some sacrifices that the absent lady made to her, hampered this hobby, which from that day began to be understood in this way.

There was in thep. 148city ​​a Spanish gentleman, whose name was Don Beltrán, as equal in nobility and natural goods to the beautiful Doña Blanca as short in fortune, although he had a very good destiny and some good part of the property that his parents, who had died in the same land, they had left him. But he was so esteemed and so well received that, when idle spirits tried to marry the young ladies of the city, they commonly seemed to employ the beautiful Dona Blanca in the gallant Don Beltrán, who loved her so much that he almost lost for she the judgment.

Dona Blanca did not give Don Beltrán a bad look until she came to see Don Rodrigo; but at the point that love captivated his will, he luckily forgot Don Beltrán, who even hated his name. Well, as he was anxious to know the cause of this move, and the gifts could be more than the fidelity of the maids, because they were not very faithful in keeping a secret, he learned from one of those who served her how her lady loved Don Rodrigo and how he he corresponded with her, more out of courtesy than willing.

And trusting in this, he wanted to take him by bravery and bravado until he saw if for good reasons he forced him; And that night, as Don Rodrigo left Dona Blanca’s house, more grateful to her love than other times, he came to him and begged him to hear two words.

Don Rodrigo met him because the soldiers, since they are not all friends, know each other, and with great courtesy he replied that his inn was nearby, if he wanted to go there, or if it was a business that required another place.

“Your inn is on purpose, Senor Don Rodrigo,” replied Don Beltrán, “that those places that you think are not necessary with friends.

With whose answer they went together to Don Rodrigo’s inn, and entering it and sitting together, Don Beltrán told him these reasons:

—I well know, Mr. Don Rodrigo, that you know how to love and that you do not ignore the penalties to which a heart is subject that does not achieve what it desires, and then that by loving, serving, requesting and keeping silent, it has achieved merits to make the garment his. what do you estimate; and thus you will listen to me piously and you will hurt yourself tender of my misfortunes, that being you, as you are, the cause of them, I hope, if not remedy, at least favor to overcome them.

I, Mr. Don Rodrigo, do not want to tire you in telling you my nobility, because by saying that I am the son of one of the most qualified gentlemen of Guadalajara, everything is said: I only tell you that since my tender years I loved the beautiful Dona Blanca, for even before he was married he adored her. I was reciprocated of her will in everything that a leading lady, without detracting from her opinion, could favor me, although it must not be love with the truths that I judged, because in an absence that I made to Spain to treat my increases, she gave the hand to her late husband, with whom she barely lived married a year.

Finally, he died, and as love was still living in the midst of grievances, seeing the owner of my garment dead, my hopes began to be encouraged, seeing myself again as favored by my lady as I was first, and when I thought of seeing myself in his company tied with the yoke of marriage, his will was exchanged for the fate you know, since he has placed it on you since the day you conquered that ghost, invented for my misfortune, over which I would triumph, taking you and the Duke out of care, if doña Blanca give me of her betrayalp. 149 part.

My anger advised me to get rid of your person, and to do so, not because I confess more courageous and courageous than you, but because a careful person can easily triumph over a careless one; but I put my eyes on my lady Dona Leonor, who as I have learned is and must be your garment, and so I determined to come and ask for her life, because you esteem her so much, feel sorry for my misfortunes; and well, doña Blanca must not be for you, let it be for me, taking into account that with her beauty you buy a slave, that I will be as long as I live.

With this and a few tears Don Beltrán put an end to his reasons, leaving Don Rodrigo no less obligated than compassionate, who, as he was skilled in loving, needed little to be moved and less to believe him; And after giving him to understand that he wanted to love Dona Blanca very much, to do more in giving it to her than he was doing then, assuming that he had never reciprocated with his will but with a discreet hobby and prudent correspondence, he offered to do whatever possible for him ; but it seemed to him that Dona Blanca was in a state, as her lover showed, that if they did not use some deception, it would be more than just to reduce her; And so they agreed that Don Rodrigo continued with his love, with expressions of gratitude, until he put Don Beltrán in possession of the cruel lady, as he did, visiting her another day,

Don Rodrigo, that if he had had any wish, seeing himself obliged by Don Beltrán to have submitted to ask for a remedy, he had forgotten, seeing Dona Blanca so focused on favoring him, he begged her to see him that night without so many witnesses, because love does not he has needed them, and that he dared to ask him for this favor before they were married because he did not want the duke to imagine or know that while the war lasted he would change his state.

