Every change has a price

  At the beginning of the year, a friend who was doing software design in a computer company resigned and co-founded a computer network company with a few people and needed to rent an office. He looked at a few places, and finally chose an office building a little far from the city center but convenient transportation. The landlord is a foreigner and once a farmer. After doing the decoration and making his fortune, he bought this building. It has a total of eight floors. When my friend went there, the fourth to seventh floors were fully rented, and the third floor was free. So I chose a 60-square-meter room on the third floor, signed a two-year lease contract, paid the rent, and moved in and started working.
  On the entire third floor, there is only a friend’s company, and it is convenient to enter and exit every day. However, this situation only lasted more than 3 months. Before May Day, the landlord posted a house rental advertisement in the newspaper. As soon as the advertisement was published, the third floor became lively. There were many people coming in and out. Look at the house. My friend didn’t care, because other people’s renting had nothing to do with him. Then, it was May Day, and my friends went on vacation. As soon as he came back to work after the holiday, the landlord came to him, with a sincere attitude, and discussed with him: “There is a company that wants to rent a whole floor, and now only your company is on the third floor, and there is just an empty room on the fourth floor, and It’s been renovated, and it’s better than the third floor, so I want you to move to the fourth floor. You can go and see the room first.”
  My friend heard it and felt a little sudden. I didn’t plan to move, but I saw people’s sincere attitude and it was hard to refuse. , I promised to go upstairs and take a look at the room. The fourth floor looks better than the third floor. The rooms have been renovated and the area is large, with 100 square meters. My friend thought: The room is good, so it’s better to agree to move it up and let him rent out the third floor; this is good for everyone.
  Unexpectedly, the friend hadn’t even spoken yet, but the host had spoken first: “This room is bigger than the one downstairs. I will send someone to separate it from the pillar so that this room has the same area as the downstairs.” The
  friend heard it, and was very unhappy. Think: Why should I move the same area? The office on the third floor has already been rented to me. You have no right to rent out the entire floor. So, my friend smiled slightly and said, “I decided not to move.” After that, he turned his head and went downstairs.
  Two days later, the landlord went downstairs to find friends again, with a more sincere attitude: “I know, we have no right to let you move out. But, you know that the house is not easy to rent now. We ran several advertisements and finally found the tenant. , And I want to rent a whole floor. So please help, even if I beg you, you move up, I will not separate the room, and I will use it for you. The extra area will not be counted as rent this year. It will be calculated according to the area next year. Increase. Do you think this will work?” The
  friend shook his head: “No, I rented this office according to my budget. If I want to change it, it must be according to my wishes, and not imposed on me by others. ”
  A week later, the host came down for the third time and found my friend. At this time, he already knew that attitude alone was not enough, so he reluctantly made a final concession: “If you want, the room on the fourth floor will be used for you, and the rent will be collected according to the original amount within two years. Our company is out.”
  My friend heard it, smiled and nodded, and said: “I can promise you, I know, you have paid for it, if I refuse, your loss will be even greater. So you see, every This kind of change has to pay a price, you should know from the beginning, that way, we will not delay to today. ”
  What will happen next is not difficult to predict: the two sides signed a supplementary contract, the next day, the friend moved Go to the fourth floor of the office. However, no one thought: I originally wanted to rent the third-floor company, but because I couldn’t wait, on the day my friend moved, I chose an office building elsewhere.
  Every change requires a price. You can pay less, but it is impossible not to pay. If you don’t want to pay a little price, the result will often be a bigger price.