Job hunting

  On the day of the end of the quarantine, Ah Ying booked an afternoon high-speed rail ticket, departing from Hongqiao and arriving in Beijing at 6:28. It is the time of traffic jam.
  When she knocked on the door, everyone in the room was still a little surprised. The suitcase may be seventy or eighty catties, and hers is only 80 catties. There is almost no meat in the arm. Of course, no one on the road has the time to show off his gentlemanly demeanor. Everyone is in a hurry, or only has a mobile phone screen in their eyes, so they can’t care too much. This doesn’t matter. What’s worse, when you encounter a step, you can only put your knees against the top of the body. The public domain here is hard to describe in one word. When you are not swift, the steps can be three times higher than usual.
  However, the cousin has already obtained a diploma and returned safely from abroad, where the epidemic is severe. For the time being, there is still a place to stay here. Compared with the many fresh graduates, it is not a bumpy one.
  The job search situation looks grim. Although Ah Ying is lively, outgoing, good taste, and social skills are at the top level among her peers, these advantages are of no use in the job hunting team. It’s like a team of people on the road wearing black clothes. You are different. You wear a navy blue. But who would look away from the crowd?
  The job search intentions range from brand promotion, marketing, new media operations, advertising to fashion management, film and television brokerage, etc. Everyone asked them once, but when the stone was thrown, it sank.
  He Fang also asked a few acquaintances, the old friend is the vice president, and the reply was that he would lay off 20% of the staff recently. The other one looks very suitable, but when I turned to look at the resume, there was no news.
  Ah Ying can naturally do these tasks. Is there any difficulty? Is the technology high? What does not exist, except for some industries with high barriers, 80% of the jobs on the market are not that difficult. However, sometimes when the fire is too close, you can only sigh.
  Ah Ying finally got an internship opportunity with a public relations company on her own. The company was pretty good in the industry, and the clients she met were also well-known. The internship salary is 100 yuan a day, which sounds okay.
  After sitting on a cold bench for a few days, collecting and sorting out some materials that the seniors needed, her thoughts were shaken. All day long is some boring trivial matter, but the opinions in the customer group have never stopped.
  The group leader is a young lady who was in 1993, the older leader was in 1987, and there is also a boy who just entered the group who seems to be an intern. At first, the leader asked the boy to follow them in the meeting with Party A on Monday. Ah Ying was still a little disappointed, why was she ignored. Later, she figured out that the other party was a full-time employee. This also meant that the space for the group’s entry indicators was compressed.
  Just compress it, this place is no longer fragrant. Customers’ enigmatic preferences are hard to please. The small leaders and the big leaders all nodded and bowed, but they couldn’t do anything. The day before yesterday, there were also dim sum students who were jealous that the “male interns” were taken to the meeting and were exposed to the “core business”. They found that the leader behind half-joked and half-seriously said, “If you change a boy, change your taste, you can probably vote for the woman of Party A.” Have a little appetite.” After
  another two days, Ah Ying followed the two leaders on the subway to get off work. The leader asked her where she lived. She told her truthfully, the leader said with a smile, oh, living in such a city center, rich people. . Aying hurriedly explained that she was only staying with relatives temporarily. The rest did not know what to say to change the subject, but fortunately, the transfer station arrived soon, and she hurriedly got off the train, intuitively it was impossible to match the leadership. The hunch soon came true. A week later, when the leaders went south for a business trip, she stayed behind to sort out information for them. At 6:30, Aying packed her things and got on the subway going home. She received a message from the leader in the group and asked her to sort out a draft. She said yes, she will finish it with the computer as soon as she gets home. At this time, the leader was angry: When did you get off work? Why don’t you report to me after get off work?
  Aying was a little panicked, isn’t it a normal off-duty time at half past six, and there is no one in the office. But the finger is still soft in front of the input box, and the only thing that comes out of the button is “Hmm, I will pay attention next time”. When their activities were over, Ah Ying watched her leader’s circle of friends post “×× hours of continuous struggle…” and she looked like a female King Kong, thinking that it will be harder for her in the future. Or continue to submit your resume. If you have dates or no dates, let’s talk about it three times. By coincidence, an opportunity suddenly appeared. An HR from a well-known state-owned enterprise called and asked her if she was interested in human resources.

