During my absence, Pest was a century ahead

I found a politically colored and decidedly liberal national circle, whose members include lawyers, judges, officials, literary sights, young writers, artists, mostly from the world of acting and music, merchants, prestigious craftsmen and a large number of young people. It has beautiful rooms in a beautiful and spacious room. To have a good cellar and an excellent kitchen, the expertise of the priest Antal Kronperger was quite guaranteed; moderate prices were provided by the board of directors. Lunches, especially evenings, were very crowded. There were lively and interesting negotiations; all modern ideas arose and its dissemination became one of the tasks. Dance festivals, concerts and readings were held. This circle was the first recognizer of Petőfi, not receiving a publisher in Pest, At the suggestion of Vörösmarty, the circle published the first works of the immortal poet. Art, literature and politics found a home in this circle, and public opinion started from here. When Willmers came, it was here that he first presented a transcript of the »Song of Photh«; Bosco did it at the dinners of the circle -122-blinding stunts before performing in public. City and county affairs have been hotly debated, and in many cases the public has heard from here.

Well that surprised me very pleasantly, but no less so did I find a large audience in the national theater every night; and where was the secret of this? there, during which two original works from the national theater era were performed; one »László Hunyady« song from Ferenc Erkel, the other »Escape Soldier« folk play from Edig Szigligeti. These two works conquered a large audience at the hitherto orphaned national institute.

I also found young literature grouped. Petofi has already played a role; he was no longer the pale boy I met in Bratislava, but a young man dressed in fine Hungarian clothes and self-sufficient. His poems were published, his works were rewarded and he was an assistant editor. At that time Lajos Dobsa and Kálmán Lisznyay also descended from Bratislava. So these are the three, then Károly Bérczy, Albert Pálffy, Albert Pákh (Ábel Kaján), Dani Emődy, Károly Sükey, Mihály Tompa, Károly Berecz, Károly Obernyik In Pillvax. Mór Jókai was not yet in Pest, but he was preceded by a hire, because in “Pictures of Life” a stunt from the novel “Ordinary” appeared, the “swamp oasis”, which caused prominence and surprise among us. What a delight, Petőfi talked about it with enthusiasm! We were all waiting for your arrival. This little company occupied his round table and lunch after lunch every day-123-it was accompanied by donations, we were laughing, mostly at the expense of each other, without ever being the result of anger or resentment. We were tight on money, and even a third of the company was normally in financial trouble, but we helped each other out, so that one or the other sometimes used their credit for the sake of a friend. There was also an honorary member of our company, to the extent that he was not a writer, but not even a candidate for a writer, he was only a literary friend, and this is Antal Balássy, (today a seven-person employee). He was a wealthy young man, and he seemed to have a beautiful legacy after his uncle, most of which helped him out of trouble, without any interest, without any benefit, just out of good friendship. Many who idealize Petofit today wrote that he was more willing to endure and suffer than to accept a loan from anyone. Well, I beg you, Antal Balássy, his dignity is a living man, tell me, didn’t I lead Petofi to him, and wasn’t he lucky enough to lend him? he borrowed it, and Petőfi repaid it for the promised day in a dictionary. Balássy has pledged most of us countless times, and I am convinced that this is one of his fond memories to this day, and that there has never been a reason to regret a closer friendship with us than that we have always had a sincere and appreciative friendship with him.

Each issue of three fiction journals, Ruler, Pictures of Life, and Honderü, brought something from one or the other of the members of the society; at this table he was then grinded to the brim. Petőfi liked to make ridiculous expressions like “bibor lip”.

From me, the judging panel adopted a three-act comedy. My friends gave him enough,-124- they made success ridiculous in advance, but they all rejoiced, as if it were his, and wished, both individually and literally, to reap honor. But I was beaten by fear, mainly Petőfi, who said: I heard the piece is so bad that it can’t be played. I would have been willing to take it back, and so I made a statement. Then Petőfi wrote to me: »You big-headed wild boar! Don’t you understand the joke? or are you afraid of your own shadow? If what you told Károly is that you take back your piece because I figured it out in a buddy circle, then you deserve to be an honorary employee of Honderü, live on a salt and bread with Nádaskay and Zerffy at the hospitable table of Lázár Petrisevich Horváth. Sándor wishes him a good appetite «.

