Make an apple pie

  Carl Sagan said that if you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the world. Carl Sagan’s “nothing” means nothing, that is, when the world does not exist yet. If you want to make an apple pie from nothing, you must start from the big bang and the expansion of the universe, from neutrons, ions, atoms, black holes, sun, moon, ocean tide, galaxy, earth, evolution, dinosaurs, extinction events, platypus , Homo erectus, Cromannon, etc. began. You must start all over. You must create fire. You need water, seeds, and fertile soil. You need cows, humans who milk the cows, and another group of people to make milk into butter. You need wheat, sugar cane, and apple trees. You need chemistry and biology. To make an excellent quality apple pie, you need art. To make a world-famous apple pie, you need a printing press, an industrial revolution, and perhaps a poem.
  To make a mere apple pie, you must first build a big world.

   I realized that all of us were complete human beings at birth, and from then on—because society requires us not to be ourselves—we started to have defects. When we were born, we were natural and simple, but after a few decades, we became unnatural when we died. As someone once said, we are not born as pupae and then become butterflies; we are born as butterflies and then become worms.

  My son is seven years old. One day, he went home and told me that there was a new classmate in his class. This little boy came from Russia and was very shy. He couldn’t speak a word of English. When my son told me this, he looked very depressed. He said that he thought the Russian boy was lonely. After several days, my son didn’t mention the boy again. I thought, maybe their teacher figured out a way to help him.
  About three weeks later, one day, I entered my son’s room and saw that he was using a translation software. He translated the English he wrote into Russian with the software. When I asked him, he said that he could communicate with the Russian boy, and then he would use software to translate the Russian boy’s reply into English. All this is troublesome and difficult, but the seven-year-old son is working hard.
  The son found a way to touch the hearts of Russian boys. The son doesn’t want him to be alone. What my son did to him, he just said lightly: “I am writing a note to my friend.”
  This is the first time I have seen my son’s heart. I know that my son’s heart has grown. I am very pleased. I am full of hope for what kind of person my son can become.

  In the depths of imagination, there may be some things that are about to disappear, which are usually familiar to us, such as the society and morals that we never forget, and some similar things. At that time, it seemed to be approaching a “black hole” called astrophysical, with an incredible suction power, which included everything in it, and never satisfied. We always talk about imagination, thinking that it largely determines how far a writer can go. The core of literature is poetry, and poetry is the most difficult thing to express and describe. It lies deep in imagination.
  Love, stories, struggles, nihility, ideals are written in the poem, but this is its appearance, not its essence and core. In fact, it is not these concrete existences, but a distant dotted line, like the unreachable confusion in the seams between the heaven and the earth. The real poet lives in the imagination, in admiration; what is admired is all the mysteries and secrets. Indulging in indulging, it is the purpose and form, it is the “black hole”. If the depth of poetry lies in the inaccessibility, then there is only this metaphor in physics. It really has that kind of suction, absorbing everything without leaving a trace.
  No one can exhaust poetry, no one can understand it. Always avoid it carefully, but go deep from time to time, this is the fate of the poet. The imagination we usually talk about has nothing to do with the depths of imagination. It is just a concrete connection and connection, a puzzle of reality. There is no such thing in the depths of the imagination, they all disappeared, annihilated, and completely gone. It definitely tempts us.

  I will be moved by music and poetry. If one day I am not moved anymore, I will die. Do you know what I mean? It’s so important to be moved.
  ——Anselm Kiefer
  I have heard about people: it is a masterpiece created by God, a devil or a dream. Now I feel that he is just a wound that is good at independent thinking, pulsating, pierced by time.
  -Yelena Schwartz

  I was upstairs waiting for my father to wave to me.
  Across the thick glass windows on the second floor of the post office, I tried to wave to my father in the parking lot downstairs. My father saw me. He didn’t raise his hands. He just looked up blankly. A pair of thin palms were still helplessly gripped on the handlebars of my motorcycle. It seemed that if it weren’t the case, the locomotive in front of him would be immediately affected. People stole.
  When I was young, when my father took me to the post office to collect money, I always stood where he is now. Without exception, after my father went up to the second floor alone, he would wave his hand at me from the large glass window to see if I was obediently waiting for the bicycle that was a valuable asset in his heart, and I always went from all around angrily The unmanned parking lot raised his head, like a lonely child unwilling to be punished, refusing to wave his father upstairs. Not once.
  I miss the father who kept waving at me in the past, but I can’t say it, because yesterday has gone too far, and his father is downstairs…

  Like the song sung by the female Chanson singer in a cafe, the song lets us know that broken hearts cannot be repaired.
  There are such lessons in life. If a person holds great convictions, approaches another person without hesitation, and is eventually hurt, then “his heart is broken” and he will never be able to unconditionally dedicate his trust to others. Nothing in the world is more sensitive than humans. Human beings cannot forget the trauma of the soul and emotions. No matter what kind of friendship or love life brings him, he will be suspicious. All relationships are a torture to him, a dangerous game, and revenge is engraved in human nature. This is how humans are. If you meet this kind of wounded person, please remember that you cannot soothe his soul; nor do you have any patience, wisdom, tolerance, or interest that can soothe this deceived heart.

  There is no objective basis for thinking that one species is superior to another. Although about 99.5% of the evolutionary history of chimpanzees and humans is the same, most human thinkers regard chimpanzees as deformed and alien monsters that have nothing to do with humans, and regard themselves as the lord of all things. The non-random genetic differentiation of reproduction is natural selection. This is not the distinction between noble and low life, but the result of the joint action of nature and history. Natural selection made us.

  Imagine a party where everyone brings in the stupidest person he knows. Whoever does the most stupid thing will win.
  A risky gamble. Because stupid things are always uncertain. It is not impossible for a smart person to say a stupid thing at the party, or for a stupid person to make a wise move or remain silent. This will put the person who brought him into a funny character.
  The person who brought others is no longer the person people imagined. Wisdom will think about stupidity and forget this, that is, any quality that goes to the extreme will go to its opposite. Like a game of scissors and paper (similar to scissors, rock, and cloth), it always takes advantages to disadvantages in a loop. When stupidity is raised to the X power, it will defeat wisdom and give wisdom a proper blow. Stupidity was originally called to act as a mirror, but now it becomes tempting, while intelligence becomes unpleasant.

  I left the window open today.
  I heard two old women who walked in the morning and said how much they love to hug their dog at night. What they really meant was: “I miss my husband.”
  I heard two shy neighbors talking about the weather and weekend arrangements. What they really mean is: “I think I am in love with you.”
  I left the window open today.
  I heard a couple say that everything will get better. What they really mean is: “Things never get better.”
  I heard two screenwriters saying that their new story is about to change the world. What they really mean is: “I hope I can afford this month’s rent.”
  I left the window open today.
  I heard a little boy say to another little boy: “Let’s run around the community to see who runs fast.” What
  he really meant was: “We run around the community to see who runs fast.”