Moon cloud

  Male worker Wan Sheng waited at the entrance of the elementary school. He saw Yiguan and shouted: “Yiguan!” He greeted him with a smile, took the leather schoolbag carried by Yiguan, and took his hand with the other hand. Yiguan curled his hands, not letting him pull, and ran ahead quickly. Wansheng also quickened its pace to catch up.
  The two walked across a section of stone road, crossed the stone bridge, turned into the dirt road, and reached the countryside. When passing the willow tree by the pond, Wansheng went to pull Yiguan’s hand again, but Yiguan still refused to let him pull. Wansheng said, “Master said, you must hold Yiguan’s hand when you get to the pond.” Yiguan smiled and said, “Is Dad afraid that I will fall into the pond? Wansheng, you go catch me a bird and ask for two. “Only.”
  Wan Sheng nodded and said: “Okay. But not now. It will be the Chinese
  New Year , and the old birds will hatch the little birds in spring.” “Do the birds also celebrate the New Year? Do they worship the Bodhisattva during the New Year?
  ” The birds do not celebrate the New Year. They sing to the Bodhisattva. In spring, when the weather is warm, the birds will not freeze to death when they hatch.” The
  two said and walked back home. Wansheng sent Yiguan to the young lady to signify a safe relationship. Yiguan called “Mumma” and went back to his room. He missed his eight white porcelain geese.
  ”Yueyun, Yueyun! Take the white geese out to line up!”
  Yueyun was the little girl who served him, and promised: “Oh!” opened the drawer and carefully took out the porcelain geese one by one and put them on the table . Her yellowish face was covered with a gloomy look, and when her little fingers touched the porcelain goose’s body, she immediately retracted, as if she was afraid of breaking the goose.
  Yiguan arranged the porcelain geese in two rows, four in each row, facing each other, and he sang: “Kid, goodbye…haha, haha, huh!” He picked up the goose on the right and examined it carefully. Head and neck. There is a crack in the long head and neck. “Huh!” With a slight strain on the left hand, the goose neck broke with the crack, and with a “pop”, the goose head fell on the table. “Yueyun, Yueyun!” The cry trembled, both sad and angry, his small face slowly flushed, the red color extended to his ears, and the right hand holding the headless porcelain goose trembled slightly.
  ”It’s not me, I didn’t interrupt!”
  Yue Yun was so scared that her face changed a little, and her right hand could not help blocking her in front of her, as if she was afraid that Yiguan would beat her. She was in the same year as Yiguan, but she was almost a head shorter than Yiguan. Her hair was yellow and sparse. If Yiguan wanted to fight, she would not dare to escape, her legs were already shaking slightly.
  Yiguan suddenly felt unspeakable sadness. He didn’t particularly like these porcelain geese. He just felt that one of the eight geese suddenly had its head severed. It was like a flaw in a life that has always been fulfilled and joyful. This flaw was not caused by himself. It was, but an external force from nowhere came over suddenly and destroyed a favorite thing. He couldn’t cope with such a blow. He looked at the four gooses in the row on the left, while there were only three in the row on the right. A goose with a severed head was lying aside. Suddenly he sat down and cried loudly.
  Yue Yun didn’t even know what to do. If Yiguan stretched out her hand to hit her on the head, she would just endure it silently, and she didn’t dare to cry, because she did accidentally break the goose head. At that time, she immediately went to her big sister Ruiying. Ruiying is the dowry girl of the young lady (Yiguan’s mother). She has served the young lady since she was a child. When she got married, the lady’s parents took her as a gift and gave it to her uncle’s house. My uncle is in charge of the money house in the town, and is often away from home. The lady is cowardly and lazy, and Ruiying helps her housekeeper. Ruiying had a good heart. Seeing Yueyun was trembling with fright, she told her not to be afraid, and came up with an idea to boil the glutinous rice of cooked rice dumplings into a paste and make dumplings, and glue the broken gooseneck.
  Ruiying heard Yiguan’s cries, hurried over to comfort him, and sang a nursery rhyme: “Yiguan, Yiguan, good officials, goose-selling customers are not honest…” Yiguan asked: “Sister Ruiying, why are the guests not honest? ”
  Ruiying lie:” yesterday on the street selling eight geese goose to our guests, is a slick, eight geese have a broken neck, he just lied to us, with dumplings glued up, pretending to eight geese. It’s all good.” She sang again: “Yi Guan Yi Guan is a good official, the goose seller is not honest…” A little smile appeared on Yue Yun’s small face, greatly relieved.
