It all went with amazing speed.

Balogh’s eyes scattered hoops.

“If you want to know, Bónis continued, laughing, I taught him and ordered him to say so.”

This was again followed by an even greater laughter.

Balogh sat down half-laughing, half confused with these words:

– Sam, that’s a bad joke.

“Well, why didn’t you let me speak? I had to listen to you.”

Balogh did not say a word about the details of the Schwehath battle all night.

Pillvax’s round table, that is, as he called himself: the public, holding on, though, was still standing. Petőfi was held back by family happiness, Pálffy was very immersed in the fifteenth of Martius , and as the editor-in-chief of a kind of sounding paper, he may have considered it subordinate to do politics here. One who was not a regular member, but a very kind guest: Guszti Szentmiklósi fell at Schwehát. The rest together-98-was when I visited the lovely place. As everywhere, the schwehát battle and the conditions that preceded it formed the conversation.

Pali Vasváry was strongly attacked, especially by Károly Sikey, for being the cause of the deaths of the Szeklers who were fired at Párndorf because he was excited and he gave rhetoric that he was not obliged to fight beyond the borders of his homeland.

Vasváry defended himself, and among his other testimonies, he excused that he wasn’t there either, because when this riot broke out, he was sleeping in his car.

Károly Sikey, who was very stuttering, replied:

– Sleeping in the car of a car with a car is a fever in itself.

By the way, those who suspected Vasváry did so very wrongly, because he was true, he loved the Szeklers, he had a lot of contact with them, but he was perfectly innocent in causing this sad fact. It is true that falsehood has spread in the camp, but what could have laid the groundwork? Many saw Vasváry in contact with the Szeklers, knew his oratory power, heard the fame of his captivating and captivating speeches, and they could not imagine anything other than that Vasváry had influenced them and caused misfortune among them. But this is not true, government commissioner László Csányi immediately launched an investigation against him, which Vasváry himself requested, because when the news began to bite, László Csányi called Vasváry and advised him: My brother! leave the camp without procrastination and delay. The irritability is great against you.

– And why?

– Because of the Szeklers.-99-

“If I left, I’d be right to slander.” I’ll stay and ask for an investigation.

László Csányi said with his gentle expression in the voice of kindness:

“I’m happy, my sweet brother, and he squeezed Vasváry’s hand hotly, a big stone fell from my heart.”

The study brightly confirmed Vasváry.

Hearing these, Sikey could answer nothing but:

– Csa .. Csányi is a very good man, but it’s a pity for those Szeklers.

Who would have thought that this stuttering little skinny man also became a very good patriot. The bravest, bravest and most reckless soldier, Károly Földváry, later had an assistant; to Károly Földváry, who fought the victorious battle in Váczon, where the leader of the enemy led: General Götz also fell; to Károly Földváry, about whom Lajos Kossuth said: the state is not conquered by the state with a horse, in every battle two or three are fired from it.

Pest became a large camp; after the battalion, the battalion was formed, organized and armed; one entered, the other withdrew.

On the street, in the theater, in the restaurant, you could hear a whole sword. In the merchant’s shop, in the craftsman’s workshop, at the clerk’s desk, he wore a national guard’s suit. The young man could only be seen in civilian clothes here and there.

Count István Károlyi set up a hussar regiment at his own expense. I, as a lieutenant appointed to Moga, asked me to be moved here.

Lázár Mészáros is a warlord when he came to the “Queen of England” for lunch and saw me at a separate table, -100-he sat there, and as an academic member, a literary man, he loved to talk about literature.

Once we ate together again, the old ur intact on a piece of distorted rose-held fork when he says:

“Today, I have appointed his brother as lieutenant general to the Charles Hussars.”

– Thank you, Minister ur, it is me and not my brother.

Butcher put the distorted rose on his fork on his plate, and throwing himself back in his chair, he laughed so goodly that his eyes widened.

– So a sword instead of a pen ?! say still laughing.

“I’d like,” I said, “to shoot the latter with more luck than the former.”

“All the youth in the class must be allowed to compete to save their homeland. Then he held out his hand, continuing, a lot of patience, perseverance and luck for the new track.

As I was on my way home, I met Pál Hajnik and asked:

– Why don’t you pick up your secretarial salary?

– I have already resigned.

“It just happened, and your pay has been flowing so far.”

I got a few hundred forints, it came as if I had won a lottery ticket. I immediately hurried to a horse dealer and bargained for two saddle paripas. Count Pál Ráday was with me, we were well chosen. I also ordered the uniform.-101-

As soon as I had lunch in my hussar attire, Lázár Mészáros comes again, going straight to my desk.

I stood up and greeted me militarily.

He looked all the way and said with a smile;

“She was a prettier boy in civilian clothes.”

– I hope I can be more useful that way.