As an assistant editor, I had a few more similar letters, all of which had lovable rudeness. Along with several of my precious objects, these were also swept away by the storm that occurred. As soon as I intended myself for camp life, I entrusted an unfinished comedy to Count Sándor Teleki for preservation. Well, since I trusted him, only God preserved that he could save his own skin. I handed over a novel to Sándor Vigyázó. This is the only thing I have left of the 48s and before, and I got it back in the fifties with a very mind-boggling background. That was all I had left of the few, and then I ended up under the title, “Two years of a lawyer’s life.”

Petofi’s letter did not reassure him. Petőfi lived in an inner friendship with Gábor Egressy, so I don’t have the suspicion that Gábor said something to Sándor. Or I started asking twice-125- Gábor’s opinion, but I always diverted my steps and thoughts.

The big day had finally arrived and it was taped on every corner: “National Theater: Engagement under a disguise.”

In the capital of the country, the first attempt at a national theater for a young man is no small thing. To present yourself in front of a large audience is educated and knowledgeable, it certainly sets the heart in motion. Only at least here would those good buddies in Bratislava be en masse! to save my piece from the scandalous fall. I was heavily charged with myself when my piece failed, I no longer showed myself in front of my buddies, but sat in a car in the morning, traveled to my county, and hid in some law firm.

I didn’t have lunch, the excitement took away my appetite, and I didn’t long for people.

In the afternoon, Márton Lendvay comes to me.

– Wait, where did you have lunch?

– Nowhere.

– Oh, you little clown! Then, with his sweet lovability, captivating kind voice, and confidential smile, he persuaded me to take a walk in the city park with him. It, he said, calms your excitement, brings your appetite, rips your time, and you can finally have something out there for lunch.

Your rental car is waiting below. We sat up and soon reached the city park.

I honestly told him my concerns.

– Great child! the comedy – you see – you will like it, Lendvay comforted. Then loaded with such force! You are convinced that I will do my best for the success of the piece and the rest is the same with it. So who are the actors? Laborfalvy Róza, Lendvayné,-126-Kornélia Priell, Gábor Egressy, Józsi László, Márton Lendvay and Telepy. Do you still want to wish?

“Yes, I can find words and a way to thank you enough for your kindness.”

“I can tell you, everyone is in the best mood.” And the piece is lively, amusing and chirping.

He was also infinitely committed to taking part in my play, but it wasn’t enough for him, it was encouraging and entertaining all afternoon.

We came back at six o’clock, he went to the theater to get dressed, and I went to walk the secluded streets to meet no one.

This long hour has also passed.

God! what a game, what a performance it was! I still think of it with gratitude. The audience was accustomed to the excellence of these dignitaries, but today they exceeded all demands, all expectations. The ladies enchanted everyone with grace, taste, delicacy and enchanting femininity. Wonderful! where could he form himself so much? Then László Józsi, who plays with his mood, shone like the mirror of a tumbler dripping from the mountain in the sunlight. The soul was refreshed, his heart cracked as he admired his inimitable figure. His David, the nobleman of Scot, Babel, were the only ones and remained. Kálmán Szerdahelyi, who was also a worthy favorite of the audience, -127-not to touch it anymore. Martin Lendvay was a real phenomenon; dalian figure, full of elegance. She is delicate in her movements, eclectic in her clothes and attractive in her manner. His appearance was never ineffective; the sculptor could have taken a pattern from each of his positions; Saint Leon himself was envious of his relaxed and yet rounded movements. And Miklós Feleky came to replace Lendvay. After the flaming heart, flaming hero and King Matthias, the helpless Ulászló.

