Play the role

  For one thing, if you understand it yourself, other people’s discussions will not affect you. If other people’s discussions cause you joys and sorrows, or even affect your decision, making you hesitate, it means that you do not fully understand the matter.
  Decades of life experience taught me many things, and this is a very important point. Confucius said “Forty without confusion, fifty knows the destiny”, all he said was to see things clearly. It can be seen that he came here just like us. When I was young, I had doubts and uncertainties. Even if I was thirty, I should behave in principle in the world, know the general direction, and make no fundamental mistakes. However, the relationship between the meaning of life, human responsibility, effort and success or failure , Still can’t grasp. The “Book of Changes” taught Confucius the flexible wisdom. On the one hand, he insisted on his ideals and assumed responsibility; on the other hand, as Mencius said, some things, or even most things, can only be “dedicated”. why? Because of the current situation, because of objective conditions, because of opportunities, these are beyond the control of individuals.
  Small things can destroy a person’s big plans. For example, if you die prematurely, you may be sick or blind. In troubled times and war years, human lives are worthless, and some people who could have made greater achievements fail to realize their ambitions. The philosopher Wang Bi lived only 23 years old, the poet Li He lived 26 years old, and Xia Wanchun was only 16 years old when he was killed in the fight against Qing. During the Wei and Jin Dynasties, both Ji Kang and He Yan died unfortunately. Milton was blind. His masterpiece “Paradise Lost” was dictated by him and recorded by others. It is a great fortune in such misfortune, which is not one of ten million people. The same goes for Chen Yinke. In this sense, they are living in a pretty good time.
  Several great poets of the Jiangxi School of the Song Dynasty, Huang Tingjian lived sixty years old; Erchen, Chen Yuyi and Chen Shidao all lived only 49 years old; Zeng Ji, like his student Lu You, lived a very high age and lived eight Eleven years old. I like all four of them. Literary achievement is not so much related to age, and Chen Yuyi’s achievement is much greater than that of Zeng Ji. But personally, if Chen Yuyi lived to be eighty-one years old and Zeng Ji died young, the situation would be very different from now. Some people only repeat themselves throughout their lives, so the difference between ages is not great; some people keep improving and changing, then time is too important.
  One has no way of predicting how far he can go. It is very painful if he clearly sees his stagnation or even retreat. Then put down the burden and play freely like a child.
  If there is a parallel time and space as envisioned by science fiction, I hope that Cao Pi will live for another 20 years and Wang Anshi will live for another decade. I will see a different world, not just one more book or dozens of poems. .
  With the advancement of science and technology, people are becoming more and more alienated, and cherishing each other has become a luxury. Cultural inheritance is a kind of intimate relationship between people, like the continuation of life, but today, this understanding is absurd, because people have no such awareness and no need for it.
  In this way, the stale adage of the ancients: Zhuang Jing, self-improvement. Do what you think you should do.
  It is not easy for people to understand and have confidence in themselves. If one wants to get something, one must be prepared to endure and persist. The person who sows the seed may not be able to see the seed grow into a tree, blossom, and bear fruit, but if you know it is good, then do it. Some things are immediate, some are not. But if you do, you feel at ease. A person’s life is only a hundred years old. Looking back, it is as fast as a horse, and the peace of mind after fulfilling the responsibility is the best return.
  Mr. Mu Dan (Zha Liangzheng) secretly wrote poems on paper in the 1960s and 1970s. His family was worried and advised him not to get into trouble anymore. He said: “A person always leaves footprints in the world.” His wife Zhou Yuliang recalled that the last twenty-odd works he left behind were all written behind his family’s back. “When sorting out his belongings, the children found a small piece of paper that said The densely packed small prints, some are the titles of poems that have been published, and others may also be the titles of poems. No poems were found, maybe not written, maybe they were written and torn, and they would never be found. Later my old nanny told me that Before Liang Zheng went to the hospital for surgery, there were often torn paper scraps in the paper basket those days, and the children also saw Dad tear a lot of manuscript paper.” People’s Literature Publishing House’s “Mudan Poems and Essays” contains a page. “Mudan’s Late Poems and Works”, it is said that many of them have been “lost”. This is the missing footprint.
  Looking at Goethe’s autobiography many years ago, I didn’t think much. Thinking about it now, it’s because of focusing on foresight. Now I have learned to look backwards and learn to go backwards. This is my most fortunate progress. Fifty years old was a big change for me, and many things finally understood. In fact, it was not that I could not understand it before, but I just refused to admit it. Hope is of course a good thing, and one cannot lose hope. But the key is not to expect and believe in miracles, hope must be based on reality. Sometimes people try their best to move forward, inevitably with the elements of charming or seeking practical benefits. Knowing this, people are much free. When the river of time moves forward, then sometimes people’s forward movement is nothing more than downstream. On the contrary, it takes courage and strength to look backwards and retreat like a boat against the current.
  Life is like a play. Someone was kicked off after performing three acts. He complained that I haven’t finished the five acts yet. Aurelius said that the three acts of the play of life are complete for you, and you cannot decide how many acts you play. Relative to the person who arranged you on and off, you are nothing. So, accept the facts and act your play well.