Hippo masseur

  The man is riding a bicycle with a snake on his arm. He came to the clinic for treatment because he was bitten by a snake. He can speak Chinese! He said his name was Howard Frank and he was an American. Gao Guang looked at the snake on his arm and knew that he was not seriously injured. He cleaned up the bite and decocted him with detoxification Chinese medicine soup. He said, “You are not deeply poisoned, and the snake is not so toxic.”
  I was also in the clinic that day. I was studying the meridians and acupuncture points on the bronze figure of his Chinese medicine practitioner and heard them speak in Chinese. Howard Frank is a reporter. He told Gao Guang that he ran in Asia all year round, lived and interviewed in China’s Yangtze River valley for six years, and wrote an English non-fiction book “Rolling the Yangtze River in the Sky: The Chinese by the River”. Also on the “New York Times” book rankings. On the edge of his cheek, there is a layer of small yellow fluff, shining in the sun. He has red skin, is tall, has a nice smile, likes to wear sunglasses, and is very strong in the army green pants with many pockets that photographers like to wear.
  He said that he likes Chinese people very much and came to Kenya this time to find his brother. His brother was doing business in Africa, but suddenly there was no news this year. His old father called from the United States and asked Howard Frank to find his brother in Africa. He came to Nairobi from Chongqing, China.
  Wei Na came down from upstairs that day and saw Howard Frank. This looked a little different. I felt Wei Na was a little excited. She ran to look at the snake on Howard Frank’s arm. It was a good-looking flower snake, still hissing, she screamed with a weird voice.
  She said, “Release it, you always hold it, it must bite you.”
  Howard Frank laughed and handed the snake to Weina. Wei Na’s face was red, and she was afraid of the snake and planned to avoid it. Howard Frank grabbed Wei Na’s arm and coiled the snake around Wei Na’s arm.
  Wei Na Gege smiled, and was suddenly scared to cry by the snake that spat at her. With a wave of her hand, the snake slipped from her arm to the ground, swimming around, ran into the grass and disappeared.
  Howard Frank later lived in a room on the second floor of the Gaoguang Clinic. He paid Wei Na a three-month rent in advance. He said that for three months, if I couldn’t find my brother, I planned to return. China.
  During that time, the construction project contracted by a Chinese company in Nairobi that hired me as a welder was completed. They will move on to a new project in Tanzania and are willing to hire me. But I don’t want to go. I like Nairobi and Kenya. I learned Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment in Gao Guang’s clinic and worked as an assistant for Gao Guang.
  Every morning, after breakfast, Howard Frank went out on his bicycle, asking about his brother’s whereabouts. But every evening he came back alone with a lonely expression.
  His brother seems to be a mysterious figure, is he selling arms in Kenya? Maybe, Gao Guang and I were talking in a low voice.
  Wei Na said: “Stop talking nonsense, Frank is a good person. He also gave me an African black wood carving to ward off evil spirits.”
  Let’s look at the black wood carving Howard Frank gave Wei Na together. It was a wood carving of an African female figure, with primitive beauty and sex appeal. I don’t know what happened, it looked like Wei Na’s figure.
  Day by day just passed. Howard Frank couldn’t find his brother. He didn’t say how difficult it was for him to find him, and why he couldn’t find him. Every time he came back, he always brought back something made by Africans. One day, he brought back an African wooden drum, which was made of a section of hollow wood, covered with sheepskin, and painted simple patterns on the sheepskin. He gave the drums to Wei Na, Wei Na didn’t want to, and said, you can play drums? Then you play the drums for me.
  Howard Frank was sitting there, sandwiching the wooden drum with his legs, and patted it with his hands. The sound of his drums was very regular, and then he became more and more excited. The drums were very rhythmic. As a result, they evoked distant places around, and the sound of African drums was also faintly heard. It turned out that black people elsewhere echoed him, and also rang his own drum.
  Wei Na became very interested and danced in the yard. Wei Na’s dance is wonderful and rhythmic, which confirms the rumors that she may have worked in entertainment venues. Howard Frank was in high spirits, with a gloomy face, hiding in the room.
  During that time, there was a spectacular animal war in the courtyard of the Gaoguang Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic.
  The Chinese like to say that there is an autumn rain and then a cool one, but in Nairobi, it gets hotter after the rain. The rain was torrential. Howard Frank sat under the promenade, watching the rain outside, his legs beating with his wooden drum. Among the drums, one, two, three…More and more frogs, yes, we all saw many frogs running out in the rain in the grass and behind the trees and began to gather in the courtyard of the clinic .
  Howard Frank’s drums are more intense, the frogs appear more, the rain is louder, and the frogs plop and plop out, more and more, and a lot of frogs are accompanied by the sound of the rain. Jumping with the drums, oh, it’s really a spectacle.
  We were all stunned. Everyone in the clinic came out. Everyone was standing in the corridor, watching hundreds or thousands of frogs in the yard, jumping around there. Croak, quack, quack… Oh, this is the frog singing in a chorus. The chorus of frogs fluctuates up and down, with mixed voices, lead vocals, and bass accompaniment.
  We were watching the frog chorus there, and Wei Na suddenly screamed. She pointed to the wall and said, look there! We looked over and discovered a new situation. A snake was going over the wall and entering the yard, and then, from any gap where it might enter the yard, snakes appeared, one after another, big snakes, small snakes, black and white snakes, flower snakes, red and yellow snakes, all came. It’s all here! So many snakes hissed in the rain, crawling up to the yard, making another sound in the rain, which was terrifying and overwhelming. Everyone was shocked.
  Howard Frank got even more excited. He slapped the sheepskin drum vigorously, making the drum sound more agitated in the rain. One by one snakes rushed to the frogs jumping in the rain in the yard, opening their blood basins to swallow the frogs. The frogs fled, jumping towards the sky, but more and more snakes joined the team chasing the frogs. He wandered very quickly, and the frog jumped desperately.
  The battle between the frog and the snake in the heavy rain, or the snake’s encirclement and suppression of the frog, was very spectacular and intense. We were all dumbfounded. This process lasted a long time. Howard Frank was tired from playing the drums, and Wei Na unexpectedly got on top. She took the drums and played them between her legs, beating the drums for the battle between the frog and the snake.
  Wei Na was tired from playing the drums, and Gao Guang was excited, and took the sheepskin wooden drum over and continued to beat the drum with both hands. I was tired from playing the high-light drums, and I came next. I banged the sheepskin drums loudly. I was very excited because the frog and the snake were fighting.
  Suddenly, a snake swiftly swam towards us in the corridor, and soon came to Howard Frank’s side, immediately climbed onto his leg, and swam onto his arm. Ah, it was the snake he had brought to the clinic, and it came back again, but it had just eaten two frogs and had two bumps on its stomach. The snake recognized Howard Frank. It played with him for a while, and then swam down, climbing on Weina’s leg, and also swam onto her arm, as if it knew her, of course. Know her, spit at it.