Doña Blanca accepted the game so as not to miss a chance, and so she told him to come at eleven o’clock, the time when her maids and people slept, and that by signs, if he was a musician, to sing something, because she wanted to enjoy his graces, and that she herself would open the door, so that through her word, taking possession, he would know her love.

Don Rodrigo asked him, after kissing his hands many times, permission for a friend to accompany him, whom he trusted, and who he wanted to witness to his fortune. Dona Blanca conceded in everything, because since she gained a treasure in her opinion, she wasted favors in a hurry.

Don Rodrigo said goodbye to his deceived lady and went to look for Don Beltrán to give him an account of what was planned, who received him with the pleasure that such news gives. And so together, at the appointed time they went to where the lady, already gathered her people, was waiting for them on a balcony.

As they entered the street, Don Beltrán began, boasting a divine voice with which he was gifted, the concerted signal, with a lute and this romance:

Jungles, that you were witnesses

Of my happiness some time,

When I was happier,

And more constant my owner:

If ever, by chance,

My wish forced you,

My praise made you flatter,

And my verses praised you:

p. 150Make your leaves eyes,

To see me how I come back

To force you with my crying

A thousand new feelings.

Second time, my forests,

This cry I offer you,

So that you increase with him

Your gentle streams.

I love Laura, and do not scare you

Don’t say that I love her

Because I would like to force her

Saying that I hate her.

I learned to have love

Loving her, because they were

True my finesse,

And my immense cares.

Treat me as you know

I don’t want to repeat it,

My star was to blame

Or my finesse at least.

Than a true love

Sorrows follow, and they kill him jealousy.

Dona Blanca was already so forgotten about Don Beltrán that, although she had heard his voice on other occasions, she did not know him, and believing that he was the one who was singing Don Rodrigo, came down to open it, and upon entering the lady asked him if he was entering to be her husband. The gallant, who did not want anything else, gave him a yes with his arms and calling the friend who was in the street, a little away, promised to be in front of him, leaving with this, according to the custom of Flanders, the marriage so confirmed as if they were married.

And with this assurance, believing that the one who entered was Don Rodrigo, Dona Blanca allowed him to enjoy as much as he wanted and had conquered with such perseverance, entertaining some part of the night in this, that since where they were there was no light for more security, Dona Blanca deluded herself into believing that the one who was with her was Don Rodrigo and not Don Beltrán; who, seeming to him that it was impolite to have his friend in the street for so long and seeing that he almost wanted to dawn, said goodbye to his wife, and going down together to the door, at the sound of the key, Don Rodrigo arrived, seeing that it was time to Discovering his deception, he made himself known to the lady, discovering who it was that he had for him, earnestly begging her to forgive his mistake, that Don Beltrán’s passions, and his cruelty to him, had forced him to do so.

With much feeling and tears the beautiful Dona Blanca heard the event, but seeing that it was hopeless, she said goodbye to them asking Don Rodrigo, since he had been the third of that deception, to speak to his relatives and to the Duke so that with pleasure everyone was married to Don Beltrán.

In this state, Don Rodrigo was negotiating the good of his new friend, in which he had such a good trick that within three days he had already married them with the general pleasure of all, while Doña Leonor in Salamanca spent a very sad and without consolation life, to see that not only had the three years passed by concert between her and Don Rodrigo, but that to get to four there was very little left, entertaining her love with some letters that she received from time to time, and her parents with their little age and less health (which by dint of sadness was well spent), and they to her husband, who had already been in the city for a month, with the same excuses, not daring to upset their daughter who, for not having another , they loved her dearly.

Well one day the beautiful ladyp. 151fought by her parents, pressed by her love, and desperate for this absence, she found herself alone in a toilet, not thinking that there was someone to listen to her, releasing the currents of her divine eyes, she began to complain of her little happiness, of the delay in her gift. Rodrigo and the violence with which her parents wanted to marry her to her disgust, giving her to a man she hated and separating her from another in whom she had put all her happiness.

