Johnson’s “repentance” journalist career is controversial

On the 23rd local time, when British Prime Minister Johnson visited a middle school in London to recall his journalism career, his inadvertent remarks caused dissatisfaction and political sarcasm in the entire news industry.

According to the British “Guardian” report on the 23rd, Johnson visited Sedge Hill Middle School in London that day and talked about his early career during his interaction with students. He said that his “abandoning pen and going into politics” back then was somewhat out of a certain “guilt” mentality. He said: “I have been a reporter for a long time… This is a great job, but the trouble is that you always have to slander or attack others when you are in the industry.” Johnson explained that the “slander” here is not just Refers to “bad words facing each other”, but refers to the kind of “critical” attitude. He also said that his “guilt” mentality comes from only considering criticism, but never really considering the situation of the criticized object.

Johnson did not expect that these words of “introspection” would cause big trouble, and Sky News Network directly interpreted these words as “Johnson claimed that reporters are always slandering others.” The Labour Party’s shadow digitization, culture, media and sports minister Matheson sarcastically said that the Prime Minister’s remarks were actually talking about his own bad deeds when he was a reporter and had nothing to do with the industry. He urged Johnson to retract these words and apologize. Sky News’ chief political reporter Craig even sarcastically said that Johnson’s “industry hacking” was nothing more than dissatisfaction with the exposure of the British media to his private life. He “appealed” to the media colleagues: “Stop staring at Johnson’s fiancée and dog!” In response, Johnson’s press secretary Stratton urgently came forward to “fire the fire”, saying that the Prime Minister’s remarks only emphasized the government of the news media. Accountability function.

The BBC once reported that Johnson started working as a reporter for The Times in 1987 and was fired for fabricating a quote. The newspaper’s editor-in-chief at the time was his godfather, but he decided to fire him. Later, the “Daily Telegraph” took a fancy to him and entrusted him with an important task. He published acrimonious articles in the magazine, especially the satirical comments made by Liverpool people, which offended his colleagues in Parliament. Although the then chairman of the Conservative Party withstood the pressure to resign his membership, he had to make the party’s cultural affairs spokesman apologize to all the residents of Liverpool. In 2006, Johnson apologized to Papua New Guinea for his remarks about “cannibalism”. “The Guardian” stated that Johnson’s writing is known for its sharp, “venomous tongue”, and even has a strong discriminatory color. For example, he once compared women in burqas to “mobile mailboxes” and “bank robbers,” referring to people of African descent as “little black bastards” and homosexuals as “homosexuals in vests.” When Johnson worked as a columnist for the “Daily Telegraph”, his annual income was approximately £275,000. Calculated according to his text output at the time, writing a word is worth 4.8 pounds.