  Although Ah Ying is lively, outgoing, good taste, and social skills are at the top level among her peers, these advantages are of no use in the job hunting team. It’s like a team of people on the road wearing black clothes. You are different. You wear a navy blue.

  Of course she is not interested, but there is no chance at the moment, just chat, anyway, she doesn’t panic chatting with strangers. She didn’t submit a resume at all for this company. The HR director picked her up from the resume pool. The reason may happen to be that the director and her are from the same undergraduate school, a relatively ordinary place where it is difficult to meet alumni here. At a certain moment, he moved a little personal feelings; it may also be that the director consciously has a sharp eye and found a seedling. The two talked happily. The director was frank and open and analyzed the pros and cons for her. Finally, let her think about it, ask her final thoughts, and don’t rush to conclusions.

  Like filming, a rare job scene. On the way home, Aying was a little excited. She called her parents. The parents who stayed at the fourth and fifth line immediately felt happy and dizzy when they heard the name of the company. The subordinate company of the place that people all over the country know. It’s still the personnel department, which used to mean cadres. For those born in the 70s who were the sons of state-owned enterprises in the past, they were disbanded and found a way out. Maybe the account can be resolved.
  Ah Ying herself looked forward to this, but she hesitated. If she really entered this line, she would be farther away from what she wanted to do in the future. And this job is from 9 to 5, which is not conducive to my own development. But then I think about it, anyway, I’m stable, I don’t need to work overtime, I can do something else in my spare time, such as being a fashion blogger.
  Her thoughts changed every minute, and she returned to her relatives with little joy, a little desire for uncertainty, and a little fear of not being able to approach her ideal life. The opinions of the relatives are similar to those of their parents. First, there is a job, and the sister didn’t say much about it. These are all gains and losses, and they can only be weighed.
  Ah Ying decided to reply her senior. The senior said yes, got it. up to you. The last four characters are a little weird, and it seems that there is little hope in an instant. The next day was Saturday. At noon, the senior came to a message, saying that he had made an appointment with someone to talk about things in the afternoon. It happened to be near where you lived. If you are interested, you can come and have tea together. Ah Ying said yes, yes, thank you senior.
  Putting it aside, the vulgar plot is about to begin. Such passion is unnecessary. Don’t know what to talk about, not embarrassing? But in broad daylight, it’s only five or six minutes away from home, so just go. Ah Ying loves to chat anyway. After a solid chat for more than three hours, Ah Ying felt that the senior was very sincere, not the kind of greasy plot. But should I go to the personnel post? She began to hesitate again. She has greater ambitions.
  She wanted to talk to her parents, but the more she talked on the phone, the more angry she became. Obviously, they couldn’t understand what she was anxious about. How come suddenly dissatisfied again. “Don’t be so stressed, or just go home. Last time you told me a little money, you can find someone to clear it, but if you think about which department it is, the price of each department is different…”
  When Ah Ying heard this, she became more irritable. This kind of “unblocking” is very unreliable. The other party is probably just cheating some money. It sounds like someone can choose a post. She was angry that she couldn’t talk to her parents, and the other party could never give valuable advice. So he hung up and ranted a few words in the family group. Middle-aged parents who don’t know what they said wrong are labeled as incommunicable and without any constructive label. Continue to make the call, but was pressed again, and they had to call where. When the call was connected, Ah Ying became even more anxious. She didn’t want her parents to shake these things off to others, so the call progressed very embarrassingly, crying, and appealing, and for a while, the room became very noisy.
  He Fang looked at all this and remembered himself back then. She told her cousin that when she first came to Beijing, her mother was playing mahjong and she probably didn’t raise her head. When you actually don’t need their opinions, why do you pretend to value their ideas and complain that their ideas are out of date and useless? After hearing this, Ah Ying calmed down a lot.
  More than a month later, she ended her internship at this public relations company, switched to another industry she was interested in, and started a new internship. I still have no eyebrows when I turn to normal, but it may feel better.