Nationwide, many noisy stone-gathering and instruction gatherings began throughout the country

Preliminary meetings were also held in Timisoara, and opposition leaders were constantly working on the instructions. Otherwise, everything was quiet, not like in other counties.

The election of ambassadors was celebrated with solemn seriousness, and Sebő Vukovics and Ádám Várkonyi were elected ambassadors with great enthusiasm.

It was customary for the counties to send mostly eight young people to the parliament in addition to the ambassadors, usually with a monthly fee of thirty forints; Timisoara and Toronto County sent only four, but with two payments.

After the two envoys, the assembled Faculties and Orders began to elect the youth of the parliament.

Many hearts were pounding fiercely, wondering who was lucky.

I was chosen first by public exclamation, then Ferencz Pottyondy, Pál Jancsó and Ferenczet Fekete. At his own expense, a few more affluent young people joined,-76- among them Mátyás Ónossy, currently a Member of Parliament.

While I was in Pest, Samu Túry was an intern with Vukovics. Vukovics loved and supported everyone, in whom he saw talent, and so Samu Túry won his kindness so much that he took him with him as a private agent. We all enjoyed this because we loved Túry as a good buddy, intelligent, hardworking and cheerful young man. He never had a bad mood, he could laugh at those who tasted it very well, and he always caught my attention with his speech of a real Hungarian flavor. If any of us complained about a lot of work, he just said, Give it here! Now go have fun and I’ll do it. Then he sat down for him, whistling and working all night instead. Your Majesty’s helper!

Each of us received a travel cost of fifty forints, and with that our preparations began.

Before leaving, I jerked to Arad to my closest relative. My oldest and innermost friend lived here: Ferdi Rózsa, with whom I attended all classes together, starting from elementary schools and throughout my legal career, and with whom I shared many good and bad so many times.

Rózsa Ferdinánd was a slightly uplifting but blessed good young man; he was prepared to dedicate himself all the way to public affairs, and he learned a great deal. Already with his first performances in the county hall, he caused a general appearance. It is a pity that death took him so early, he would have once been Arad’s disgrace.

Ferdi Rózsa answered: My friend! how lucky Arad was, he won Gyula Sárossy as a clerk of the trial court. The most lovable man and what a spirit! you know his poems.

It was almost unbelievable to me that this was a bill of exchange -77-the clerk should be the same Gyula Sárossy, who writes such huge poems. Maybe just a name relationship.

– Have you met him yet? I ask.

– We made a close friendship. Come on, I’ll take you to him. The whole person is full of mood, real spirit.

We went to Sárossy.

My imagination dealt with the figure of Sárossy all the way; I had no doubt that I would see a deli s emotional-looking poet. And I saw a squat iron that hugged me so that my waist cracked. Sárossy was not appealing at first; his hair was spiky, his mustache distorted, and his entire face was covered with a thick reddish beard. No one would have looked at the poet.

It was very welcoming, we started our acquaintance with a glass of wine and the first glass was about the stew.

We talked about the elections and the ambassadors, so Ferencz Pulszky soon came up. I expressed my interest in this young ambassador, who made such a strike with his first performances.

“Go to her anyway, Sárossy encouraged.” I was a fellow student, and still a physical and mental friend; say I greet you a thousand times. Pulszky not only loves writers and literature, but he is also passionate about it. Then he spoke with so much warmth, with such enthusiasm, about his friend that he aroused in me a burning desire to get to know this rare young man. He even claimed that his present position was due to the patronage of Pulszky. I was amazed, is a man like Sárossy still having to thank someone for his humble job? Introduced to his wife, a very interesting blonde woman-78-was, I think, the daughter of a general who died soon after. My friend Gyula mourned the pains of widowhood for a short time, and took some Miss Vass from Zemplén County, who then survived Sárossy’s hideouts, captivity and early death.

We had an evening together, several young people from Arad joined us, and the fun lasted until morning.

In the morning I sat in an express car that climbed to Pest with us in two days.

Pest is already teeming with youth preparing for Bratislava. The steamer, with few exceptions, transported parliamentary audiences. There was a great movement on the ship around Komárom. The captain and inspector blocked the exit from the room, stating that a merchant’s wallet had been lost by seven thousand.

– We have something to do with it.

– Why didn’t you take care.

– Maybe that seven thousand forints didn’t even exist.

– Is there so much money in the world?

“Or is the Japanese emperor traveling here in secret?”

Similar cries of youth were followed by loud laughter.

– Sir! it’s not a joke, the captain said, it’s my duty to search without sorting.

– What? to search for us? who dared to utter that word in his mouth? Encourage the captain to the Danube with him! Unheard of recklessness! so be ashamed! why is this Danube boy looking for us? With such outbursts, the whole youth raged. Glasses, cards, conversation were all interrupted, and there was a real commotion. Luckily, he is so personal and calm and calm -79-ur, as József Ürményi, intervened, otherwise the matter could have taken a serious turn.

József Ürményi stepped forward with these words:

“The captain is right, he has a duty to investigate the crime, and it is our duty to support him in this process.” Gentlemen! it is not a shame, it is not humiliating. With this, he handed over his wallet to the captain for viewing, and buttoned up his jacket and vest.

Seeing this, the youth burst into a roaring edge, and one after another hurried to search for himself. It was amusing to see how much self-awareness and even pride he cut into his wallet, as if he had swelled from thousands, and when he opened it, 15 in one, 25 in another, and very few discovered more than 50 fronts.

While this operation took place in the midst of many edgy remarks and vigorous noise, next to the women’s room, the son of a very well-dressed, diamond-buttoned and gold-chained Israeli was shaken by the cold, he can’t stand the water, he dies and fainted. However, this circumstance did not exempt him from the generally accepted rule, he was revived by rubbing wine spirits, and the search was carried out in him, and even because his fever and fainting were suspected – with greater fervor than in others, but to no avail. He wanted to hurry aboard to suck in a refreshing breath, and as he turned suddenly, the wings of his coat hit the inspector, who thought he could feel something heavier there. He held back the gentleman terrified to death, grabbed the coat wing where a lot lay, and grabbed a knife without a word, tore the coat in place, s pulled out a folded red skin. The merchant screamed at himself. Benne-80- was seven thousand forints in the currencies described by the trader.

The captain tied the knight, took minutes, and expelled him from the ship at the first station, handing him over to the authorities.

The unhappy merchant asked the young people for permission to endure such inconvenience because of it, and began to carry champagne in his joy. From this, then, there was such a consolation that long before Bratislava, the innkeeper ran out of not only his champagne, but all his cellar sets.

In Bratislava, we ended up with a loud “long live” of what the youth that flooded the shore echoed. We got out and our eyes looked for acquaintances and found them.