Happy to live with you till the end

 A Japanese acquaintance, formula racer and adventurer Katayama Ukyo, went on an expedition on Mount Fuji at the end of the year. The sudden change in weather caused the death of two other partners who climbed together. At that time, only Katayama survived, but he was helpless and could only watch his partner die.
  In the end, he himself was rescued by the emergency rescue team, and learned of the condolences from the parents of the deceased: “Our children can live to the last moment of life with you whom they have always respected. Thank you very much!” Katayama Ukyo listened. , Burst into tears.
Iced watermelon

  This is the memory of 40 years ago. At that time, I took the college entrance examination and the examination room was Yabaolu Middle School. I walked to the examination room with my classmates. My father rode his bike to the outside of the examination room. He kept waiting for me, and when I came out at noon, he pulled me aside. At this time, I discovered that on the back seat of his bicycle, there was a large cloth covering a basin. It turned out that there was a big watermelon in it, and there was ice water. My father didn’t ask me how I did in the exam, he said, “It’s iced, it’s delicious and sweet. I’ll cut it now, you can eat it first.” Then he cut the watermelon while looking at me with a smile and stopped talking. .
  That year, I was admitted to Peking University.
Wedding anniversary gift

  Attend a year-end party for Japanese graduates. Speaking of the thing that touched me the most this year, a girl who had been a white-collar worker for two years said: “I have been married for more than a year. When the wedding was held, the boss also attended and gave a speech.
  One day this year, overtime came. In the evening, when everyone was so busy, my boss suddenly asked me to send a letter to another company. On the way, I found the envelope read:’Congratulations on your first anniversary of your wedding, go home. Count the gift I gave you .'”
He is alive

  A hot spring near the Pacific Ocean in Wakayama Prefecture, the air is excellent, the sake is warm, and there are a few white clouds on the horizon. Koyasan here is a Buddhist holy land in Japan. The monk who founded the mountain is called Kukai, who was an eminent monk who studied in China. Thousands of years have passed, and until now, the Japanese people still feel that he is alive. He has two meals a day, and he is sent to the temple dedicated to him every day.