At the age I remember, those eminent ones were not motivated by a question of money, for their remuneration was so modest that, for example, Lendvay’s full-year salary did not exceed what Feleky received for two months. But they did not even know their task of forever squeezing the theater under extortion, they did not consider it a milking cow, but their sweet home, which they worked tirelessly to maintain and flourish. They loved the institute and willingly subordinated the interests of the seeds to the interests of the seeds. They didn’t rise in proportion to money issues, they were driven by routine and captivated by the enthusiasm of the audience up and down the tracks. That’s why he was taken so high, this answer to Löwe, where could he train himself so much ?

Patriotic sacrifices, whether moral or material, have always been among the first.

They deserve the nation to preserve memories among true and waisted patriots.

I was very different, but these recollections are so sweet that I gladly linger by them.

The “Engagement Under the Mask” was definitely a nice success.

After the performance in the theater hall Császár Ferencz -128-presented to old Paul Szemere. Szemere hugged her in public. I had this honor to thank the performing artists.

Soon after, Mór Jókai appeared among us. He was a strong, muscular, handsome blond boy. He appeared at the same time as his novel “Ordinary”. Petőfi had already built the Hall of Glory for Jókai among us, now he contributed by bringing a two-volume novel in his hand, so he soon became an authority, but no matter how, he wrote a two-volume novel, none of which could boast of such a thing. This then proved everything that Petőfi had foretold about him. We loved him and from the first moment we put a lot of weight on his friendship, though he never took part in our noisier pastimes; for hop garden evenings, the Pillvax round table could never be honored as a guest. On the other hand, he liked to go around, and sometimes to a buddy.

In some places he began to notice that the liberal spirit of the circle had a great influence everywhere, dealing with ideas of novelty, and embracing the young intellectual element, a conservative circle was founded under the name »Gyülde«. They set out to recruit youth to offset the impact of the national circle. He offered to hire every educated young man belonging to the intelligentsia free of charge, and even if someone curiously threw himself at him, he was very entertained, only to take his fame, he took him, but there was no thanks in him. There was no way this congregation could wriggle on a green branch, there was no way it could catch youth, in spite of all its bright exhibitions and generosity, only the founding gentlemen hung in it, so then it languished for a while, until it finally emerged in final weakening. The liberal-129- circle, on the other hand, became more and more muscular day by day.

Petrisievich Lázár Horváth used to give mornings with music and singing every week at his beautiful Danube accommodation. A large audience attended to these, but a writer, especially a young writer, besides one or two Honderü employees, there was no soh’s seen there.

One evening he greeted me from the curtained downstairs lodge. I was wondering what he wanted? Tomorrow it is imperative to come to the morning, it will be very bright, and in addition you will get to know famous personalities, they arrived from St. Petersburg today.

I’m already interested.

I found there a fallen, bent old gentleman, the president of the Russian Supreme Court, who spoke Hungarian quite clearly and with the best pronunciation. I was very surprised to hear that his name was Palugyánszky. Thirty and a few years ago he went out as an educator, then he became a clerk, married and today is a great ur. He came to see his homeland once more and take a goodbye from it. He also brought his son with him, who was a bodyguard. She was a surprisingly beautiful and lively young man. He didn’t know a word of it in Hungarian, but he immediately joined me; he came with me for lunch, I took him for coffee to the round table; he loved my friends infinitely. I roamed Pest with him, we went to the theater, Kornélia Hollósy and Stéger brought me real enthusiasm. I took me to the stage and introduced her to the celebrated artist. He did not win enough to thank for this excellent favor.

The next day, the old ur expressed a wish that he wanted to look away from Gellert Hill once again in his life, I offered to accompany him, as well as his son. We went upstairs,-130- in each case leading the crumbling old gentleman from two sides. Reaching the observatory, it was moving to see him spread his hands towards Pest, as if to embrace him, then slapped his palms on his eyes and burst into sobs. »You have become big and beautiful oh Pest! since I have not seen you, he sighed, flourished, and be an ornament not only to the country but to the world! ”then he sat down, laid his head on his palm, and looked silently; I think he prayed. They have a great time to leave. He threw kisses at Pest with his hands as we drove down.

Or they spent eight or ten days in Pest while I became very friendly with the young man.

When he divorced, he said: It is unlikely, but if we did meet in life, consider each other as good friends.

And we met, but as an enemy.