Murderous night

  It is said that the day will get longer and longer after the winter solstice, but when Li Rui arrived home, it was already dark. Of course, Li Rui gets dark almost every day when he gets home. He works in the city. The urban area will always catch up with the evening peak. To be honest, he was very happy that he was blocked for a while, and hated the unobstructed road back to Duck Town after leaving the city. In other words, he likes to get home in dark. The village is full of elders. In his early years, he was afraid to say hello to them. After buying a car, he didn’t need to be afraid. But considering that his car was quickly recognized by the old men and women in the village, he was relieved by the cover of night. some.
  There are fewer and fewer things that make him feel happy in the village, and the car can just be barely counted as one in his large yard, and more importantly, the yellow dog he raised. At this time, the latter jumped and jumped like a farewell reunion, to show that he not only didn’t mind when he came home so late, but he was also more happy. As usual, he squatted down to soothe Ah Huang’s excitement. After the latter’s mood stabilized a little, he entered the kitchen one after another (sometimes the dog is behind the others, sometimes the opposite).
  Unlike usual, when her son came back, Li’s mother was not busy serving out the food, but sat on a small bench facing a huge tub (Li Rui, if he remembers correctly, he spent his childhood, including his entire adolescence. Bathed in the tub), the basin is steaming hot, you need to remove the clouds to see that there are two chickens in the basin, one is being pulled in the hands of Li Mu, the other is naked and shamelessly in the hot water Either sink or float. Outside the basin, there were two more at Li’s feet. The neck is sharp, with a little blood stains showing an irregular shape on the concrete floor.
  Anyway, the food is kept warm in the rice cooker. Mother Li rarely asks her son to serve her own food, and she said she is not hungry, and it will not be too late to eat after cleaning the four chickens. Li Rui sniffed to show that he was unhappy with the breath of the chicken bathhouse, but he was really hungry, and he really ate the meal himself. He wanted to go to the main room to eat with his rice bowl, but he probably realized that his thought was a kind of surrender, so he stopped on the threshold, knelt down and started eating. In the meantime, taking advantage of Li’s mother did not find, he also threw the two pieces of lean meat in the bowl after being bitten off and eaten to Ah Huang.
  He actually didn’t want to talk, but still couldn’t hold back, and asked his mother where he got the four chickens. How to kill the four chickens at once? Mother Li also kept chattering. It was impossible for her to buy four chickens at once. Who told these four chickens to add up to 100 yuan? It was really cheap. You must know that you may not be able to buy two chickens for 100 yuan at the market. Of course, this kind of chicken is not the same as the chicken that they raised in their own homes in the early years, which is commonly known as “walking the ground”. This is a layer from a chicken farm in a neighboring village. Laying hens spend their whole life thinking about laying eggs diligently, thinking about supplying human beings with high-tasting eggs, but don’t seem to pay much attention to their own meat. Therefore, egg chicken is not tasty and not fragrant. However, when the rice was marinated and dried, and the rice was steamed on the pot, Li Mu thought that it should be fine. Mother Li couldn’t help but express her dissatisfaction with her son for preventing her from raising chickens on the grounds that the chickens at home were too dirty. Otherwise, the chickens Li Rui ate would be much better than these four. One; two, even these four. Chickens are not expensive, but if you raise your own chickens, you can afford to spend this hundred dollars. I don’t care about it next year. Mother Li made up her mind not only to raise chickens, but also to raise a pig. You don’t know how much pork is a catty now! Uncle Li Rui’s family raises pigs every year, short-nosed black pigs, which were killed this morning. The pork that Li Rui just ate was sent by Uncle Li. For so many years, thanks to the uncle’s care, you have no relatives to move around as snobbish as your third aunt. Speaking of the third aunt, Li’s mother stopped her anger in time and turned into sadness. Li Rui’s father ran to the Yin Cao Jifu to enjoy the blessing early, leaving the widow and orphans behind. How could Li Rui go to university without relying on her to save money and eat? However, her abilities are limited, and she can’t make a down payment for Wenwen (Li Rui’s cousin) to buy a house in the city like the third aunt. As the saying goes, I am afraid that I am not afraid that I am poor but I am afraid that my son will be raised. Li Rui did a good job, and her elderly didn’t pull him up in vain. It’s not bad to be able to buy a car by herself. In short, relying on people is worse than relying on yourself. You are in your thirties and you are a year older. If you don’t do what others recommend, you don’t have the ability to even a girl?