  Yiguan’s heart settled and found the cause of this disaster. He knew that it was the “dishonesty” of a stranger, and that his relatives were not lying to him or bullying him, so he felt relieved. He picked up a novel by the bedside that he hadn’t finished reading yesterday. It was Mr. Ba Jin’s novel. His brother bought it from Shanghai. I don’t know if it was “Autumn in Spring” or “Spring in Autumn”. The little boy and a little girl from the circus became good friends, and they had a little affair with teenagers, but unfortunately the two of them had not been playing together for a long time, they were forcibly taken apart by the adults, and they were not allowed to play together. Yiguan looked at it, and felt a heavy desolation in his heart. It was a sweet desolation, a bit like the daffodils on the table with a rain flower stone. The sweet fragrance made it a bit lonely and sad. The Narcissus hasn’t thanked him yet, but it will soon be haggard and withered.
  Seeing tears on Yiguan’s face, Ruiying thought he was still sad for the broken neck of the porcelain goose. She patted him on the back and hummed in a low voice: “Yiguan, good official…”
  Yue Yun said A copper stove moved closer to Yiguan to make him warmer. Yiguan saw Yueyun’s yellow face in the dimness, and remembered what her mother said when Yueyun first came: “People are upright, and they don’t have anything to eat. There is nothing to eat in the country. It’s out of shape, yellow and thin, almost ten years old, and still so short…” Yueyun’s mother Quansao said: “My little grandma, we are suffering. We don’t even have a meal. There is not enough food in the wok, always Let her father and brother eat first, and the men will have the strength to live in the fields when they are full. I…I eat less and don’t produce milk, and the little baby will starve to death if I don’t have milk, so…so Xueyun often Can’t eat enough, when the rice is not harvested in the hot weather, there is no rice in the rice jar, Xueyun will not eat all day long…” Yiguan’s mother sighed and said, “It’s a sin…” Yiguan squinted at Xueyun and said: ” Xueyun refuses to eat, is naughty, unbehaved…” Quansao said: “Officials, Xueyun does not refuse to eat, but wants to eat but can’t eat.”
  Xueyun is her original name. When her father brought her to Yiguan’s house for the first time, Yiguan’s father said: “Xueyun’s name sounds like Yue Yun, and that is Grandpa Yue’s son. It’s not offensive. It’s better to change to Yueyun.” Her father laughed quickly. Said: “Okay, okay, the young master has changed well. Our country people are not sensible.” Grandpa Yue Feiyue was born in Hangzhou. Hangzhou is not far from that small town. Grandpa Yue is very respected and admired by the locals. From then on, Xueyun changed to Yueyun.
  In the Jiangnan area, before the founding of the Republic, poor peasants often sold or pledged their daughters to landlords or wealthy families as girls. Little girls are usually eleven or twelve years old and can do a little light housework; there are also eight or nine year olds. The sale is a one-off sale, more than 100 yuan or more than two hundred silver dollars, depending on the young girl’s age and the quality of her birth, whether she is clever and clever, and whether her hands and feet are smart; the bet is eighty or ninety yuan or sixty-seven Ten silver dollars, usually parents get back after ten years, but the money bet has to be returned. It is equivalent to borrowing a sum of money from the host’s family without paying interest. The little girl is a collateral and works in the host’s family. The host’s family provides food and clothing without any wages. Although it is pledged, poor peasants usually have no money to redeem them when they are due. Whether it is sold or pledged, the little girl is 18 or 20 years old, and the host will often marry her to the town or other tenants. Long-term workers can receive as much as they can receive. If it was bought, it was almost like a slave. The little girl died of wounds and sickness, and the owner was not responsible. The detained girl is in a slightly better position. Although the host often beats and scolds, and sometimes is punished for being hungry, she still has to discuss with her parents about anything. If unfortunately, she falls ill and dies, it often leads to major disputes, and the host must pay a compensation. Money.

  Yueyun was held, her parents loved her and were reluctant to sell. Yiguan’s mother said she was yellow and thin, and ugly, not worth buying.