Her mother heard Dona Leonor’s tender complaints, and knowing the reason for not wanting to marry her daughter, she determined to remedy it by the best possible means; And to make sure, that same night, feeling her asleep, he took her keys from a desk and there he found quite a disappointment with Don Rodrigo’s letters, which, after reading them, he left as they were, and closing again he put the key where he had found her.

She spoke of the case to her father, and seeing both that persuading her by loving was excused, they ordered a letter between the two, putting it in the name of a servant whom Don Rodrigo had brought and they knew, in which he advised him how his master had married a woman. Flemish lady, very rich and beautiful, whose dowry had come to her purpose.

This letter was given to the parents of Don Rodrigo, who, although they did not consider it to be very true, because their son did not notify him of it, with all this they spread it around the city, so that as the news in being bad it is not they cover up, they reached the ears of Dona Leonor, who, measuring the inconstancy of the men with their misery and seeing that the time they said had been married was the same, more or less, that Don Rodrigo did not write it, he believed them soon; and desperate for a remedy as much as eager for revenge, seeming to her that she could not take her more from herself and her lover than by surrendering to a tyrant owner, who thus called the husband that her parents gave her, although tearful and sad, in knowing his misfortune shook hands with Don Alonso, and his wedding was celebrated in Salamanca.

Whoever saw Dona Leonor married today with a different owner than the one her passions promised seems to be able to blame the inconstancy of women; Well, there will be those who say that the first information should not be believed so lightly; but she is absolved of this guilt by having spent another year after the concert. But what will most excuse and make your love true will be the event that resulted from the marriage.

And so, while she enjoys to her disgust the annoying gifts of her husband, whom she hated, even before marrying, because not only did she repent by shaking his hand, but even before having given it to him; for whose disgust she allowed herself to be overcome by such a deep melancholy that she had, not only her husband, but also everyone. Suffer her, because she believed such a great deception that I went to Flanders.

Don Rodrigo, innocent and fearful of this event, after seeing Doña Blanca and Don Beltrán in possession of their love, the most in love heartthrob and the lady very happy, continuing very courageously in her exercise of war and having the Duke in this On occasion, very brave soldiers in his company, and seeing that Don Rodrigo was one of those who most markedly excelled on all occasions, he honored him with a company of horses, in whose exercise he did valiant feats.

The sack of Antwerp happened at this time, sop. 152solemnized and known to all, and seeing Don Rodrigo that to bring the news to the catholic and prudent majesty of King Don Felipe II a gentleman had to come, and considering that this occasion was the same one that he always wanted, trusting in his courageous deeds He asked the duke to honor him with this position. The duke granted this request, and much more that he asked, for knowing that he was worthy of greater increases, with which, more content than in his life, he put himself on the post in Spain.

He arrived at court, gave the news, and to their delight, after His Majesty had done him a thousand honors, he did him the mercy of a habit of Santiago and four thousand ducats of income, and with all these great things, the occasion of being at court, he went to rest in his homeland, with the intention of asking his beloved mistress for a wife; or, in the event that it is denied, showing the identity card and taking it out by the vicar.

He arrived in Salamanca, and after having disappointed his parents of the false news they had had of their marriage, with asking them again to discuss their weddings with the beautiful Dona Leonor, and heard from them a response as cruel as that of having married, he, more desperate, sad and confused than in his life he was, tired of hurting himself and feeling such misery, and tired of tormenting himself with imaginations, he left home with an attempt to speak to Dona Leonor, and in telling her his feeling, blaming his little loyalty, to turn around Flanders and die serving the king.

