Hillary Clinton teamed up with famous writers to publish thriller political novels

Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is about to write novels across borders. According to a report from Agence France-Presse on the 24th, well-known American publishers Simon & Schuster and St. Martin Press announced on the 23rd that Hillary Clinton will co-publish the new book “Horror” with Canadian writer Louise Penny in October this year. Status, a novel that combines political and diplomatic and suspenseful thriller themes.

According to the summary published by the publisher, the novel tells the story of a “newcomer” secretary of state working under a former political opponent, while the US government was in a “dangerous state of isolation” and “a series of terrorist attacks plunged the global order into confusion”. The protagonist of the novel faces a severe test and will try to form a team to uncover the conspiracy of terrorist attacks and resolve the crisis.

According to the report, although the introduction does not explicitly mention the former US President Trump, the background of the book is set “four years after the United States’ global leadership has declined significantly”, and Trump’s “America First” policy has weakened. The United States’ “Global Leadership”. The US CNBC website and other media believe that the setting of the novel is a “clear attack” against the Trump administration. It is expected that the book will not only reflect Hillary’s experience as Secretary of State, but also show Hillary’s “America First”. Views on foreign policy.

The Associated Press said on the 23rd that as a loyal fan of detective novels, Hillary Clinton said in a statement that she had read every book of her friend Petunia, and now she is ready to explore with Petunia “full of high risks.” The complex world of diplomacy and betrayal”, “the first sight is not the truth.” Petunia said that it was a wonderful experience for her to be lucky enough to know some inside stories about the State Department and the White House. It is understood that the 63-year-old Louise Petunia is known as the “Queen of Canadian Detective Fiction” and has won the famous “Agatha Award” for mystery fiction six times. She is the author of the “Inspector Gammash Series” novels, which have been translated into about 30 languages, including Chinese, and published in many countries.

Like many well-known American politicians, Clinton likes to publish books and has published many non-fictional works, including his autobiography-“Personal History: Memoirs of Hillary Clinton” and so on. According to a report by the BBC on the 24th, the political thriller “The President’s Daughter” co-authored by former U.S. President Clinton and American thriller James Patterson will be published in June this year. This is a novel published by the duo since 2018. The second collaboration after “The President Is Missing”.