I dedicate this page to the memory of friends.

It’s not a buddy that cares about him, because who I talk about as a patriot, soldier and character deserves recognition – not in such a humble diary, but also in the history of the revolution, where he only appears as an anonymous hero.

In the evening, a cheerful table company gathered in the “Queen of England” inn: János Szabó h. Lieutenant Colonel, Albert Földváry, Guszti Földváry, Elek Földváry, Arzén Csernovics, gr. Pál Ráday, Lieutenant Ferdinand-Hussar, gr. Sándor Széchen, Guszti Kállay, gr. Gergely Bethlen, Károly Kemnitzer and me.

Károly Kemnitzer said goodbye to a blood officer, a lion-sized, handsome, brown and very eclectic man who gave a lot to his clothes, all of which were the most fashionable and at the same time the most expensive perfumes. He found himself well in the ladies’ halls and among his buddies. Otherwise, he was the outspoken fiancée of a very kind and witty Baroness.

One fine morning we read the hiv. Bulletin : Károly Kemnitzer has been appointed captain to the staff. Even then, Albert Földváry was also a military officer.

He comes to me with a big laugh gr. Gedeon Ráday, not the Minister of Defense, he was still playing in the dust, but the older Gida.-52-

“Have you heard,” Captain Charles, in his overly serious expression of ridicule, say?

– I know.

– Weren’t you surprised?

– But yes, even pleasantly. He recognized his duty, fulfilled his vocation and set a good example for other urfs.

“But please Lojzi, where will you take the time to get dressed there?” where do you keep pachuli? Well, it will be a patriotic!

And it became so that in memory of Count Gida Ráday, together with me, he could raise a hat.

Once in the morning, Károly Kemnitzer opened to me with these words: »Please do me a great favor. Herczeg Vorinyetzky , who has aroused such prominence and enthusiasm in Uncle with the way he left the close-ups, is here and my guest. I would like to meet Petőfi , Jókai and Vasváry . I’m giving a narrow little evening at my lodgings today, invite those gentlemen. Only you four and we will be two. ”

– It won’t work.

– Why?

– You don’t know Petofi .

– I’d be sorry if you were right. Follow everything.

– I’ll do everything.

I set out to visit Jókai , let him help me in this difficult task, because among us he had the most influence on Petofire . Jókai was hiding on a Swabian hill with his two-barreled gun, I couldn’t find it. Going to Swabian Hill is hindered by two reasons, because then Mór is our friend-53-it was inaccessible there; second, because I would have been late because of the shortness of time.

God for him, I decided to look into Petőfi’s curses alone .

Pali Vasváry welcomed the invitation. We went to Petofi together.

Without any introduction, I told you the reason for our arrival.

Petofi stood in front of me; his hair stared up at the sky, he rolled his eyes wildly, then asked with a bitter smile, “Are you crazy?”

– Sándor, of course, in such exciting times it would have been no wonder.

“Just because otherwise you would know I’m not moving my little finger for the sake of a prince.”

“Is it true that Vorinyetzky was born a prince by misfortune, but can he do it?” What he can do is worthy of recognition, admiration. His heart, his soul belongs to freedom, he wants to fight for our rights, he is his friend, he is the brother of the people, he is Polish!

– Um, really? Sándor rumbled, slightly tamed.

– He left his flag, where he had so many honors and bright advances, left it there and came to be a patrolman. He got rid of the close-ups with a big demonstration and took him through the streets on the shoulders of the people of Subotica. He is entrusted by the Hungarian government with setting up a hunting battalion, and he wishes to discuss this with you.

Sándor suddenly snatched the thaler from his pocket, walking up and down with fierce steps, while snuggling up the thaler and snapping; it was his habit to think of something.-54-

– Are you going too? he suddenly asked Vasváry .

– How not? I consider it a patriotic duty.

“But that Kemnitzer is also a half-magnate.”

– That is Captain Kemnitzer.

He walked up and down again, leaning and snapping the thaler in his palm, now more fiercely than before.

He stopped, shook his head, and said, “Do you hear that if things are different than you say, don’t get them in front of me anymore. Okay, then we’ll go together. ”

In the evening, as we went to Kemnitzer, Petőfi shook his head several times, then shrugged, walking at least two steps ahead.

As we entered the room, Vorinyetzky jumped up and hugged Petofi with these words, “I learned from you, from you! I always loved freedom, but I only learned to love it from your songs. ”Then he wrapped his arms around his neck and walked up and down, talking warmly. When we sat down for the evening, they were inner friends. The rank difference is faded, both are just freedom heroes. During a meal, or rather while drinking wine, Vasváry uttered brilliant greetings with all the intimacy of his eloquence. Petőfi also warmed up to him and started reciting his holidays. The host and Vorinyetzky did not stay in the embrace, but kissed Alexander’s badger head back and forth.