Hippo masseur

  I, a new Nairobi man who is older than him, laughed when he saw it: “This is an ant nest. You are done, you provoke them, and they are going to occupy your clinic.”
  Gao Guang didn’t believe it, took out two shovel, let We leveled the mound of ant nest. With a shovel, you can’t shovel at all. The ant nest is very hard. I said, “This thing is harder than a rock.”
  Gao Guang didn’t believe it. He walked over and punched his fist twice and found that it was almost as hard as wood. That kind of ant nest is made of clay. He held a shovel, used a shovel, and stabbed it. The result was only a trace on the ant nest.
  Gao Guang looked at me helplessly, and I took out an electric drill from my bag. I set up the drill bit and asked him to lead the wire strip out of the house. I plugged the connecting wire of the electric drill. As soon as I started it, the electric drill whispered and whizzed.
  I walked over and put the electric drill in the middle of the ant hill. The electric drill is very powerful. It quickly drilled a hole into the ant nest. After being harassed by me, many big black ants crawled out of the hole. I don’t care about them, and continue to drill out eyes with electric drills in all parts of Ant Mountain. Then, let Gao Guang hold a hammer, a mess, and Ant Mountain collapsed.
  Everyone saw that there were a large number of ants crawling in the mound, densely packed, which was really scary, because there were so many ants that you couldn’t eliminate and remove them at all. At this time, the black women onlookers cheered and shouted in the local language. There were a few more pots in their hands, and they walked over to grab something in the ant nest.
  I knew at a glance that what they grabbed were the ant eggs in the ant nest. They were beautiful food and the best protein. The black women left home contentedly, as if they were celebrating the festival, the bowls in their hands were filled with ant eggs. Gao Guang looked stunned: “Are they taking them home for cooking?”
  I smiled: “Of course, ant eggs are a good thing in Africa. But Africans don’t bother ants much. They never stab ant nests.”
  That day, I used an electric drill to fix the two ant nests at the root of the wall and in the yard. Gao Guang asked the clinic staff to shovel the collapsed ant nest fragments, and the yard quickly became flat.
  Gao Guang was very proud: “Look, the ant nest is gone, how can it beat me.” He also asked Wei Na to spray disinfectant and medicinal alcohol on the “remains” of the two ant nests, and treat the ants anyway. It is an attitude of rushing to kill.
  I smiled: “This ant is cunning. You can’t eat it.”
  Gao Guang snapped his fingers triumphantly: “Thank you, brother, free cupping today.” The
  next day, in his yard, he rose again. Made two small mounds. It must be an ant nest again, and it is extremely hard. He was so upset that he called me to get rid of this ant nest.
  I didn’t take the electric drill this time. I told him, “Old Gao, I’m telling you that this African ant is really not easy to mess with. The best way is to live together peacefully and live in peace. Don’t move their nests anymore. , This is originally the land of others. Maybe someday, those ants will really retreat, then I will help you to completely
  smooth these ant nests.” Gao Guang thought for a while and waved his hand: “Damn, listen to you. , Forget it. Let it go.” Later, three ant nest hills appeared in the courtyard of his Chinese medicine clinic, which were taller than one person, and were extremely hard and continued to grow. Gao Guang listened to what I said, and he found that the African ants were really not easy to mess with. Their colony was too large to pay attention to the ant nest.
  People who come and go for medical treatment also walk around. The ants in the brigade are running in and out of these three ant hills, forming a long line, which is a spectacle. As a result, some domestic tourist groups traveling to Nairobi first went to his clinic to see the three ant hills over two meters high. There are often many tourists in Gaoguang’s clinic. There are pointers and praises. The ant mountain in Africa is indeed spectacular. After that, moxibustion, massage, and cupping in Gaoguang’s clinic have also attracted some business to him. .
  In this way, after more than half a year, one day, the sky was very cloudy, and it looked like it was going to rain heavily in Nairobi. In the middle of the night, the pouring rain finally came down. The next day, I came to the clinic and found that the ants had moved. There is no ant outside of the three ant hills, and the inside must be empty. I told Gao Guang: “Those ants have moved away.”
  Gao Guang said, “Great, then you can drill the ant nest into pieces for me.”
  This time I helped him again, the three ants in the yard The mountain is completely leveled, because the ants have really moved.
  3 After
  I got acquainted with Gao Guang, I heard that when he came to Nairobi, Wei Na must have him come. Wei Na hoped that the two of them would leave together and stay away, just like this, hiding from China to Nairobi, Kenya. In this case, people in the hometown will stop talking about them. In the county town of their hometown, they all knew each other after walking around the street. Good things do not go out, bad things spread thousands of miles, Gao Guang and Wei Na’s rumors have spread throughout the small county, because Gao Guang is a man with a family, and Wei Na is a woman from the south.
  At that time, it was at the time when Gaoguang’s small hospital of Chinese medicine was the most prosperous in the county, and it turned out to be such a thing. As soon as the matter between him and Wei Na came out, someone immediately posted a video of them having a tryst in a hotel. Although it was not very clear, people familiar with them concluded that the men and women who were doing things were the two of them. When they walk into the street, they always feel that someone is poking a little bit.
  Gao Guang’s wife, Li Dongmei, will divorce him when she finds out. Gao Guang was unwilling at first, but later agreed to divorce, giving her the house, car, and support, and bringing her daughter.
  In this way, Wei Na lives with Gao Guang.
  They bought a house on the west side of the county seat and lived there. But no, Gao Guang’s brother-in-law-Li Dongmei’s two younger brothers are both bad species. They smeared big dung on the door of Gao Guang’s new house at night, spreading that he was a bitch. They also punctured the tire of his newly bought car and smashed several holes in the window glass of his and Wei Na’s new home.
  The key is that Gao Guang opened a small Chinese medicine hospital, and business has plummeted since then. In the past, his Chinese medicine hospital was not big, but it was crowded.
  Gao Guang’s father was a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and had passed away. Gao Guang has been familiar with Chinese medicine since he was young. His father once taught him hand in hand, hoping that he will be admitted to the University of Chinese Medicine when he grows up, and he will inherit his father’s career. However, Gao Guang didn’t do his job properly and didn’t study well. He graduated from high school and joined the army. He became a car soldier in the field army. He traveled all over the dangerous mountain roads in the southwest region. He went as far as Tibet and took several adventures and almost died. In the hospital in the army, he has studied medical care for a year, and he has the experience and certificate of medical practice.
  A few years later, Gao Guang was demobilized and returned. He first transferred to the Municipal Fire Brigade. One time they failed to deal with a fire, Gao Guang was punished and left the fire brigade.
  What to do then? He returned to his home county and opened a small hospital of Chinese medicine. Gaoguang sees a doctor, does not collect money randomly, and he sees a doctor if he has no money, just as the saying goes, the doctor is kind.
  But since he abandoned his wife and children and got together with the famous slutty woman Wei Na in the county town, his image in their minds was ruined. Although many people are shit, but seeing others become a dog, not only is not sympathetic, but also throws big shit on his head. Nobody in the county town came to see Gao Guang for treatment.