Hippo masseur

  In the past, it was said that highlighting was an honest knot, how did Wei Na get it done? They talked in secret, and Wei Na had to dump him sooner or later, just like others dumped her.
  Legend has it that when Wei Na was working in Shenzhen, she met a boss and became a mistress. Later, the boss didn’t do well in business and ran away, so she just ignored her. She was unwilling to go to work, and could not bear the hardship, so she returned to the small county of her hometown. But she was dressed like a second wife who had swayed the city, no one would provoke her, especially men, and she was a little afraid of her.
  There were gossips everywhere, saying that the time Gao Guang hooked up with her was the remote afternoon when she went to the small hospital of Chinese medicine in Gao Guang to see gynecology. It was spread by others that they had noses and eyes that afternoon, as if they were all watching in a high-light clinic.
  By the way, that afternoon, Wei Na writhed the waist of the water snake and wore high heels, strolling up to the small hospital of Chinese medicine in Gaoguang, where she needed to see a gynecological disease. Gynecological diseases for male doctors are more imaginative. But no matter what kind of disease you see, a Chinese medicine doctor must first get your pulse.
  They said that Gao Guang put his hand on Wei Na’s veins and matched her gaze. He was immediately stunned by her, collapsed on the spot, and lost a man’s bottom line. It’s hard to say what happened afterwards. In short, they said, Gao Guang closed the door of the small Chinese medicine hospital and asked the assistant Xiao Li to go home, and then did a good job with Wei Na on the bed where the patient was examined.
  Gao Guang is said to be like this by them, and it is very sad to be always pointed and pointed. He was also dumbfounded. But he has a good temper and feels it doesn’t matter. After thinking about it for a while, there will be nothing.
  Wei Na was very angry. She said, “Shit! It’s not like this in Shenzhen. No one cares about how you live. It’s really annoying! We have to get out of here and go far.” She bit her own. Said his right ring finger nail. Later, she thought of a way: Let’s go to Africa and hide away.
  Oops, my head is big when I hear the highlight. Go to Africa, but she can’t figure it out. Africa is full of elephants, hippos, lions, tigers, bison, antelope, leopards, hyenas, crocodiles, wildebeests, pythons, mosquitoes, and ants. Everyone lives in a hayloft and eats sweet potatoes and potatoes. High light can hardly even think about it. She dared to think about something.
  Not only did she dare to think, but she also asked her relatives who set up a company in Nairobi, Kenya to send an invitation letter. With this invitation, they can apply for a visa and go to Nairobi, Kenya for business investigation, and stay there. Down, also opened a Chinese medicine clinic.
  In this way, the two of them ran to Nairobi.
  When he first came to East Africa, Gao Guang was really worried that Kenya was full of wild animals, but when they came to Nairobi, they found that this is a big city with tall buildings, and millions of people live here. Not only are there many Chinese, but the world There are a lot of people from all over the place, here is also very free, you can open casinos, guns are also easy to buy.
  Several of Wei Na’s distant relatives have taken root here. They are all engaged in Sino-African trade, timber trade, and ore trade. They are all doing well. They stayed in Nairobi.
  Gao Guang and Wei Na live in the southern suburbs of Nairobi and rent a small courtyard with a two-story building. After going through a very simple registration procedure, his Chinese medicine clinic opened in Nairobi.
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  don’t know why, when I first saw Wei Na, I felt that she was leaving Gaoguang sooner or later. Because they are not the same kind of people at all. For the relationship between men and women to be stable, it depends on whether these two people are of the same kind. Gao Guang is a particularly down-to-earth person, and is a good hand at everything. But Wei Na is a woman who is naturally dissatisfied with the life she already has. She always has to toss herself, and by the way, toss the men with her. No, it was her dream come true to bring the high-light drum to Nairobi, East Africa. But this time her dream came true, and she would have another dream. If you ask her what her next dream is, she won’t tell you. Wei Na is so lofty, she doesn’t know what she really wants. What does she want? Money? No, she seems very ethereal.
  Once, I was cupping at the clinic and talked to her. I asked her, “Sister Wei Na, do you have to go back to your hometown in Hebei? Are you two having a baby?”
  Wei Na said, “Stop worrying about others, look at yourself, and go to Nairobi to do odd jobs. Where is your wife?”
  She got the point, where is my own wife, I don’t know yet. As the saying goes, young people don’t know the feeling of sadness, I can’t think of so much. Now, many Chinese companies have construction projects in Africa. I often participate in the construction of some construction projects. I am an electric welder, bricklayer, and carpenter, so I don’t have to worry about not having work. However, I often come to Gaoguang’s clinic. I am very interested in Chinese medicine. I often chat with Gaoguang and start learning acupuncture and pulse manipulation.
  In Africa, animals are very common, and they are not afraid of people. People and animals often live together, even in large cities like Nairobi. In cities, two groups of monkeys are often seen fighting on the street and near the shopping mall in order to compete for territory. They are hysterical, yelling, and no one is left.
  Sometimes, in the urban vegetable market, people are hustling and bustling. They are buying and selling vegetables. Suddenly a black shadow flashes in front of them. It turned out that an eagle fell from the sky and instantly stretched out its paws to knock someone’s rooster for sale in the market. Taken away. When driving, suddenly a few wild boars sprang out from the woods beside the road, lined up in a row, crossing the road like no one else. I was working on a construction site, and one day a group of African elephants broke in and scared the construction workers who had just arrived from China at a loss. With quick eyesight and quick hands, I quickly took out the bananas and apples that the workers wanted to eat at noon from the canteen and gave them to the elephants. The elephants ate the fruit slowly, and then they smashed the iron gate and walked away.
  One day I woke up and heard a knock on the window glass. I opened the curtains and saw two wild pigeons flying from nowhere, greeting me on the windowsill. They are not afraid of me, looking at me with clear eyes. I found some bread crumbs for them to eat. After eating, they flew away.
  I know that not long after Gao Guang arrived in Nairobi, he contracted malaria once. This disease was once terminally ill in Africa, but it is now cured. But it still made him feel uncomfortable for a while, fever, swinging, body aches, cold body, diarrhea, blurred vision, general weakness, and loss of libido. These words are all the feelings he described to me. But the word diminished libido still makes me overwhelmed, sick, and thinking about it, no wonder Wei Na often scolds him.
  They lived in Nairobi for more than a year, and Wei Na’s belly did not bulge. Wei Na wanted to have children at that time, and she specially brought in the thing that African men met and asked each other mysteriously “have you eaten?”-that thing is very “strong”, it is a kind of tuber plant called Make “Muhaogen”-something that African men impotence, let Gao Guang eat.
  Gao Guang ate it, and apart from the bright eyes, there was nothing surprising that Wei Na felt that he was like a god. Gao Guang ate the “Muhaogen” for me. My stomach became very swollen, and other parts of it also swelled, but I couldn’t excrete it. I took the laxative to pull it out. Sure enough, it was very strong.
  In my memory, one month after the ants in the yard moved, one day, a man came to the clinic, a white man, who changed the direction of their lives.