  At this point, Li Rui hurriedly finished the leftover rice in the bowl, and then returned to the main room after putting down the bowl. Li’s mother said that there is still a pot of meatballs and mushroom soup on the gas stove. Li Rui had to claim that he was full, too lazy to drink soup. Mother Li is still reluctant to forgive, and pulls a chicken out of the basin to drink and drink the son who is about to enter the house: Send this chicken to your aunt. Li Rui had to do it. However, he thought about it and insisted that his mother put it in a plastic bag before he sent it. Mother Li shook her head, and did so. Go to the aunt’s house to deliver chickens, of course Ah Huang is with Li Rui. Li Rui thought that Ahuang hadn’t eaten yet, but considering that Li’s mother hadn’t eaten either, if he fed the dog first, it would break Li’s rules.
  Li’s family is a small household, and he was only grandfather Li Rui many years ago. It is said that this old man Li was a fleeing famine, and all his family members died on the way, so he begged for food and took root. Since then, nothing more than marrying a wife and having children. Three sons in symbiosis, Li Rui’s short-lived father is the second child. Before his death, Old Man Li divided his sons. The villagers are in the east, so in theory, the uncle’s house is to the east of Li Rui’s house, and the three uncles and aunts are naturally to the west. But the real problem is that the uncle on the east side of the homestead was divided between the lobby brother and the second cousin, and he set up another homestead on the west side of the third uncle’s homestead. In other words, Li Rui must pass the third uncle’s door to deliver the chicken. Li’s mother and his third aunt had been in conflict for many years, but his nephews and nephews shouldn’t be unfamiliar. The third aunt was holding her rice bowl and saw it at the door. When asked, Li Rui couldn’t think of a good answer. Fortunately, the door of the third aunt’s house was closed and there was no light. Li Rui breathed a sigh of relief and went straight into the uncle’s yard.
  Who could have imagined that, under the brightly lit lights, on the table of the Eight Immortals, there were clearly uncle, third uncle, third aunt, Wenwen and a black man with a fat head and a big face that he had never seen before. Standing outside the door, he could smell it, and the meat and wine were really smelly. No one noticed Li Rui’s arrival, but the aunt who came from the kitchen found a figure standing outside the door. Li Rui handed the chicken in his hand to the aunt and wanted to leave, but was grabbed by the aunt. Li Rui couldn’t get rid of it, and tried to walk into the house by herself to free her big paws so that she could bring the laying hen into the kitchen. But the aunt seemed to be afraid that when she let go, my dear nephew would run away, so she insisted on holding a chicken in one hand and Li Rui in the other and sending the latter into the house. Fortunately, although everyone saw the chicken together, no one commented on it, and they all kept tacitly silent about it. Their enthusiasm is that they must press Li Rui into the table. Li Rui lost to all hands and had to take a seat. It turns out that the black man with a fat head and big face is the new boyfriend of his cousin Wenwen, who calls himself Xiao Zhao. Xiao Zhao was very enthusiastic. He not only called the third brother Li Rui affectionately in Wenwen’s tone, but also poured alcohol and handed cigarettes to the third brother. That’s right, wine is Moutai, and tobacco is China. This can’t be the style of the uncle farmer, the amount is undoubtedly Xiao Zhao Xiaojing. It is a pity that Li Rui neither smokes (have never learned) nor drinks (alcohol allergy). After learning this and getting Wenwen’s testimony, Xiao Zhao sat down a little embarrassed. However, he soon came up with a strange trick that he should have come up with at this time, that is, the third brother uses tea instead of wine. In any case, at the first meeting, Xiao Zhao must offer his third brother a full glass of wine.
  Compared with the two older brothers in the uncle’s family, Li Rui and Wenwen are not that big in age, and they played together when they were young. So this pair of cousins ​​can talk more or less. According to Wenwen, Xiao Zhao is also a native of Duck Town. He is now working on engineering and is a little older than Li Rui. This can also be seen from Xiao Zhao’s big golden chain and his sweaty face. What makes Li Rui curious is when Wenwen, who has always liked handsome men and little white faces, got involved with such a guy? Things are really impermanent. What made Li Rui even more amazed was that Xiao Zhao had already called his three uncles and three aunts his parents. Sure enough, they could tell from their tone that the wedding was during the Chinese New Year. The banquet has also been booked in advance, in the famous Changjiang Hotel in the city. This doesn’t lie in how good the Yangtze River Hotel is, Xiao Zhao said modestly, just staying close. Li Rui certainly understands that the consumption of the Yangtze River Hotel is high, but it may not be that the dishes are really good, but the location. The city center. In other words, Xiao Zhao has a house in the city center. In short, with the elders, Wenwen’s wedding will naturally lead to the topic of when Li Rui gets married. Li Rui is perfunctory. Xiao Zhao stopped the cup and chopsticks exaggeratedly, and said with a shock that the third brother is so handsome and unmarried so far, fearing that the requirements are too high. However, Xiao Zhao is not talented, but he also knows three friends and four friends. There are several girls who are as good as the third brother. Hearing this, Li Rui really had to divert the attention originally focused on Xiao Zhao, and his eyes could not help but occasionally drift to the cold bed in the uncle’s hall that was only used in summer. The cold bed was stacked with pork and pig dumplings unloaded from the black pig. What particularly attracted the attention was the huge pig head, which was still in front of the pork and pig dumping (also known as the rear). I saw his eyes closed tightly, his death was just right, and the corners of his mouth rose, very satisfied.