He arrived home in time that the sad lady was on a balcony of her, more surrendered than ever to her sadness and melancholic thoughts; Because in addition to having married, as I have said, because she seemed irritated with anger that she was taking revenge on her ungrateful owner, and these marriages made with such designs always end in abhorrence, the husband was jealous and not of a better condition than another, and after that friend of following her appetites and bewilderment, without forgiving checkers or gambling, causes for Dona Leonor to have totally abhorred him, and seeing her detachment, he did not treat her very lovingly, and these things brought her without taste; because as Don Rodrigo saw her so sad, he stopped very disturbed to look at her, so much so that the lady took place, returning from her suspension to notice that soldier who was looking at her so gallant and careful, and knowing Don Rodrigo,

Her mother and servants came to the noise that she made with the fall, and finding her to be without any sense, believing she was some faint, they took her to bed and, undressing her, put her on it, and with great haste they sent servants, one by one. seek her husband and others to bring the doctors; and these who came, doing a thousand diligences and remedies without profit, already with anointing and encouragement, already with cruel clubs, tired of tormenting her, declared that she was dead; a very rigorous news, not only for her house but for the entire city, which, as her sudden end was published, generally mourned her, everyone feeling the loss of such a beautiful lady as their own; Well, if those who did not feel this misery felt it, what would it be to the one who had it in their soul, who was Don Rop. 153Drigo?

He had not yet left the street, hoping to hear from some of the event of such a cruel faint, that he was quickly disappointed by the cries that were given in the lady’s house: but wanting more to know such a pitiful event, he asked a servant who was leaving, who as he told him that his mistress had fallen dead, it was a miracle not to die too. She picked up her house after she learned that by order of the doctors they kept her for thirty-six hours, where she said and said the pity that in such a case can be thought.

The appointed term passed, and seeing that it was in vain to wait any longer, they took her to the main church, where she had her chapel and burial, and placing her in a black velvet box, like all those of her lineage, they put her in the vault, which was a beautiful room under the ground with some benches where they put the boxes: it had in the front a rich altar of a devout crucifix, in which many masses were said.

Don Rodrigo learned how his beloved Eleanor was already in the vault, and with the amorous yearnings that pressed his heart, it was hardly night when he went to the church, where he found the sacristan who was locking the door of the vault, because he went up to light the lamps; and after many requests, he gave him a value chain of one hundred escudos and asked him to let him see the beautiful Dona Leonor: it was not very difficult for the sacristan to reach him, given the interest, to whom everything is easy; And so, closing the church, they went down together to the fatal vault, and discovering the box, the loving knight began to embrace the deceased corpse as if he had some feeling, to whom, bathed in tears, he began to say:

“Who would have thought, dear Eleanor, that when you were to be in my arms it had to be at the time that you had no soul or feeling to hear me?” Woe is me, and how you paid well for the mistake you made in getting married while I was alive! You were cruel in doing it, but much more so have you been in giving me such an increased revenge; If you live, my beautiful owner, even if it were in someone else’s power, that your sight alone would be enough for me to live happily.

Saying these and other words of so much feeling, that already the sacristan who accompanied him was helping him with many tears, he turned his eyes to the altar where the devout crucifix was, and as neither because of lover nor unfortunate did he lose his devotion, he knelt in front of him. He, and after having asked forgiveness of having spoken in his presence with that deceased of that luck, with a devout and fervent prayer he asked for her life, because to give it to the dead he had offered his on the cross, proposing to her a promise of Great value.

Oh power of prayer, how much you achieve! Oh pious God, that is how you hear those who really call you! Well, Don Rodrigo had hardly finished asking with pious and devout affection, when he was heard with mercy, because feeling a noise in the coffin in which Dona Leonor was, he turned his head and saw that the lady raised her hands, put them on her face with one and! very weakened, to whose sentiment Don Rodrigo and the sacristan came, and they saw that, although he had not opened his eyes, he was beginning to gain breath; And so they determined to get her out of there, because if she returned from every point she would not be in such a fearful part; and with this, Don Rodrigo thanking God, loadedp. 154 With the kind weight, ordering the sacristan to close the box as it was, and going up to the church with him, he put it on a rug, asking the sacristan to come for some wine and biscuits to give him some encouragement if he returned altogether.

It was the sacristan, and Don Rodrigo hardly saw him outside the church when, taking his lady in his arms, he went home with her, where he took off the habit she was in and laid her on his bed.

When the sacristan returned and did not find the gentleman or the lady, and did not know the thief of the amorous theft, he did nothing more than close the church and go up to his room, with what he could collect of dresses and shirt; and leaving the keys hanging on a nail, he went to a friend’s house where he was retired until he saw where this event stopped.

