Heard story

   A few days ago, I was in a taxi and there was a traffic jam on the road. I talked to the driver about the epidemic last year. The driver’s master told me his story-he is a veteran, and his family has a son in middle school, who is in the youth rebellious period.
  Because he was a soldier, the way he disciplined his son was simple and rude. Due to his occupation, he doesn’t have much time to spend with his family, so the relationship between father and son is very bad.
  After the outbreak of the epidemic last year in Wuhan, he signed up to be a volunteer in the community and drove the patients.
  There are three reasons: first, he is a veteran, a communist, and it is an instinct to stand up in times of crisis; second, after the city is closed, there is no business in taxis, and he is idle at home. It is better to find something for himself; Third, he is very upset every day when he sees his son using his mobile phone and playing games at home, not doing his job properly, so it is better to go out in a sports car.
  It was at the peak of the epidemic. He wrote a suicide note according to the practice of fighting in the army and handed it to his son before going out in the morning, saying that it is very dangerous for him to take the patient to the hospital. It is inevitable to be recruited. If he is unfortunate If he passes away, he will follow his suicide note to handle the funeral; if he is still alive after this period of time, he will burn the suicide note. After speaking, he left for the sports car.
  He didn’t go home until 12 o’clock that night. When he got home, he found that his son had been sitting alone in the living room waiting for him. When he saw him coming back, he cried with a “wow”. After crying, the son asked him, is it true that what is written in your suicide note? He said, if I die, what is written there is true.
  From then on, he went out to be a volunteer every day, and his son would make hot tea for him in advance and let him take it away. No matter how late, the son must watch him go home before going to bed.
  After the epidemic ended, the master received a war epidemic medal issued by the government. When the son saw it, he asked him if he could give him the medal. He gave the medal to his son. His son hung the medallion on his school bag and went to school every day. When asked by his classmates, he was very proud and said that his father was a hero.