It all went with amazing speed.

I mention this place because I saw here what I will hardly see in life; there were many old and warrior soldiers here, but all admitted that he had never seen anything like it. Yoga, as he heard it, rode out with his whole arm to make sure the news wasn’t magnified? and indeed we found it: there lay a fallen closeup, his helmet split in two, his head all the way, and the blood cut into almost two fingers deep; it seemed that this huge cut fell in one fell swoop. What arm, what strength and what sword it could have been!

We were long-awaited guests of Archduke Albrecht; located at the headquarters building in the lordship, the director declared that he had no instructions as to supply, and was therefore compelled to refuse everything. To the threat of the government commissioner: then I will assign a section of gunmen here, and I will force him, he replied with full readiness: I have no defense against violence. He opened not only the halls, but also the cellar, serving the finest wines and, in addition, majestic cigars, so that some of us even provided themselves with food. We have no complaints against it, we have received princely care from Archduke Albrecht.

We arrived in Niklasdorf in the evening, hungry and thirsty. The headquarters were in the rectory, where they were welcomed. What a feeling it was to see that beautiful set table; there those slender bottles clustered, and the crystal glasses shone… We finally sat at a table and began to serve the food. The most pleasant scent in the world filled the room. I couldn’t wait for the bowl to reach me.-81-

Auxiliary officer Berohan Nemiró reports that there is a strong fire from the forest.

– Send someone for an inspection; commanded by Moga.

Nemiró looks across the table, his eyes caught on me, and he pronounces the terrible judgment:

– Degré! take a section of hussar with you and look around the woods.

– It did not tolerate contradiction or delay. I rolled up a glass of wine, glanced at the evaporating bowl, and started with a heavy heart.

Tomejkovich , a decent waist Croatian boy, came up to me. I told him I was in big trouble about how hungry I was and they were disturbed by the table.

“It’s okay, comforted kindness, I have bacon, bread, the bottle will release it, and I’ll accompany you, and we’ll have dinner on horseback.”

I sat on a service horse and started a section with Miklós-hussar.

We did hear rifle crackling from the forest.

After doing the snack, after everyone smoked their pipe, I conducted a trot. Now we not only heard but also saw the firing. From the shots that flashed in the dark, was it easy to see where the firing was going? we went intact. I wanted to avoid a page. The great mustache corporal, a learned old hussar, jumps up next to me with these words: Lieutenant sir! we get closer so straight.

– Against the shots?

– You won’t find it in this dark.

I gave myself not to betray a lack of courage in front of the crew. So go straight ahead!-82-

“This damn guy,” Tomejkovich says in French, wanted to catch you.

– Or at least embarrassed.

The old hussars had the quality of being the first thing they had to do, to test them, to catch them, if they were under young and previously unserviced officers. If successful, the discipline was over and the officer was a real victim of the crew; and if he had enough strength, courage, and rigor from the first moment, he won the old soldier by going with him not only to the greatest fire, but he was ready to sacrifice himself for it. It so happened that a young captain was brought to another hussar regiment from elsewhere. The squadron was set up, the captain riding in front of his face and commanding, “Pull a sword!” Not a single hand moves. The captain gallops through the squadron, stops in the middle, and commands again, “He pulls a sword!” Instead of obeying, he jumps out of a lieutenant, stops in front of the captain, and shouts.

“You can see, ur, no one obeys, we don’t have to.”

– Inciting! the captain raced at him, slashing his head with his sword so that he turned from his horse. Now, for the third time, he shouted the command word with a bloody sword in his hand. This was either influenced or liked by the hussars, enough for him, they kept the discipline from that moment on, and later affectionately clung to their strong and brave young captain.

So I took my people in a straight line.

The corporal stood by me again with the view: Maybe it would be better to approach the firemen sideways.

“We’re going in a straight line,” I said firmly, -83-and though I know for sure that a bullet spreads, you do not dilate it; for I saw the cunning of the old hussar.

We spotted two figures at a time fleeing from us sideways. We jumped after them, and as soon as we got there, they threw the gun away from the seeds.

– Who are you?

They answered in German, in a terrible trembling voice: Sopron National Guards.

– What were you doing here?

– We want to go to the village.

– Where do you come from?

– From the woods.

– Where are they firing?

– Yes.

– Who’s shooting?

– The National Guards of Sopron.

– Who?

– To a house.

Galloping, we got there soon. Indeed, it was the national guards in Sopron who shot at an empty forest shed. I was convinced that it was empty because we broke into the house, which so far they only dared to approach from a shooting distance.

Returning, I made my report and then slept well.

From here we went to Párndorf, and thus reached the border of Austria, without catching up with Jellasich.