  In his sleep, Yiguan seemed to become the foreign child in the book. Holding the hands of the little girl in the circus, the two ran happily by the lake. The little girl seemed to be Yueyun, with a good laugh. He rarely heard Yue Yun smile, even when he laughed, his voice was never so soft and pleasant. The two saw many white geese in the lake, with white feathers floating on the turquoise water. The white geese slowly lined up in two rows, facing each other across the willow tree, their heads stretched and necked, as if they were saluting. Yiguan made a grimace and sang: “Goodbye, gentlemen! Goodbye, kids…” He suddenly smelled a burst of sweetness, the aroma of roasted sugar rice cakes, opened his eyes and saw Yueyun holding it. A plate was brought to him, and he smiled and said, ”
  Yiguan , eat sugar nian gao.” It’s almost New Year, and Yiguan’s family has made many white nian gao and sugar nian gao. Sugar and honey are blended in the sugar rice cake, and sweet-scented osmanthus is added. There are roses, red and green melon kernels and walnut kernels on the cake surface. Yueyun uncovered the stove lid, put a copper wire mesh cover, and cut the sugar rice cake into strips to heat it up. After the rice cake is hot, the bubbles in the cake expand, like small flowers in bud.
  Yiguan took the chopsticks, ate one, and picked up another one, and said to Yueyun: “Yueyun, stretch out your hand!” Yueyun shrankly stretched out her right hand, and took a bamboo ruler with her left hand. Yiguan, tears were already in his eyes. Yiguan said, “I won’t beat you!” Putting a hot strip of sugar rice cake in Yueyun’s outstretched right palm, Yue Yun was startled and called “Ah”. Yiguan said, “It’s hot, eat slowly!” Yueyun looked at Yiguan timidly and saw his encouraging look. He put the nian gao to her mouth in disbelief. A nian gao filled her little mouth. . She chewed slowly and peeked at the door behind her, for fear of being seen. Yiguan said, “Is it delicious? There’s still more after eating it.” Yueyun swallowed the rice cake with all his strength, her face full of happiness and contentment. She has never eaten sugar rice cakes, even a few candies. She used to bake sugar rice cakes for Yiguan, smelling the sweet fragrance, only secretly swallowed her saliva, not daring to be heard.
  A few days later, Quan’s wife came to visit her daughter with her little son who was a few months old. Ruiying left her for dinner and wrapped two pieces of meat for her husband and son to eat. Yue Yun held her little brother and escorted her mother out of the gate to the fence. Reluctant to give up to her mother, Yueyun pulled her sister-in-law’s apron and suddenly cried. Yiguan followed them, and he held a rattle, which he wanted to give to the children. He heard his wife ask his daughter: “Xueyun behaved, don’t cry, how about being here?” Yueyun nodded. Quan’s sister-in-law asked again: “Did the young master and grandmother hit you and scold you?” Yueyun shook her head and whimpered and said, “Mom, I want to go home with you.” Quan’s sister-in-law said, “Good boy, don’t cry, you are It’s bet it to others. Dad took the money from the young master. He has bought the rice and everyone can eat it. You can’t go home.” Yueyun nodded slowly, still whimpering. Mom, I want to go home with you. I don’t have rice at home. I won’t eat anymore. I slept on the feet of mom and dad.” Quan Sister-in-law put her arms around her daughter, and gently stroked her hair lovingly and said: “Guabao don’t cry, I’ll ask my father to see you tomorrow.” Yueyun nodded, still holding her mother. Quan’s wife asked again: “Good treasure, did Yiguan beat you and scold you?” Yueyun shook her head vigorously, and said loudly, “Yiguan, give me sugar rice cakes!” There was some pride in her tone.
  Yiguan was startled: What’s so great about eating sugar rice cakes? I eat it every day. He ran forward, shook the drum bang, and said, “Yueyun, this is for my little brother to play.”
  Yueyun took it and put it in his younger brother’s hands, looking reluctantly at her mother. The younger brother finally walked away slowly. My wife took a few steps, then looked back at her daughter.
  Later, Yiguan grew older and read more of Mr. Ba Jin’s novels. He did not fall in love with the girl at home like Juehui in “Home” because he felt that Yueyun was ugly and unlovable, but he understood the teachings in Mr. Ba Jin’s book to treat people equally and be gentle and kind. He would never hit Yueyun or scold Yueyun, and sometimes even told her stories from novels.
