Hippo masseur

  Wei Na was not scared this time, she carefully touched the snake’s cold skin, and looked at the snake. The snake’s eyes were very clear. It liked Wei Na very much. It held its upper body and swayed from side to side, like dancing. After a while, it leaned over and swam away, and disappeared.
  The battle between the frogs and the group of snakes in the yard came to an end. The big snakes and the little snakes were full, the number of frogs dropped sharply, the rain stopped, and the drums slowed down. After a while, the remaining frogs hopped away, and the full-fed snake also swam away. For a while, the courtyard became quiet, as if the scene just now was an illusion and dream.
  Gao Guang ran into the yard and laughed up to the sky in the mud, but there was no rain in the sky.
  At night everyone drank too much, Gao Guang was drunk, he fell asleep on the small bed in the first floor consulting room. Wei Na also drank a lot of alcohol, she was dancing, and Howard Frank was playing an African musical instrument called Tababa. For the stringed instrument similar to dongbula, a resonance box made of camel skin was installed on a wooden shelf. He flicked, and we heard the intensity of the sandstorm coming, and heard the passionate boiling.
  The moon came out, very bright. I didn’t drink too much, I was very self-control, and I felt something would happen tonight.
  Sure enough, leaning on the chair in the consulting room on the first floor and pretending to be drunk, I noticed that Wei Na went in in a massage room on the second floor. After a pause, I heard Howard Frank’s footsteps also enter. Then, there was a distant cat cry, or the wheezing of a hippo. On such a strange and weird night, they must have done what the sun did to the desert.
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  next day, it rained and the weather was fine. When I woke up, I found that the high light was anxious like an ant on a hot pot. It turned out that Wei Na was gone. Apparently, she and Howard Frank disappeared together. In other words, she eloped with Frank.
  This is what I expected. But Gao Guang did not expect it. He went round and round, looking for clues in the room where Howard Frank lived on the second floor. In the end, he found only a few pieces of paper with some English words on it.
  I grabbed it and translated it into Chinese for Gao Guang to listen to: “This seems to be the outline of what he wrote. Um, he is writing a book. This book is called “Millions of Chinese in Africa: The Second Continent”. , This Howard Frank is an investigative reporter? He did not come to Africa to find his brother, but to write about the Chinese in Africa? He may be a spy.”
  Gao Guang said anxiously, “What he wrote has nothing to do with me, he I don’t care who it is. But he took my wife Wei Na away. This is the hatred of taking away his wife. I must find her and I must kill him!”
  I comforted Gao Guang and said, don’t worry. Hold your mind first, and after two days, Wei Na may come back with a sweeping eyebrow. She ran out. In Africa, in any case, she has no experience and ability to live, and she will definitely come back.
  The bright eyes gradually brightened. He listened to me and said, wait and see to see if Wei Na will come back. Maybe she will really come back.
  Gao Guang just waited for a month, but Wei Na still had no news.
  During this period of time, Gao Guang himself was blown by a small wind, and his face was paralyzed. He instructed me to give him acupuncture and electric baking. He said to me, did Wei Na run away with determination, or was he killed by Frank? I want to find them, I must find them.
  I am speechless. I know that sometimes life is like this, and suddenly it brings its heavy hammer, giving people a major blow, and catching you off guard. The complexity of human nature is an abyss, and no one can see clearly or understand it. Like me, how can I understand that Wei Na will run away with Frank? A good Chinese man such as Gao Guang, who left his hometown, followed Wei Na to Nairobi, Kenya, Africa. How could she leave him and leave?
  But the fact is that such a thing really happened.
  One day, a few Kikuyu people came to the clinic.
  The Kikuyu are an ancient indigenous tribe in Kenya. They live in eastern Kenya. I heard that Gao Guang can diagnose and treat insomnia. One of the leaders of the Kikuyu tribe who was affected by insomnia approached him and asked Gao Guang to treat him for insomnia.
  Gao Guang boiled the decoction, which smelled bad and filled the clinic. He let the tribe leader wearing the decorative wreath drink the soup for three days. As a result, the leader of the Kikuyu tribe really no longer has insomnia.
  The peculiar thing is that the tribe leader asked an English-speaking translator to listen to me. After the translation, I told Gao Guang that this tribe leader knew that Gao Guang’s wife had run away based on his own calculations. She ran to the big river in Kenya, and then walked over Kenya’s highest mountain-Mount Kenya. She has been walking on the road, not knowing where she is going. Do you want to find her?
  Gao Guang became excited: “Of course, she is my wife, of course I am going to find her.”
  Then, a few Kikuyu people left, leaving the dazed Gao Guang in the clinic in a daze.
