Jupiter Night Talk

  The tunnel is as short as the cecum. There is light in the tunnel, faint white. When the car suddenly drove out of the hole, the pupils suddenly swelled, and the iron-blue mountains under the autumn sun suddenly became clear and a little distorted.
  ”How many tunnels have we passed through?” Yelaoshr asked. I don’t know who she is asking. She stared at the front and touched Yu Youmei’s hair with her left hand from time to time, as if her mother was scratching the child’s scalp. I glanced at Yu He beside me. The girl wearing black-rimmed glasses was holding the book and staring out the window. It was a novel thicker than the “Bible”, five or six hundred pages, with a gray-black crust cover like dried pine bark, and the right side of the cover was burnt with dim gold letters. I guess that is the original French novel.
  I have always been afraid of cold spots. I said: “Twelve items?…13 items?”
  Teacher Ye seemed very satisfied with my answer. She sighed and turned her head: “Fifteen items.”
  ”Oh,” I said. “When I was studying, I failed statistics.”
  ”Article sixteen.” Our eyes were suddenly covered by darkness again. A large truck full of timber bumps in front. Perhaps its heavy gasps are too harsh. A few bats on the rock face flapped and flew away, their flying speed was obviously much faster than our Land Rover, which always broke down.
  This is an unexpected trip. According to Yu Youmei, he wanted to buy some honey from the depths of the Qinling Mountains in Tianshui, Gansu. I don’t remember his fondness for sweets. During this time he became obsessed with the CCTV documentary channel. He likes to watch documentaries about animals, especially African hyenas. He said that the hyena’s laughter made him marvel at the magic of the Creator. The laughter contained intimidation, anxiety and cunning, as well as contempt for opponents. It can contain so many emotions in a long laugh, and it is only ugly. Hyena is out. That night, he drank and fell asleep. When he woke up, the hyena disappeared. A short film about poverty alleviation was being shown on TV. “You don’t know how beautiful the mountain is. The wild honey looks like…melted…” He licked his lips and stared at me, with the expression of a paraconstipation patient on his face. I said, “Gold.” He shook his head. I said, “Amber.” He shook his head again. I said: “Beeswax.” He patted his shiny forehead sharply: “Yes! It’s like incinerated beeswax.”
  In the afternoon of the next day, he drove the outdated Land Rover, took Yelaoshr, Yu He and me, and set off from Beijing on the Jingkun Expressway to Lianhuo Expressway, passing Dingzhou, Xinle, Nanyang to Jinzhong City. , And then to Baoji via Pingyao, Huozhou, Linfen, Hancheng, and Jingxian. When he arrived in Baoji, Yu He said that he wanted to visit Tiantai Mountain. Yu Youmei immediately denied her idea. He said that we are going to buy honey, not traveling. Yu He muttered something. Yu Youmei smiled and kissed her forehead, and she stopped talking.
  In this way, we crossed Meixian County and headed straight for Dongcha. The place where we want to buy honey is in Taohuaping Village in Dongcha Town.
  Passing through the last tunnel, the glow of the mountains has faded, and the Venus is embedded in the dark blue sky, shining abnormally. At any rate, I arrived at Dongcha Town. The town is surrounded by mountains, surrounded by low Qinling branches. Standing on the main street of the town, you can smell the scent of pine nuts and wild flowers. Like any hidden town we’ve been to, it has only one main road, and the road is lined with two-story buildings lined with white tiles. At the end of the main road is a T-shaped intersection. The chapped mountain blocks the wind. One road goes south and the other goes north. The road to the south leads to the highway, and the road to the north leads to Taohuaping.
  ”We live here tonight,” Yu Youmei said, “Don’t you think this town is very similar to the set in the David Lynch movie?”