 Li Ruilue sat down, pretending to have something to do and got up to leave. On the village road, he took a deep breath of cold air. Inexplicably sad. Of course, having three uncles and three aunts for dinner does not mean that uncles and aunts despise their widows. Wenwen brought her new son-in-law back, and followed the instructions of her third uncle and aunt to bring Moutai Zhonghua to meet her uncle and aunt. There was no problem in etiquette. And since my old mother and my third aunt have been at odds for a long time, naturally there is no need to worship him. The uncle and aunt didn’t know that the old lady and the third aunt could not sit at the same table for dinner. Even so… In addition, Wenwen’s wedding is bound to stimulate the old lady again. It’s not the question of whether Wenwen gets married sooner or later, but that this bad news is likely to put the old lady at a disadvantage again in the struggle with her third aunt for many years. Therefore, he had to figure out how to tell his old mother when he got home.
  Before thinking about how to report to my mother, Li Rui was asked by my mother as soon as he entered the house: Did Ahuang go out with you?
  Yes, go out with me. Li Rui remembered it clearly. But where did Ahuang follow him, did he stop in front of his third uncle’s house, or did he follow his uncle’s house too? Li Rui couldn’t remember anymore. Or is Huang coveting the bone under the uncle’s banquet table and deliberately let Li Rui take a step back? Mother Li said that she used broth to soak some leftovers from noon after eating, and she was called Ah Huang. In Li’s experience, rice in broth is Ah Huang’s favorite. As a result, they called for a long time in front of and behind the house, but didn’t see it. She also thought that Ahuang might go out with her son. But now that his son is back, Ah Huang has not.
  I went to see the uncle’s house, Li Rui turned around and left.
  On the village road, Li Rui met Wang Lao Si, and he was called “Eight Eight and Eight Eight”. Wang Laoshi had a bad background and was stimulated in his early years. It is said that his brain is a little abnormal, and he is a well-known old bachelor. Li Rui only thought that he was mad and swearing. Unexpectedly, Wang Laosi grabbed Li Rui and asked if he had seen his bachelor.
  What kind of bastard?
  My dog, black dog, only one leg is white.
  Over the years, Li Rui has indeed become ignorant of villagers and dogs. He also wanted to laugh, thinking to himself, is Wang Ba an abbreviation for Wang Ba? Wang Laoshi can really name dogs. However, almost at the same time, he realized something, and broke free of Wang Lao Si and ran towards the uncle’s house.
  The people on the table of the Eight Immortals were startled by Li Rui, who arrived again panting. From the ending sounds of everyone on the table, it is vaguely discernible that they are discussing Li Rui at this time. But Li Rui was not in the mood to listen to what they said, and it was impossible to hear anything. He just asked, is my dog ​​here? He squatted down and looked under the belly of the table. As if the dog was something that Li Rui had lost, everyone in the audience stood up, then bent over and looked under the table. Li Rui and Xiao Zhao also looked at each other under the table.
  of course not. At this time, more voices came from outside.
  King Eight, King Eight.
  Race tiger, race tiger.
  Black panther, black panther.
  ………… The
  uncle looked at Sanshu, Sanshu looked at Aunt San, and Aunt San looked at Wenwen, everyone showed a look of horror.
  The aunt said: Someone stole the dog, for sure.
  Li Rui rushed to the village road, and the uncle and others also rushed out. The people on the village roads are disordered, the barking is miserable, and they are all looking for dogs.
  Li Rui craned her neck to yell Ahuang, but a person covered his mouth from behind. Not someone else, but Xiao Zhao. Xiao Zhao not only told Li Rui not to scream, but also lowered his voice and ran to the dark shadows to stop them from screaming. He had to tell everyone sad news that your dogs should be dead now. Of course, a dog stealer did it, or it could be a gang. So many dogs disappeared at the same time, obviously not hunting, but poisoning. After the poisonous killing, the bad guys who poisoned the dogs must take each dead dog away in a sack, and this is definitely a physical task. If nothing else, the bad guys are in the village. So don’t yell, lie in wait, the bad guys might show up automatically after a while.
  Damn, Wang Laoshi directly scolded, what are you, so clear, shit, are you a bad guy with a poisonous dog?
  This is my son-in-law. Fortunately, the third aunt explained in time, and everyone suddenly realized that what Xiao Zhao said made sense.