  Yiguan went to middle school. The Japanese soldiers occupied this small town in the south of the Yangtze River. The long-term workers and girls in the family were scattered, and the family fled across the Qiantang River. My mother fell ill while fleeing, and died without medicine. Yiguan’s two dear brothers also died. Yiguan went to university. After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, Yi Guan was sent to work in Hong Kong. Yueyun did not follow the young master or grandmother across the river. Yiguan no longer heard from her, and did not know what happened to her. Many people died in the troubled times, and many people disappeared without whereabouts. When Yiguan wrote to his family, he never asked Yueyun, nor did anyone mention this little girl in the letters of his brothers and sisters.
  The army from Shandong entered Yiguan’s hometown. Yiguan’s father was judged to be a landlord, oppressed the peasants and executed. Yiguan cried for three days and three nights in Hong Kong and was sad for more than half a year, but he did not hate the army that killed his father. Because there are thousands or tens of thousands of landlords executed in all of China, this is a huge change. In Yiguan’s heart, he often thinks of the scene where his wife’s wife and Yueyun are separated by the well rail. For thousands of years, landlords in China have been forcing the poor to separate their families and their wives. She was grateful when she ate a piece of sugar rice cake. She often couldn’t eat enough, and starved to make her face yellow and skinny. She was trembling at the landlord’s house and was often frightened. At that time, she was less than ten years old. She said that she would rather not eat but sleep. At the feet of mom and dad, it’s impossible. Yiguan often shed tears thinking of this. This life must be changed. His father’s field was uploaded by his ancestors. His father and mother did not do bad things and did not oppress others. However, they unconsciously acted in accordance with the system and methods uploaded by their ancestors. They lived very well, but they had the heart to make others starve and suffer. , Indifferent.
  The surname of Yiguan is checked. “Yiguan” is the family’s nickname, which was taken by his grandfather. Yiguan’s scientific name is Liangyong. “Liang” is the ranking. There is a word “liang” in the names of all his brothers. Later, when he wrote a novel, he took apart the character “Yong” and called it “Jin Yong” under the pen name.
  Jin Yong’s novels are not well written. However, he always felt that he should not bully the weak, so that people have no ability to resist and can only endure great pain, so he wrote martial arts novels. When he was writing and later rereading his own work, he often shed tears over the misfortune of the characters in the book. He wrote that Yang Guo couldn’t wait for the little dragon girl, and when the sun went down, he cried; he cried when Zhang Wuji and Xiaozhao were forced to break up; he cried even more sadly when he wrote that Xiao Feng killed his beloved Azhu because of a misunderstanding; he wrote The whole family of Zhong Asi, a poor man in Foshan town, was bloody when he killed the bully Feng Tiannan. He knows that these are all false, but there are many more sad truths in the world, many by others, and many by himself.

  The white deer I dreamed of this morning came from which country folk song in Verdant England, which Persian book illustration came from, and our mysterious area of ​​night and day?
  It takes only one second. I saw it passing through the grassland and disappearing into the illusory golden afternoon. A light creature, there is only a deer on one side, and what constitutes it is a little memory, a little forgotten.
  The gods who dominate this peculiar world make me dream of you, but do not allow me to be your master; at a corner of the far future, I may dream of you again, the white deer in my dream.
  I am also a fleeting dream, a few days longer than the grassland and white deer in the dream.

  The sky is full of cold stars. The dark roof, the dark mountain peaks, there are brilliant stars everywhere. The leaves of the zelkova tree fell off, and the top of the tree rubbed the sky like a broomstick, and each branch picked up the stars. Standing quietly in the courtyard, listening to the night wind passing over the top of the mountain like a violent wave. The night claw next door is like the sound of thunder in the distance.
  At nine o’clock in the night, the door opens, and the cold moon is like day. The wind blew thousands of trees with fallen leaves, rustling and dancing in the frosty night. The shadows on the ground swayed with the trees. Scattered leaves are everywhere, shining in the moonlight. Walking on it, rustling sounds, like stepping on jade chips.
  Looking up, the night sky is cloudless and cold. The sky is crying, the sea is roaring, the mountains are tumbling, and the universe is full of tragic roars. Listening to the ears, the cold cricket cried under the fence, and its sound will be extinct. Have you ever heard someone walking towards the wind on a moonlight road, with a sudden sound of clogs, like hearing the sound of gold and stone? Have you ever seen the vast expanse of the Xiang Sea under the moon, and the white Fuji Pingting jade?
  The moonlight shines, the cold wind blows, the earth roars, the sea roars, and the vastness of the sky.
  How strong, this natural rhythm! This month, this wind almost made me unable to sleep peacefully.