It all went with amazing speed.

The House of Representatives held its meeting with the greatest excitement, the bridge was surprised by the people as Lamberg drove from Buda to see who. sure, by a supreme decree, dissolve the parliament. His car was stopped in the middle of the bridge, and when he was dressed in all his disorder, he jumped out of it and collapsed dead as a result of several blows and stabs.

There was nothing part of this youth.

Is it hard to say what effect this folk judgment had on the people of Pest? the lower class raged and rejoiced; many were shocked, making an embarrassing impression on others. What is certain, however, is that after this sad fact, there was little doubt that the dice were sown between the Austrian authorities and Hungary.

The nervous events recurred by age. One day something allegedly Polish was fired at General Bem, other times Görgey’s wall stickers caused a large grouping, and I don’t think anyone read it indifferently.-76-would have been: This is how the traitor is punished ! It was reported that gr. Executed by Zichy Eugen rope.

And Jellasich marched forward and forward toward the capital.

Women and men marched farewell to Tétény, while bright teeth could be seen. They were all in a hurry to do a ditch to protect the capital. Out of the glossy teeth, decorative palms emerged, Jaquemar carrying earth with their gloved hands. How much more service would they have done if the palm-footed carriages and ducklings lurking on the buck were sent instead of seeds. Well, it was good for a demonstration.

I fought a great struggle with my conscience; most of my friends and acquaintances have already served with armed hands, and I have to turn the pen here?… not if I don’t live until then! I wept and gave up my resignation, then without waiting for an answer, I went to the Moga camp, where I began to serve as a hussar arbitrary commoner.

I saw Móga at Marton-Vásárhely, he sends me the captain of the Nemegyey staff and calls me to him.

I rode there.

In addition to Móga, there was General Teleki, a few more tribal officers, Samó Bónis, gr. Aladár Andrássy and more.

I saluted you.

General Moga shook hands with the words, “We are old acquaintances. Stay by me like a slut. ”

The army was set up in battle order. There I first saw the hero Guyon Richard with his brave arbitrators, among whom many of my friends and acquaintances from Pest appeared. This team later became famous for its battalion, making itself immortal at Branyicsko.-77-

Jellasich pushed us with his army. I confess, my distressed heart, when I saw that crowd descending from on high; they covered the whole side like ants.

Jellasich took a position, Moga did not attack.

At the same time, Jellasich’s gun rattles, and the bullet hits the hussars, Moga looks there, pulls his well-out mustache to the right and left, and growls in front of him, “weed!” The second bullet destroyed the hussars again. rebel! «and now he also ordered the firing. Our beds answered honestly.

The firing lasted for a long time, until at last the sergeants started to attack in the midst of an indecent yelling from the Croatian side.

Artillery Commander Jung now aimed his cannon himself, firing six in a row among the approaching serfs. It could have been terribly devastating because we saw them confused, and the red cloaks just flew into the air.

The battle remained undecided that day, and we were preparing for a decisive battle the next day.

We rode into town. I talked to Sam Bónis as we got to the wagons carrying the wounded. In one of the cars there was a young patriot wailing, next to him lay a hussar with his legs down, comforting his companion at the same time.

“Let’s stay with them,” says Bónis, “I’m interested in the fate of this hussar.” Then he took over the role of the hussar, speaking in simple but uplifting words, so that even the hussar stared at him as well.

Arriving in the city, we escorted the unfortunate -78-to the makeshift hospital, where they were immediately seen taking off the hussar’s leg. The hussar asked for a cigar, and Bónis immediately set it on fire and served him. The hussar stood up for the surgery when it was over, sat up, asked for a glass of water, drank it, and at that moment cut himself dead. The cigar was still smoking between his fingers.

There was a great misfortune in the camp that night. The first battalion was sent for a spy, and while he was there, the outpost was replaced by the battalion »Prinz Preusen«, but still an army unfamiliar with practical warfare, he forgot to inform the former guard that a battalion was on duty. The first battalion returned, the »Prinz Preusen« in the gloom believed the enemy was coming, and they received it with gunfire. Several patriots were wounded. »The enemy is among us! shouted the patriots. Betrayal! the army is shooting at us. ”It spread throughout the camp at lightning speed. The confusion was common; in spite of the fact that it was confirmed to the army that it was a terrible mistake and then the investigation revealed, the officers themselves took note of this outburst with reluctance, but none of them was convinced by the crew to believe it.

Apparently, Jellasich had no spy here, because if he learned of this situation, he would attack us, and not a brigade, but a regiment would have been enough to dismantle our entire camp, there was so much distrust, confusion, and despair.

The opposite happened to what could be feared.

If chance ever brought luck to a warring party, this time we could talk about it. Instead of hitting us, the enemy sent negotiators and asked for three days of ceasefire. Never better!-79-Our leaders secretly, but welcomed the offer. In Pest, even his representatives in circles took the consent under a bad name, and there were even those who suspected Moga about it. Well, they would have just been those gentlemen here, to see the endless confusion and attunement, they would have judged otherwise.

Both leaders tried to turn the time of the armistice to their advantage; He considered it his job to restore the shaken confidence, to find out the misunderstanding, and to put the broken order back on track, and he happily solved this. And Jellasich escaped the man’s word, military honor, and all his outposts outside the sacrifice, escaped with his army.

At the end of the ceasefire, we search for the enemy that broke into the country with such great fervor, but found only its outposts and a cool spot. Our camp immediately set up, and we set off in double action after the fugitive army. At Győr, we were already so on the trail that the roaches of his campfires were still smoking when we got there, but in the forced marches our army was so exhausted that we didn’t have to go any further with all the militant mood and enthusiasm.

So we rested in Győr; good care and a little wine gave new strength to further persecution.

It was here that we got the news that in Vienna, Minister of War Latour had been hung on a street lamp.

»Only the Secretary of Defense? said our soldiers, more would have fit there. But something is more than nothing. ”

At Mosony, our outposts reached out to Jellasich’s offspring. They collided. But they rested, we were tired-80- we were, they easily ran on, while our army descended from exhaustion.