  Not only that, Xiao Zhao also acted as the commander-in-chief of ambushing dog thieves. Wang Laoshi and two people squatted at the entrance of the East Village, and the uncle and the uncles squatted with someone at the entrance of the West Village to check the passing personnel and vehicles. Others just squat in the dark at their doorstep where the lights and moonlight are not available. Don’t be empty-handed, take the guy, in case of accidents. It is best to enter the house and lock the doors and windows. Speaking, Xiao Zhao went into his uncle’s house to find a harpoon, and handed Li Rui a club. He told the latter to follow him around the village. For some reason, the voice of the voice suddenly quieted down, and everyone followed Xiao Zhao’s arrangement with their heels on the ground and went to their respective positions. Only Wenwen said she was afraid, she didn’t dare to go home with the third aunt, she wanted to be with Xiao Zhao and Li Rui.
  This is a small village, and things are no more than a few hundred meters long. There is a river to the south and fields to the north. In other words, if a dog thief wants to take away a dead dog, he cannot pass the two hurdles of Wang Laoshi and Uncle. And if he is still in the village, there are only two ways to escape, one is to escape from the field, and the other is to cross the river, but this is unlikely. Xiao Zhao meant to closely watch the situation in the field.
  I don’t want to describe in detail the tension and cold that the villagers experienced this night under the arrangement of Xiao Zhao’s troops. The fact is that they never found the dog thief or those dog thief, but they were overwhelmed by the heavy dew and the cold wind and Lengyue made their noses runny. After that, there are only two things worth explaining.
  1. While patrolling on the ridge, Wenwen stumbled over. It is indeed a sack, and it is opened under the light. There are indeed some dead dogs inside. Among them is the bachelor of the four families of Wang and Lao, but there is no Huang of Li Rui family. Xiao Zhao clearly told everyone that they had died of suffocation. The dog thief used quicklime stuffed in the neck of the duck. The duck neck was chewed up by the dog, and the quicklime burned the dog’s esophagus and trachea. Wenwen was frightened, crying in the moonlight. But instead of crying in her fiance’s arms, she held Li Rui’s arm tightly and cried. This involuntarily made Li Rui finally remember the distant childhood between him and Wenwen.
  2. In the second half of the night, when even Xiao Zhao started to lose heart, they suddenly heard the sound of water. Following the reputation, a dark shadow squatted on the springboard of the river bank. Li Rui had always wanted to ask Xiao Zhao if he really met a dog thief if he would use a harpoon to stab him. Now he knows. Xiao Zhao didn’t say anything, so he threw the harpoon directly, but unfortunately the accuracy was not enough. , The shadow on the springboard let out. This person is not a dog thief, but the second son of the uncle, who is Li Rui’s second cousin. The second cousin loved catching fish and shrimp since he was a child. He once fished in the Yangtze River. He was a rare fisherman in the agricultural area of ​​Yazhen. Since the ban on fishing in the Yangtze River, the second cousin had to find a job as a security guard. He only went fishing in the river at night when he thought it was more suitable. As far as he himself said, the ban on fishing is justified, because there are really fewer and fewer fish in the Yangtze River. If this is the case, he will not be able to get a few big silver carp every night. That night, the second cousin only got two big silver carp. The quantity is getting smaller and smaller, so I can’t talk about selling, I can only eat it myself. After returning home, he thought that he would go to the city to be a security guard tomorrow. Considering that the second sister-in-law was afraid of the water, he felt that he might as well kill the fish by hand and clean it up. However, how did he return to the village in the middle of the night, and was he stopped and questioned by Wang Laoshi or his father? The second cousin said no. He knew nothing about the deaths of the dogs in the village and the ambush of the villagers on the same day. The fact is also true. After seeing the dead dog in the sack, the villagers were basically relieved, knowing that their dog would never survive. After cursing a dog thief, he hugged his own dog back like Wang Laoshi. Everyone has to work tomorrow, who has the energy to spend the night in the dark? As for Xiao Zhao’s throwing a fork at his second cousin, in the end, he didn’t know each other, and the two squatted on the bank of the river, passing cigarettes to each other and chatting. The second cousin said that if he hadn’t caught the fish for a long time and could hear the sound of the harpoon flying by himself, he was afraid that there would be a few blood holes like the fish he had crossed.
  Finally, Li Rui finally returned home exhausted. Mother Li was still awake, leaning against the door, and seeing that there was no Ah Huang behind her son’s feet and her hands were empty, she stopped asking. Just say that the meatballs and mushroom soup in the rice cooker is hot again, so my son will have a bowl and go to sleep. Li Rui drank as ordered. It tastes really good. The uncle’s own black pork is really good. Li Rui’s face was flushed, sweating profusely, and with a touch of his hand, there seemed to be two lines of old tears on his face.