Don Rodrigo, very happy to see that Dona Leonor was quickly taking on life with the heat, began to call her by her name, sprinkling her face with wine and applying wet cloths, and the same to her nostrils, with which it just made sense .

And as she opened her eyes, she saw Don Rodrigo, with no other person at her bedside but him, amazed to see herself there, as one who knew best where she had been seen, as it will be said later, she asked him in admiration where she was, because even Then he did not know where he had been: to which Don Rodrigo satisfied, telling her what is said, confirming Doña Leonor the miracle of having returned to this world, with what will be seen later.

The lovers agreed to go another day to Ciudad Rodrigo, where Don Rodrigo had relatives; and from there, taking messages for his reprimands, marrying after the terms of them: for which, before putting it into action, Don Rodrigo consulted the case with a theologian, who told him to do so, having his reprimands read in Salamanca Considering without a doubt that God had returned Dona Leonor to this world so that she would fulfill the first word.

Don Rodrigo gave his parents to understand that he was going to Ciudad Rodrigo to have fun with his relatives; and with this license and his lady departed that very night, the second that Dona Leonor had taken her life: which had taken the courage, but not the color, that it never returned to her face.

While in Ciudad Rodrigo, our gentleman sent his parents one of his own asking them to come to that city for eight days for things that mattered their quietness, to come to it, with what they would know they would excuse him for such a request. They, who used to make this trip at other times when they went to see their relatives and enjoy themselves with them, got in a car and went to see their son, and as they entered their inn, which was the house of a sister of his mother, a very wealthy widow, and they saw Dona Leonor, not believing her eyes, they asked her who she was, Don Rodrigo satisfying their question by telling them what was said; and all together they gave very happy thanks to God, who had given them so many favors.

The messages were taken to admonish each other and sent to Salamanca to the priest of the main church, which was everyone’s parish, who, although he missed the sacristan, as he found the silver and ornaments of the proper church, believed that some case had happened to him. that moved him to be absent, but the lady did not miss it.

It happened that all threep. 155Times the warnings were read, Dona Leonor’s parents and husband were in church; but, although they heard the name of their daughter and their own, being sure that she was dead and had buried her, they did not fall for it, believing that in a city as large as Salamanca there would be others with the same surname and name.

As the terms of the reprimands passed without seeing any impediment, although they were read publicly by industry, they were married, Don Rodrigo enjoying his beloved garment, and staying in concert a month from there to come and watch in Salamanca; And because then there were to be some very grand festivals of bulls and reeds, his parents returned home to prevent what was necessary for the weddings.

When the postponed day arrived, there being four that Don Rodrigo and his wife with many ladies and gentlemen had secretly arrived in Salamanca, and staying at their parents’ house, all covered in finery and wealth, they entered the church to watch in time for them. The bride’s parents and husband were there listening to mass, because Don Alonso, fond of a lady who attended it, was very punctual in wooing her: because as they saw a wedding of so much apparatus and grandeur, they set their eyes on the well-dressed and gallarda bride, and as naturally they knew her for being her parents and the other her husband, even not believing their own eyes, each one in turn asked who he was, because they had already met the groom: and as they told them his name, most admired, fooling themselves and not being able to believe it was the same,because they saw her dead, they did not allow themselves to be veiled.

At this time, Don Alonso had come out of the church to call some friends and notify the justice, knowing that his wife was the same one he had seen marry. Well, as the newlyweds and their accompaniment were still staying in the church, Dona Leonor’s mother, with less suffering than the others, came close to her and looked at her attentively, and as she knew her at all times, she left with careless steps. to hug her saying:

“Oh, my dear Leonor, my daughter, and how is it possible that your heart can suffer if you don’t hug me!”

Doña Leonor, who saw her mother so close to her, hugging her, began to cry.

His father and Don Rodrigo’s father arrived at this, and seeing that the people were upset there, trying to know the end of this case, they separated them, and all together got into the cars, where while they took a long time to get to a house that in The square was prepared to eat and watch the festivities, they learned about the case as it has been said: and knowing that Don Rodrigo and his parents would not decide to do so without the agreement of theologians and lawyers, considering the ways that God has to carry out his will and discover They gave him many thanks for their secrets, preparing to defend the cause for justice if Don Alonso, as they thought, sued them.

