I’m more like Yingchun

  I used to agree with Maugham’s words: “Reading is a small refuge that I carry with me.” Whenever I am angry about something, I will say to myself, this is not a mistake of reading, if your world is unlimited Broad, how can you get angry about this kind of thing? This is the heart of contempt.
  When Yingchun encounters trouble, she hides in the book. Her maid quarreled with her nanny’s daughter-in-law, and she couldn’t persuade her, so she simply took the copy of “Tai Shang Induction” to read.
  Isn’t this just taking reading as a refuge?
  Is Yingchun stupid? It seems that they are not very clever. There is a poetry society in the Grand View Garden. Daiyu, Xiangyun, and Baochai take turns to show their talents, and Yingchun and Xichun are always behind. Baoqin and the others came to visit relatives. Baoyu immediately invited them to join the poetry club. Tanchun said that the second sister was ill. Baoyu said: “Second sister doesn’t write poems, so it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t.” Yingchun and Jia Huan did not guess.
  She is also extremely cowardly in dealing with things. Her jewellery Zhuanzhulaisijinfeng was stolen by the nurse and used as a gambling book. The maid Xiujiu returned to her, and she tricked Xiuju into saying that Siqi must have collected it. Xiuju went to ask Siqi, and Siqi said that she hadn’t received it. It was obvious that she was taken away by the nurse, but Yingchun still pretended to be deaf. Seeing that the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching in a few days, if you want to wear this golden phoenix, Yingchun still ignores it.
  I think I can do this kind of thing. The last time I watched the “Talk Show Conference” on JD.com, a JD executive said that they had received a lot of “wonderful” inquiries. One of them asked if I could buy a refrigerator for the residents upstairs without getting caught. He found? Why does this man want to live Lei Feng? It was because the refrigerator in the households upstairs was too loud, making him uneasy because of the noise, and he did not dare to mention it.
  Just don’t want to face it, spend money to buy peace.
  The little trick of welcoming the spring was exposed by the maid, and she had to admit that she knew what was going on from the beginning: “Why ask, naturally she took it for a temporary loan. I only said that she took it out quietly, but it took a while. , She still quietly sent it and it was over, who knew she would forget it. Today, it happened again. Asking her to think is useless.”
  There was a thief out of the family, and Yingchun’s attitude was still “Ask her to think is useless.”
  However, the maid Xiuju refused to admit it that way, and pointed out that Yingchun was too “weak” and quarreled with the nurse’s daughter-in-law. Yingchun acted like a Tang monk to persuade her from side to side. Seeing that no one would listen to her, she simply took a copy of “Tai Shang Induction”. Thanks to Tanchun’s hearing outside, Ping’er was summoned and settled for her.
  I saw this place before, and I didn’t take Yingchun seriously. But after living a long time, after several attempts with people from all walks of life, he has a little self-knowledge and can recognize himself everywhere.
  Why does Yingchun insist on not asking the nurse if she is tired? It is because of a faint sense of exhaustion that it is only for a while to hide.
  The nanny’s daughter-in-law proposed that she could redeem the tired silk Jinfeng, provided that Yingchun would go to Jia’s mother to help the nanny intercede, because the nanny’s gambling was known to Jia’s mother, and now she has been locked up.
  If you change to Aunt Zhao, you will probably jump up; if you change to Tanchun, you will also get angry. This request is really unreasonable. But no matter what kind of reaction, they still show enthusiasm for life and believe that life should have a certain order. But in Yingchun’s view, this is just one of all kinds of weirdness. She calmly said that she would never intercede: “Ask me, I can’t do anything. They are not, they are self-inflicted, and I can’t ask for mercy. Just don’t criticize it.”

  As for the things that were taken privately: “I will accept it if it is sent, and I will not want it if it is not sent. Ladies ask, I can conceal the past, it is her good fortune; if I can’t hide it, I can’t do it, no This is a reason for them to oppose the deceit of the wives, and you have to say it straight. If you say that I am good-natured, without a decision, you can have a good idea in all directions, so as not to make your ladies angry, I don’t know . “I
  really can’t say that Yingchun is cowardly, if it is cowardly, she will not cover up for the nanny in front of the wives. She doesn’t expect to be able to cover it up, and she doesn’t care if she can’t hide it. She is not nervous at all, even more relaxed than most people, she accepts any result, she doesn’t care about the perception of the ladies and the precious jewelry.
  This is what we now call the “Buddha System”, although the book she is holding is “Tai Shang Induction”. Daiyu laughed at her, “Tiger and wolf stay at the stage, and talk about cause and effect”, and said: “If the second sister is a man, if there are people in this family, how can they be treated.” Yingchun smiled: “Exactly. How much. Men are still like this, let alone me.”
  You see, this is so clear and self-consistent, Yingchun may not be stupid, she just doesn’t bother to use force, she knows that it is useless to use force, it is better to save some effort. I usually deal with people, and I often get blamed by my family for being easy to talk, so why not bargain? Because relative to that little possible benefit, I hope that the person who caused me trouble will disappear from my eyes soon.
  Children who are accustomed to losing since childhood will develop such a personality. People who have the courage to smash with others are used to winning since childhood. They feel that they are born to win by themselves, and they always win. Even if the lottery is drawn, the probability of winning is higher than others.
  A large part of my motivation to make money comes from avoiding collisions with others, and I feel that a third of my money is spent on this. Although Yingchun doesn’t make any money, she is willing to give up other benefits. It doesn’t matter if she guesses lantern riddles, she doesn’t ask about the tired silk golden phoenix, but she just asks for a good life. “Escape is shameful, but useful”, does Yingchun believe this sentence too?
  Reading “A Dream of Red Mansions” is easy to have a sense of substitution. What is interesting is that when you are young, you will substitute yourself into outstanding characters such as Daiyu and Xiangyun; when you are middle-aged, some encounters are more unhappy with people like Aunt Zhao and Yingchun Interlinked. Just like someone wants to travel back to ancient times to be a gifted and beautiful woman, but I never move such thoughts because I am worried that I am going to be Chunyan’s mother.
  It’s just that the feeling of substitution is not entirely a recognition. It is more a reminder: the more likely you are to become Aunt Zhao, the less you should become her. It is more likely to avoid Aunt Zhao than those who substitute themselves into Lin Daiyu.