End of the party and a good capture

Furious that he had not gotten his hands on either Arizona Berti or the millionaire Gerald Morgania, Miss Belly, the true leader of the dangerous criminal gang, had rushed up again and decided to change tactics altogether.

If one Morgan had disappeared, it was another who had been sentenced to death. He now had to blackmail the ransom. As long as it wasn’t too late. The irritated rattlesnakes had perhaps already done their job.

Standing on the threshold ready to plunge in, he saw a miraculous vision that made him stop.

A dog is sitting next to Mr Morgan. One of the snakes is so close to its prey that it can strike at any time. The head is raised and the tongue in the red gill swings back and forth while the small eyes stare like charcoal on the accidental face.

But the dog is also ready to jump. And suddenly Dogg’s strong jaws have caught the snake from behind his neck.

A dangerous beast lying on the crossbones, twisting in death cramps. Miss Belly doesn’t want to believe her eyes.

– Fred, Gaspard, Dickson, Andy-Joe! – Everyone here! shouts Belly with all his might while the dog growls to equip himself to jump on him. – Kill the dog to death! It makes me crazy!

In the blink of an eye, everyone was together, with the exception of Full-Handed Fred – who we know had something to do with the other side by the time he started to notice that the game wasn’t lost. – But at the last minute, he tried to save as much of his share as possible.

But Bully-Dass wasn’t the one to let himself be caught. – It kidnapped one more snake, the one closest to Handsome Harry, and it threw itself directly into Miss Belly’s face at all, despite her ability to enchant humans and animals.

In it sat Miss Belly on the floor… Over him, Bully-Dass rushed at a tremendous pace toward the men invading — who gave in as astonishment as if they had seen themselves the devil. – No one would have ever believed that a small dog would dare to swing a rattlesnake in this way, which animals usually instinctively escape.

The next moment, a miraculous sight disappeared and something else came in.

Miss Belly was where she had fallen. When he fell, he had struck the threshold of his occiput. – He lay as if dead. – For the rest, his friend Malay poured a jug of water into his eyes. – His face and hair soaked, he opened his eyes, but it took a few more minutes to grasp the situation and remember what had happened.

– Doggi! Doggi! he finally shouted. – Where do you have it?

– It’s not a dog, Miss Belly… It’s the devil himself, one replied. We don’t get it.

– Shoot!

– You can’t do that.

Miss Belly got up. She trembled with rage and looked like a witch with her wet hair and staring eyes, so that the men thought she had suddenly lost her mind.

– You’re miserable cowards! finally belonged. – That way we’ll catch the whole hang… Where’s Fred?

– So, where’s Fred? At least not here.

As if the answer was a shot from under the floor and and then a loud scream that suddenly fell silent.

– Gaspard!… Andy-Joe!… Look what’s there… You others help me get this on the balcony and get a fiery long and strong rope urgently. Car up! We will take this with us.

He pointed to the motionless Dennis Morgan.

– Miss Belly, I think…

– There’s no thinking. Do as I say.

Gaspard and Andy-Joe had plunged down. Others rushed into the attic to pick up young people. One landed down the fire escape to put the car in order. There was movement and life everywhere.

But the man descending the fire escape has already been seen. And the seer is Arizona Bert! As if driven by a hint, he throws himself out of the hallway window and stands behind a bush watching the man descend.

In the next blink of an eye, the man’s hands and feet are tied together with leather straps, his mouth is filled with peat, and the man is dragged behind the bush.

Without wasting time, Arizona Bert climbs briskly onto the balcony. Miss Belly, who thought the sent-down was returning, met. Arizona Bert grabbed him appropriately at the waist and exclaimed bitterly:

– Looks like I came at an even more inopportune time than I just did. –
How’s your hair? I have perhaps become among the hairstyle.
– You! You! You!

– Arizona Bert, at your service. You may have forgotten me.

Keeping his revolver in Belly’s arms, he went to Bert Morgan and Handsome Harry and quickly severed their ties. The latter, who for a long time had not dared to move because of snakes, one of which had meandered over his chest, jumped up like a weasel, causing the snake to roll right at Miss Belly’s feet. This was going to throw aside, but Bert commanded:

– No movement. Otherwise…

However, the woman abducted the snake in her hand and, holding it
out towards Bert, slowly began to retreat.
Bert, who didn’t want to invite others to the scene with a shot, hesitated.
But neither did Handsome Harry.
From behind, he captured the woman’s arms just as Bully-Dass arrived on the scene again. Moments later, this snake was also shorter than its head.

No more resistance Belly could think of. He was quickly tied up, gagged and carried to the balcony. Now others could come at any time.

Those downstairs had reason enough to hurry against their pending fate.

Getting down seemed impossible. But everyone was going to slip along the fire escape into the street.

Big Bob and Gerald Morgan had not spared the bullets. Going to the gate would have been a certain death. But when they came up, they met Arizona Bert and Dennis Morgan. Behind them was the echoing voice of Handsome Harry.

– Wah – ku – vhoo, hi ho, down there. Come along, boys!
Mexiko-Maria! Here you get a free ride!
– The same here! echoed the huge voice of Big Bob. Let’s do a rattlesnake dance. Take the witch with you, it will be nicer!…

Nothing but surrender helped.

In this handsome final scene, the Morgan brothers met each other.
They fell on each other’s necks, and both lips heard at the same time:
– Without Arizona Bert, this would have been a certain death for us.

The prisoners were assembled in a Car in the forefront of Handsome Harry. A full-handed Fred and gold bags were placed on the roof of the car – the former still in the trunk. But when he went from the balcony to get the soul of the team, Miss Belly, he was already dead .

One of the biggest and most dangerous rattlesnakes had meandered to the balcony and bit him in the neck. Dead, he was taken with his band of robbers to the Phoenix Police Department, just as he was reading a new proclamation promising a ten-thousand-dollar prize to those or those who could provide information about the mysteriously missing Morgan brothers. And it fit Arizona Bert quite well.