See yourself from a distance, see the world from close

  In life, you should learn to see yourself from a distance and the world from a close distance.
   We often encounter two kinds of extreme people: one is self-inflated, “God is my second child”, who feels very good about himself; the second is excessive inferiority, always feels that there is nothing more than oneself in everything, and a lot of selfless . People are afraid of words and deny themselves everywhere. The reason there are such people, I think, is probably because they don’t see themselves from a distance or the world up close.
   Reading “Spinoza on Market Street” by the famous American writer Singh, there is a sentence that caused me to think: “Looking down at the world from the height of the universe, even a world war is nothing more than a short military game.” This is undoubtedly looking back and forth at the world from a very distant distance. Judging from this remote distance, no matter how brilliant each of our lives looks, it is not worthy of arrogance. Because from our perspective, the universe is infinitely “big”; from the universe’s perspective, we are infinitely “small”.
  Therefore, we should learn to be in awe, modest, and respect for the universe in our real life. There is no reason for a person to take himself too seriously. Don’t think of yourself as great.
   While learning to look at ourselves from a distance, we should also learn to observe and persevere in our own life, learn to respect and strengthen, cherish and love, and learn to get along with everything around us. Don’t do nothing for being small, and start more with the little things around you. With more diligence, more smiles, more tolerance, and more good mood, we will merge into the great little by little, and the countless small living spaces belonging to us will merge into the boundless vastness of the universe.
   People should live in a state of being both chic and persistent. Chic is because I face myself at a distance, facing my humbleness and insignificance, ordinary and ordinary; Perseverance is because I face the world from the depths of my heart at close range, and facing myself should cherish and act for it Everything about constant hard work and constant struggle. With this kind of unrestrainedness and perseverance, with the right face, we can correctly handle the success and failure, gains and losses, smoothness and obstacles in life…