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  Let me tell the story of the high light, I may be more reliable. I know that Gao Guang came to Kenya purely by asking for it. He never dreamed that he would come to Kenya, Africa, settle down in Nairobi, and live a small life.
  The Great Rift Valley passes through Kenya. Kenya has a coastline of more than 500 kilometers. It is the most magnificent and beautiful country in East Africa. Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, is known as the Little Paris in East Africa and is one of the most prosperous cities in Africa. There are millions of people in this city, of course most of them are dark skinned. This makes us yellow-skinned and some white-skinned people look more eye-catching.
  Most people are very afraid of coming to Africa. It is said that it is easy to get strange diseases in Africa. This is true. In Africa, malaria has been treated well. Some diseases are very strange. Once, I saw a young man working on a project contracted by a Chinese engineering company in Nairobi in a clinic in Gaoguang. A bag was raised on his arm. I don’t know what happened.
  After Gao Guang cut the bag open, a bag of small maggots flowed out of it. It turns out that this young man was once bitten by a strange flying insect, and as a result, a pack of worms grew on his arm.
  It’s easy to find Gaoguang’s clinic in Nairobi. This guy opened a clinic when he first came to Nairobi, Kenya. As soon as you walk in, you can see a bronze man standing in the hall. It is the bronze figure and the naked bronze figure that can often be seen in Chinese medicine hospitals. The meridians and acupoints on the body are drawn.
  Opening a Chinese medicine clinic in Nairobi, acupuncture, cupping, and Gua Sha can trigger legal cases in some countries, saying that doctors practice witchcraft and torture patients and can’t eat. Nairobi people slowly believed in Chinese medicine. At first, I guessed that this Chinese bronze man would make Nairobi people who came to see a doctor feel scared, thinking that Chinese medicine is witchcraft, but if you see bright light piercing the black people who come to treat the illness. On the Silver Needle, I think this guy is even more amazing.
  His acupuncture skills are superb. Once, I got facial paralysis. This disease is commonly known as ghost hair. I don’t know what’s going on. I didn’t sleep well at night, or I took a nap in the truck at noon. I woke up and found that my mouth was crooked, half of my face could not move, and one eye. His eyelids couldn’t be closed either, and he shed tears, which is very strange.
  I came to Gao Guang’s clinic. As soon as he saw my symptoms, he smiled: “Crooked mouth, ha, there was another one in front of you just now.”
  He led me into the room, and I saw a black guy sitting there with his right cheek covered Silver needle. This guy is also a facial paralysis patient. So I also sat down and asked him to put a silver needle in his face.
  I have never had acupuncture before. I am Chinese, I know this, but I have never had acupuncture. I saw Gao Guang wearing a white lab coat, took out a box, let me sit there, took out the long, long silver needle that scared me out of the box, looked at my face, touched it with his finger, While asking me how I felt, I looked at a certain acupuncture point on my face and started to get a silver needle.
  The silver needles were twisted and twisted by him, and they got into the right side of my face, strangely, they didn’t hurt at all, and they didn’t bleed. This acupuncture is so magical. Then, he asked me to lie side by side on two small beds with the black guy who was also covered with silver needles, and pulled something like a lamp, with a round cake-shaped, dark thing protruding from the end. Son, plug in.
  It turned out to be a baking appliance, aimed at the silver needles of our two patients with facial paralysis, and they were baked. After baking for half an hour, under the action of the silver needle, the skin and flesh of my face began to pulsate, and my paralyzed face felt a little ant walking. In this way, the black guy and I had a silver needle for three days in succession, and we bake the electric for three days. Our facial paralyzed faces soon recovered.
  I felt that my right face was completely paralyzed on the first day. I couldn’t keep up with the instructions and commands of my brain. But suddenly, under the baking appliance, there were ants crawling on the side of the silver needle pierced face. itch. The next day, I felt that there were no longer ants crawling on my face, but a piece of earthworm crawling, warm. On the third day, I felt that the earthworms on my face were connected and half of my face began to move. My facial paralysis was cured by high light.
  In Gaoguang’s Chinese medicine clinic, there are not only acupuncture and moxibustion, but also moxibustion, Gua Sha, cupping, Chinese medicine physiotherapy and massage. Sometimes, as soon as you enter his clinic, you can smell the scent of burning wormwood, which is filled with smoke. It is moxibustion. When one or two black young men came out naked, with a series of red blood marks on their backs, they looked very scary.
  However, people in Nairobi already know that this is not a torture practiced by Chinese medicine, but a method of “removing the fire”. Besides, their TV station has long reported on Chinese medicine, which seem to them somewhat strange methods of diagnosis and treatment, and Nairobi people are not surprised.
  In Gaoguang’s clinic, in addition to the consulting and treatment rooms on the first floor, there is also a massage treatment room on the second floor. Gao Guang’s wife, Wei Na, took three black girls from Nairobi to give massage to the guests there. Wei Na is a voluptuous-looking woman with a high voice and quick movements. She likes to wear tight clothes, which is the same as black women wearing tight skirts and wrapping their sexy buttocks. No wonder Gao Guang is tempted. It is said that these two people are fellows from the same county, and this pair of idiots and women are destined to walk together.
  Wei Na is on the second floor, directing three black girls to massage and massage. The business is very good. Men of all skin colors came to find out, wanting to know what the Chinese medicine massage is and whether it is something they want to be crooked. As a result, the men discovered that several black girls were definitely doing massage, making them sour and comfortable, and screaming.
  The black girl is very skilled, and it was all taught by Wei Na. However, these black girls do not care about their work. In Nairobi, they usually hire people to work, and they are paid weekly. Every Friday, when they pay money, the girls disappear. The client requesting a massage was still sitting in the line outside the clinic, causing Wei Na to scold her mother, so she had to do it herself and give the client a massage.
  When the girls finished spending their money, they came back.
  Wei Na signed an agreement with them, but there was still no way. The local girl said that she had resigned and disappeared. Wei Na’s massage therapy room is constantly recruiting. Later, two middle-aged Chinese women came. They came from China with their husbands who were laborers. The massage team was considered stable.
  After experiencing many challenges from the local government, the nuisance of hooligans, and the tension of the capital chain, Gaoguang’s TCM clinic was attacked by a frenzy of ants just as it stood firm.
  One day, Gao Guang got up in the morning and was brushing his teeth in the yard. Suddenly, he found that a brown soil was bulging at the root of the yard wall beside a thick leaf. How could a lump grow on the root of the wall?
  He walked over and looked, but couldn’t see what it was, and it didn’t look like a hive. If it’s a hornet’s nest, there must be a lot of hornet going in and out there. There was no movement at all, but it seemed to be expanding from the inside out, just like a tumor. He brushed his teeth, thought for a while, and felt that the soil bumps would not affect the courtyard, so he left it alone and returned to the room.
  The next day, in the middle of the clinic’s hospital, a soil pack bulged up, which shocked him. He quickly let me come.


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