It was grim weather and damp cold; the sky was covered with gray clouds and the earth was covered with snow.

And yet I saw everything in such a friendly color! my favorite city in this world shone wide: Pest, the bank of the Danube smiled at me, and I remembered as if these familiar houses were greeting me again. I drank from this atmosphere.

I see my friends, so many good people; I will enjoy the spirit of the national circle, I will return to the lovely round table where the mood is inexhaustible, and if one has sorrow, the others will dispel it. Enthusiastic, waist boys all! just thinking about them is a pleasure.

I spent the night sleepless on the steamer, resting a little. There was no possibility, the bed, the room and the whole world rotated with me; finally the excitement caught me so much that I jumped out of my bed as if burning over my head.

I had no stay; I got dressed to go for breakfast, at least I read papers, I haven’t known about the world in three days.

As I stepped into the street, I saw an unusual movement; people hurried in smaller or larger teams. Violent speech can be heard here and there.-4-

The first acquaintance I saw was Delleter Jean, a hairdresser. He was in a hurry to lead a team. I gestured to myself.

“Tell me, please, Jean, what happened?”

– You don’t know?

“I come from far away, and I haven’t seen a newspaper in three days.”

– Well, it’s a revolution in Vienna.

– And here?

– It’s just noise and unrest. So who could be turned against here? he greeted him and hurried back to his team.

I doubled my footsteps and grew up in Pillvax at the same time.

In front of Pillvax, a huge crowd of youth shouted: Long live freedom !

My heart beat loudly at this.

There was also a lot of turmoil, loud talk and stormy outbursts inside the café.

What a surprise I was that, being careful, I didn’t see anyone in the round-table. Is it possible to stay away from the scene of such a movement for individuals who have always proclaimed the idea of ​​freedom in word and writing? They will come, they must come, but where are they late?

I sat down for breakfast. There may have been several of my acquaintances in the coffee shop, but everyone was so busy with something else that no one noticed me.

Long live thunder! he shakes the walls, and enters the back door with a ghosted expression: Petőfi, Jókai, Irányi, József Irinyi, and three or four new figures.

I hurried to your greetings.-5-

“It’s good you came, they said, just in time.” Then they were introduced to the new figures. Pál Vasváry, Gyula Bulyovszky, Albert Nyáry; all three joined the leaders at the dawn of the first youth, with flakes and enthusiastic eyes. Now I also belonged to the tribe, without knowing what and where they intended? but well I definitely trusted my friends and followed blindly, I would have followed even if they had rushed straight into the throat of death.

We took to the streets.

Petőfi and Irinyi presented a document to the cheering crowd, that is:

– Forward!

Snowy, mixed with heavy rain. We headed for Hatvani Street. The crowd kept roaring: “Long live freedom! long live equality! long live Kossuth! «

In Hatvani Street, where the house of Count Pálffy now stands, and there is a ground-floor café room, there was a printing house of Landerer. We got here. Outside, Jókai and Vasváry alternately gave inspiring speeches to the crowd.

Most of the audience listened with an outstretched umbrella.

We meanwhile wanted to print those two manuscripts in the workshop. Landerer said dryly:

– Impossible, it’s not licensed.

We looked at each other, we didn’t know how to do it.

Lander created by:

– Reserve a press.

József Irinyi put his hand on the big machine with these words:

“We reserve this press on behalf of the people.” His sharp voice walked every corner of the workshop.

– I cannot resist violence; replied Landerer.-6-

To this the workers broke out in a cry of “long live the people!”. Immediately the most skilful handlers of the press grew up there, took over the manuscripts, and with feverish activity saw him picking them up. As soon as the first finished copy fell out of the machine, Petőfi picked it up and ran out with it. Holding the sheet high from the door, he shouted:

– Suck! the very firstborn of the free press.

A father who saves his beloved child from the throat of death can only look at his child with as much delight as Petőfi looked at this uncensored print.

– I’ll tell you the contents. Then he voted:

»Hungarian on its feet, home is late!
It’s time, now or never! ‘
I have never seen such an incendiary effect in my life. It was as if the clouds were not scattering snow, but sparks of light, and in people the brain, the bosom, as a fuel, burst into flames at once.

After the second verse the refraint:

»To the god of the Hungarians
We swear
We swear to prisoners on
We will not be.”
The crowd, like a storm, then thundered.

No one thought anymore with snow or rain; his umbrella was gathered by everyone, and, as if transformed into a weapon, he raised it menacingly high.

When Petőfi finished, he remained in place for a while, enjoying the indescribable effect. It was then replaced by József Irinyi, with the printed 12 points in his hand. He started reading; all items were received with stormy approval.

Now go to town hall. But the real picture is what we wanted there? we didn’t know that ourselves.-7-

The huge procession began; where he went, he was greeted by waving shawls from the windows and shop doors. The town hall square was flooded with crowds.

We went to the meeting room, the council sitting together.

Mayor Lipót Rottenbiller welcomed the first swallows of the spring. “You bring, you say, the hopes of complete freedom, you beat the handcuffs off the press, and I certainly believe that under your protection, our city will be wary of disturbances.”

From the first floor of the town hall, Jókai, Irányi, Vasváry and Rottenbiller gave a speech to the crowd in the area; Petőfi recited the »National Song« and József Irinyi read the 12 points.

We marched with boundless enthusiasm to the castle, where we saw the gunners standing by their cannons with burning wicks.

»Long live freedom! long live equality! ”the crowd marched before them with a shout.

The board of governors met. How many of us entered the room, the crowd occupying the courtyard, stairs, and corridors.

The great gentlemen offered a place around the green table.

We ‘re busy.

We have presented the 12 points that contain our wishes.

No objections were made.

We wanted the release of the press to be announced immediately by the board of governors and the censors to be moved.