  ”So, she’s still on the way, she’s still alive.” Gao Guang told me this, “I’m going to find her.”
  ”Then what about your clinic?”
  Gao Guang’s eyes lit up: “It’s for you, brother , I think you are very good at acupuncture, scraping, cupping, baking electricity, grasping medicine, and pulse checking. You can sit on the doctor as long as you put on my white coat. I have to go to Wei Na. ”
  Gao Guang drove his pickup one day, and finally went to look for Wei Na. I don’t know how or where to find Wei Na, but he is on the road.
  I listened to him, put on a white coat, sat in his clinic and started practicing medicine. Isn’t this amazing? It’s really amazing.
  When I was in his clinic for more than a year and felt bored, I was on the road. After all, I am just a three-legged cat. I am a temporary substitute for Gao Guang and became a doctor of Chinese medicine. I’m going to find Gao Guang. Everyone has to be on the road, and everyone has many possibilities. This is the charm of Africa. You come here. In Africa, if you don’t pay attention, you will become another person.
  I heard that Gao Guang went to a big river in Kenya. The river is called the Tana River. It is the largest river in Kenya. It originated from the glaciers on Mount Kenya. It also brought Kenya’s beautiful scenery, raised a large number of animals and raised many Kenyans.
  I drove there, looking for trails of high light by the shimmering Tana River.
  I walked around and found several people from the Animal Protection Organization in the huts of the local tribes by the river. They live there, rescuing elephants who lost their mothers, rescuing rhinos whose rhino horns were cut off by poachers, rescuing giraffes, rescuing flying birds, especially neck and leg injuries, unable to fly, and falling alone on the water. bird.
  I explained my purpose, and I said, I’m looking for a Chinese, his name is Gao Guang, who of you has ever seen him? The man’s face is a bit bumpy.
  They told me that there was indeed a Chinese with the surname Gao who lived here last year, and that might be the one I was looking for. Interestingly, this man rescued a little hippo who lost his mother and massaged the little hippo every day. Hippos grew up quickly. I know that the hippopotamus after adulthood is very big, usually weighing three or four tons. This hippopotamus goes to the Tana River during the day and is with a group of hippos. At night, it returns to the hut where Gao Guang is located, and let Gao Guang massage it.
  ”What, he became a hippo masseuse?” I laughed and laughed. But in Africa, anything is possible. This shows that Gao Guang has not found Wei Na, but he has become an animal protector, and he has participated in the work of the Kenya Animal Protection Organization.
  ”Yes,” a tall, tough white woman from the animal protection organization told me. “That hippo is like Mr. Gao’s child. It returns to Mr. Gao every night and asks him to give it to him. Massage.”
  ”How did he massage it?” I laughed and couldn’t imagine how Gao Guang would massage a hippopotamus.
  ”Massage it with your hands, massage its head, neck, back, feet, and buttocks, and massage every part of the hippopotamus. This hippopotamus is very sensible. When it comes to find the height, it will come directly in and lie down. It was prepared for it in a trough made of two pieces of wood, covered with hay, and closed its eyes and waited for the high massage. It enjoyed the massage of people and became addicted to it. Until one day, it was killed by poachers Now.” The woman’s eyes were red.
  ”Why did a poacher kill a hippopotamus? It has no value like ivory, rhino horn, or tiger skin.” I was melancholy. The story of Gao Guang giving hippos massage is so interesting, but how can it end like this?
  ”Poachers like to eat hippo meat. When they kill a hippo, they will immediately take out the hippo’s entrails, rack it up for roasting, make it into smoked and dried hippo meat, take it with us as dry food, and continue to hide and seek with us. In the forest, in the rift valley and on the prairie, carry out their poaching activities.”
  I was silent. I can imagine the impact this incident has on Gao Guang’s soul after being killed by a poacher, this human-friendly hippopotamus.
  ”What happened later? After the hippo died, where did Gao Guang go?”
  ”After the hippo was killed, he learned of the situation and followed an animal protection patrol towards Mount Kenya National Park.”
  I decided to go to Mount Kenya National Park to look for highlights. Each of us is looking for something in the world, but we can’t always find it. Gao Guang, Wei Na, Howard Frank and I are all like this. We are all looking for a different life in Africa.
  The distance from Nairobi to Mount Kenya National Park is 190 kilometers, and I have walked more than 100 kilometers. There is Mount Kenya at 5199 meters above sea level. It is the second highest peak in Africa. There are snow peaks and forests. Various animals live on the mountain. I guessed that Gao Guang must be high in a certain green mountain in Kenya, waiting for me to meet him.