N possibilities of future office

  A new crown pneumonia epidemic has pushed “remote office” into the spotlight. Whether it is an Internet company or a traditional enterprise, it took just a few months to complete the evolution of office space that originally took ten years, and the epidemic became a new type of office. The catalyst of the model, this change will profoundly affect the way people live and work in the future.
  Many large companies took the lead in taking action under the impact of the epidemic. For example, not long ago, Facebook founder Zuckerberg announced that half of the company’s employees will realize remote work, and will actively increase the recruitment of remote employees, setting up permanent remote work positions. Similarly, the world-renowned companies Twitter, Square and Shopify have all made similar decisions. In fact, it is not uncommon for remote office to be a flexible office model in China. As early as the SARS period, Alibaba also adopted a home office model when all employees were quarantined, and ultimately not only did not affect the business , And also developed Taobao.
  Therefore, the epidemic does not allow remote office to enter people’s lives, but accelerates its process. The advantage of telecommuting is that it can break through the limitations of time and space, make working styles more flexible, and save a lot of costs. From the perspective of employees, this mode can save time and money costs of commuting. From the perspective of enterprises, Can save a lot of expenses on real estate.
  Of course, there are drawbacks to a thorough remote office. For example, due to long periods of absence, lack of emotional links, team cohesion decreases, and social isolation also makes people lack a sense of social integration. Moreover, it is necessary to make specific distinctions according to different positions.
  In short, the future office model will be more flexible, and the significance of the office is destined to be weakened. And what business operators need to explore is how to organically combine online and face-to-face office so that the company and employees can achieve a win-win situation.

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