Go to the gorgeous world of undead

  If you have recently fallen into a “game shortage”, you might as well try “Hades” by Supergiant Games. At the TGA 2020 awards ceremony, this high-degree-of-freedom action game won two awards: Best Action Game and Best Independent Game. At the same time, it also set a record of 98.91% favorable comments from nearly 100,000 players on the gaming platform Steam.
  The biggest highlight of “Hades” is the use of ancient Greek mythology as the background of the story, and the ingenious combination of mythological characters and game mechanics. Players need to play the role of Zagreos, son of Hades, who is in the “rebellious period”. During the game, the undead under Hades will block the protagonist, and the Olympian gods, such as Zeus, Athena, and Aphrodite, will help the protagonist in the form of “blessing”, that is, buff the protagonist— These bonuses are closely related to mythological background. For example, Aphrodite’s blessing is a weakening effect, and Zeus’s blessing is lightning damage. Massive texts and branch content make each character present an extremely vivid personality. When the protagonist dies, some gods will give you suggestions, and some will ridicule you.
  The bright painting style is another feature of “Hades”. The underworld in the game is not eerie and weird. The large-scale use of bright colors and the gorgeous characters are highly recognizable. After getting tired of mobile games with similarities and small differences, a “small and beautiful” independent game may bring you different happiness.