  We all know that Yu Youmei and David Lynch are good friends. He always mentions him inadvertently. When Yu Youmei went to Las Vegas, David Lynch took him to bet on the turntable. He lost one hundred thousand dollars. David Lynch also took him to Mandalay Bay Casino Resort to watch a hypnotic show. As the only Asian man present, he was invited to the stage to cooperate with the performance. He used to talk to us countless times about the performance that made him ashamed-he didn’t know what he said or did after he was hypnotized. In short, when he woke up, David Lynch’s vomit had not been cleaned by the waiter. He said that David Lynch hurried away with his mixed-race female assistant and did not continue to accompany him to bowling at the Red Rock Casino Resort. “That was the last time I saw him,” Yu Youmei always said gloomily when talking about that inexplicable goodbye, “I really don’t know what stupid I did.”
  And one of the stupid things he did this time was to bring Yu He. From the first time I saw her, I felt that this child might have autism. She always stares at a place behind you thoughtfully, to rule out the possibility of squinting, I guess she is afraid of dealing with strangers in her bones. She always holds the book. I guess it must be an extremely boring book.
  ”Let’s live in this hotel,” Yu Youmei said, pointing to the dark house. “I’ve asked, this is the best hotel in
  town .” The best hotel in town doesn’t even have a striking sign, just A faint light flooded from the doorway on the first floor. I said, “It’s okay to make do for one night in the car.” Yu Youmei took out a box of missionary beer from the trunk and said, “It’s cold in the mountains, what should I do if the baby is frozen?” He called Yu He a baby. When these two words slip out of his mouth, they often have the sweetness of glutinous rice candy. Perhaps in his eyes, Yu He is still a baby girl wearing diapers.
  We moved our luggage into the hotel. The so-called luggage is the suitcases of two ladies, one pink and one plain black. The pink box is covered with dirty white labels. When checking in, the waiter whose face was darker than the steamed purple potato asked for the marriage certificates of Yu Youmei and Yelaoshr. Yu Youmei was stunned. She spread her hands and smiled and said, “Oh, forgot to bring it.” The waiter mumbled a dialect, swept us suspiciously, and opened two big bed rooms. “Three rooms.” I couldn’t help but smile and glanced at Yu He. The waiter must have low vision, otherwise he would not put me and Yu He in the same room. To be honest, I look more like her uncle.
  The guest room is at the back of the hall, the bungalow, and the courtyard is full of grape seedlings and some vegetables. The grapes seem to have been pecked by birds. We settled well, Yu Youmei said that she was going to eat noodles. “Don’t look at the rabbits in this place, but the noodles are delicious, fragrant and spicy, what’s the name…” He frowned and looked at me. I said, “Shanzi Mian.” He shook his head. I said: “Sudden surface.” He shook his head. I said: “trouser noodles.” He said: “tugging.” I said: “beating the noodles.” He inhaled and said, “Yes! , Fungus… yellow flowers, dried tofu, big meat, meatballs… large pieces… splint meat, fried without soup into glutinous seeds, topped with thick paste-like gorgon sauce,” his Adam’s apple slid a few times, “pull the noodles again,” After it’s cooked, transfer it to a large bowl, pour the scorched seeds and mix with the condiments. That taste, tut.”
  The noodles are really delicious, but we waited more than half an hour for the four bowls of noodles. Yu He continued to read her novel under the dim light, frowning from time to time and flapping the mosquitoes. Teacher Ye wandered the main street, occasionally leaning down to tease the local dogs. The dog didn’t recognize the birth, and happily shook his short tail, and the flower nose sniffed her fingers from time to time. Later, she slipped to a stream not far away and squatted by the stream to wash her hands and face. Yu Youmei said, “I’m so fucking regretful.” I asked, “What do you regret?” He didn’t answer, and slammed his cigar. The smoke soon flooded his face. He has a face narrower than a sickle. He has a well-known nickname in their circle, Thuringian Sausage. When I waited, I heard myself swallowing saliva. Yu Youmei gave Yu He a large piece of splint meat in the bowl. Yu He didn’t touch it for a while. Later, I saw her sneaking it into the napkin.