Finally, arriving where the tables were waiting for them and having served the food, they went out to the balconies to watch the parties, where the bride and groom sat in a well-dressed and garnished room.

Don Alonso, who was waiting for this alone, surrounded by his friends, all on horseback walked the square, always being the target and whereabouts ofp. 156their walks in front of the balcony where the newlyweds were, already suspicious of what Don Alonso was trying to do. Which, as with his friends, and among them the magistrate, had just resolved that this lady was his own wife, the one they had seen dead and the one they had buried for two months, Don Alonso asked the magistrate himself for justice, giving Lawsuit of Dona Leonor and Don Rodrigo, and with this the people began to get upset. The magistrate made his embargo, to which Don Rodrigo, who was not expecting anything else, got on his breasts on the balcony and said:

“Gentlemen, I do not deny that this lady is Dona Leonor, daughter of Messrs. Don Francisco and Dona Maria, who are present, and a wife who belonged to Senor Don Alonso;” but I also note that I am legitimately married to her. How I married her I will say elsewhere; let the festivities pass, since this has to be recorded for information, I have it so in my favor that I do not fear a sinister sentence.

Don Alonso called out to deposit Dona Leonor in a safe part. The magistrate did it, sending his wife, who was in the plaza, to take Dona Leonor with her. With this they removed the swords from Don Alonso and Don Rodrigo and sent them on their word that after the festivities they would have their house as a prison.

Another day Don Rodrigo’s parents, seeing that this lawsuit was more one of ecclesiastical justice than secular, asked the bishop, for an exposition, to ask the prisoners, which he did, and taking his confession to Don Alonso, who had already made his request before him, he said that Dona Leonor, who was the same one that Don Rodrigo called his wife, was his, whom, overcome with a great faint, by deception of the doctors they had buried: and that supposedly she was missing the the vault where they had placed her and she was alive, that he wanted the lady to be given to him before all things, and with her her dowry, of which she was stripped, because of the false news of her death.

To which Don Rodrigo replied that Dona Leonor was legitimately his wife because of a certificate, which she had not fulfilled by force that her parents had made her, deceiving her and telling her that he had married in Flanders. And that when she had married without deceit, that the first husband could no longer have any rights, because death dissolves the marriage, and in this regard that lady was his, and not Don Alonso’s, because she had truly been dead, and not fainted, as was stated in the statement of three doctors and having had her thirty-six hours after death, twelve more than those required by law; and that he, seeing her being buried, had conquered with money the fidelity of the sacristan, eager to see in his arms the one who had not deserved alive, and who had finally entered the vault, where, tired of crying, he had turned to a devoted crucifix that was there, to whom he had fervently asked his life; and that his divine Majesty, as the most just judge, had granted it, as they saw, giving it new life so that he, as the rightful owner, could enjoy it; and that he was a true possessor was said by his proceedings, his wife being with a just title; for their marriage, apart from having consulted with theologians, had preceded all the solemnities requested by thep. 157 holy council of Trent.

The bishop ordered Dona Leonor to come and make her statement; which said that she was a true wife of Don Rodrigo for many reasons. The first, that she had given him a word, which she had not complied with because her parents had forced her with threats and made her understand that she had married; and that for this reason she had given the forced yes, as Don Alonso himself could say, since he had never been able to end her with the consummation of the marriage. In addition to this, that she had naturally been dead, referring to some things that were enough to make this truth clear, that because they were not of importance to the event, they were hidden, and lately, that she was in the power of Don Rodrigo, whom she knew as her husband. , and not another.

Having seen this and the opinion of many theologians and lawyers, the bishop ordered that the lady surrender to Don Rodrigo, dispossessing Don Alonso of the woman and property: with which the said Don Rodrigo enjoyed the beautiful Doña Leonor for many years, although few according to their love. She died before her husband, leaving a son who lives married today, being very loved in his land.

With which the famous marvel Don Lope ends, in which the impossible conquered is clearly seen.